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Sunday, February 3, 2008

   HI I got a new something
Hi people I got a little Guinea pig baby named Fang.Fangs so cute I hope he will be happy with my famliy Fang's mom's name is Sora and his dad's name is Ichigo we don't know if Fang is a girl or boy and yesterday I got a Kiba and Akamaru figure and its so cute.I'm writting a story of Death note right now my shinigami's name is Shadow and my brother's shinigami's name is Fang but Fang in the story is a girl Shinigami I didn't tell my brother that.Fang in my Death note story likes my brother whos younger than me hes 10 and in forth grade I'm 11 and in fithed grade whitch I hate but I live with it I wish I could live in Japan well got to go see my guinea pig Fang bye!!!
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Friday, February 1, 2008

   HI I'm talking Naruto
Ok Hi people I'm going to talk about Naruto so don't kill me cause of it Naruto and Sas-Gay(Sasuke)are not going out so Sasuke Fangirls get Sasuke before Naruto and Itachi.hey Pein-Sama can we get the Kyuubi kid please Here Kyuubi Here boy RAMEN over here.ok heres somethings about me everyone should know:I love music,Gaara,Pein-sama,Sai-kun,and my COOKIES,and MY FOX Itachi don't don't touch what and who I named I'll bite hands If you touch them and call me Amby please I love being in the Akaski It rules and since I'm Pein-sama's little pet I get away with everything and so does my Guinea pig Ichigo and my dogs Shadow,Buddy,Rosey,Buster,Bear,Skip and my ferrets Coco,Cici and my Demon Fox Blood Kitsune Blood for short.please I'll take requeasts of wolf drawing ok people Amby needs some ideas for wof drawing BYE-Bye
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Thursday, January 31, 2008

   Hi ummm...any stories wanted
Hey people umm... anyone going to send me a story or something I can make into a story please I don't have anything to do.Pein told me I need something to do or I'll have to sing with Tobi and say Me a good girl help me. Tobi is Obito people and Pein is not someone named Pain or Yodomie and his eyes are not the freaking (so called Flaming Sharingan)and Kohan is not someone named Flower and Deidara and Sasori are not going out god Deidara is not a GIRL hes a BOY and Sasori is a PUPPET and Tsunade is my MOTHER and Yodomie is the FOURTH HOKAGE and why would Sasuke like his FEAKING older brother Itachi. Zetsu is a FREAKING PLANT HALF HUMAN and Kaisame is HALF SHARK HALF HUMAN and I have a wolf demon sealed inside me and you can call me Amby I have red ears and tail and blue eyes and please don't tell me what I said about Pein,Obito,Kohan,Tobi,Deidara,Sasori,Zetsu, Kaisame and ME Amby IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!!
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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

   Hi people
Hi People I just got in trouble in school cause I brought my manga books to school the princpial took my Dears book and please message my something I could make into a story I would love to make it into a story.I let my friend Shane watch my Naruto dvds whitch are really awesome and I hope I'll get some more Naruto stuff and I hate school!!!but please message me a story or something or coment T~T please give me something to write!!!!!!
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Monday, January 28, 2008

   Manga Books and Anime
Hi people I just finished my best friends Manga book By the sword I so love the book its awesome ^-^ hey people I love to talk to ya if you message me and I have sooo many Naruto dvds I have almost every season and pluse I'm going to be Itachi for Halloween.I make some stories about anime if ya message me a story you want i'll make it ^-^ I hade a weird dream it was of Naruto^-^ Bye -Bye please coment or message..^-^
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Friday, January 25, 2008

Ok theres this guy I like I mean really like but I don't want him to know I like him but everyday I see him I want to tell him i've liked him since kindergarden man I really want to tell him but I don't know if he likes me too what do I do please message or coment about what I say or my site plz Im so bored people!!!!!BYE-BYE
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

   Hi people
Hi Blood Moon Wolf Here I'm bored to death and I misssed my bus to school my grandma called school and said me and my brother were sick so I got away from that cursed place whitch is awesome but tomarow I'll have to do Tuesdays work but I've been on my grandpa's computer all day and eating:chips,ranch dip and Honey-buns oohhh ya my grandma is so mean don't let the she let us stay home thing make ya think shes nice Bye-Bye
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Saturday, January 19, 2008

hi i'm so tired today but i don't want a go to bed pluse my life really sucks still my brother went to this party for his friend but big sister has to stay with boring people his friend Dyallan said"i was too mean to go to his party sure i get ticked off easy but i'm not mean my friends let him go to their parties but i'm not allowed to go with him to his friends party little brothers suck and Wolves rule. Naruto rocks I love Pein,Sai,Akamaru,Kiba,Kakashi,Gaara,Naruto BYE-BYE
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Yeah I have the Funimation channel cool huh I love watching Shin chan and Naruto go Naruto pluse I woke up a little whail ago. My life sucks cause my grand parents tell me get a life and quit liveing in my fannasy world when I don't live in the world I call my happy place all the time I live in the real world too not just in my own world man I hate when they do that hey any one want to message me please T-T I'll try to message back.I'm not strange like my grand parents say and thats why I watch anime and try to live in my own world well BYE-BYE.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

   .......Wolf's rain and the Kitsune lullaby
Hey any one really want Wolf's rain in to a ps2 game? well I do and I'm going to write down the Kitsune lullaby here you can write it down on a peice of paper: A forbidden love forbidden child a mother's blood spilled every day to mix with that of her child then the rain falls washing it all away and now the mother hides in the forest holding her daughter of five years so close a melody,soft like a angel's whisper a fox's lullaby passed down from mother to child the years pass and the days grow dim a mother passed into peace well earned now that child has grown into a woman of sixteen years posseing a elegant beauty wise as the lone wokf swift as a hawk most of all cleaver as the fox all of this she has become now she is free torome because she never lost faith in her mother's tail had held the story close every night that story cane be heard as she sings the song that holds years passed to the starsand the moon alot I know my teacher took it from me I was coping it for a friend oo don't look behind you or you'll see a Savage RADIO ACTIVE SQUIRREL BYE-BYE COMMENT OR MESSAGE PLEASE T-T
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