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Saturday, February 23, 2008

   Hi people
ok I hope I don't miss Death note from being on the computer all night on Quizilla And somethings trying to posses me into jumping on my bunkbed and danceing then hit my head by jumping on my bunkbed *me:i have top bunk but not mutch room cause my Naruto figures and stuff toys*and hiting the ceiling ^-^` hate waking up and hitting a ceiling fan in the morning *Me:nothing beats waking up to Mr.fan im the morning and hitting Mr.fan in your head*then after that hitting your shoulder into your T.V stand then ater that probly tripping over your big American Bulldog *me:what a good wake up call*then sometimes wake up early to School closing or Delay and Missing your bus and standing out in the frezing cold for 30 minutes i could have been in bed!!!! so thats my fliping freaking morning pluse i forgot I HATE MY BROTHER!!!
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