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Thursday, February 14, 2008

   Happy Valentine's Day Kohaku will continue
Happy Valentine's Day everyone I will be contiueing Kohaku's story today but it will be Valentine's Day rush so here's Valentine's rush Kohaku:kohaku just woke up to Valentine's Rush in her mind she ran down to breakfast and she hit the wall kohaku(ouch that hurt stupid wall)Tsunade:Kohaku you know today is Valentine's day you might want to make Valentine's cards to give to everyone in the village.Kohaku:yes momma Tsunade.Kohaku started to draw Valentine's day cards for the village then she remembered her team and training them god she woke up late on valentine's day now she has to go train her team she grabed Paper,crayons,pens,paint and paint brushes she ran to the training grounds were her team was.Karuto:man sensei your late.Kohaku:shut up now grab Some paper and something to draw with cause we are in charge of making Valentine's Day cards and Happy Valentine's Day.They all started there cards and finished em they all ran through the village till all the cards where gone they left to the sand village to give Gaara,Temari,and Kankuro there cards Kohaku was really happy visiting her old village she almost ran all over it.Gaara:Temari,Kankuro lady Tsunade in the leaf Village wants us.Kankuro:You sure Gaara or are you lieing to us.Then Kohaku and her team ran into Gaara,Temari and Kankuro Riniku,Kuru,and Karuto stared at them with amazment.Kohaku:hi Guys Riniku,Kuru,Karuto meet Gaara,Temari,and Kankuro.Kuru:hi Kankuro you Control puppets like me.Kankuro:well at least some one controls puppets in the leaf.Riniku:hi Temari your awesome The way you control a fan I control one too.Temari:well Riniku let me see your fan.Riniku:*gives her fan to Temari*.Temari:wow its a nice one come on lets see other fans in the village.Riniku and Temari ran around the village looking at fans.Karuto:hi Gaara sensei told us about you your awesome from what I hear.Gaara:well hi Karuto So Kohaku is your sensei huh?Karuto:bye sensei i'm going with Kankuro,and Kuru and Gaara Kohaku is are sensei.Kohaku gave Gaara his card and left to see the village and look for the Desert guardian Wolf she saw when she was Little.I'll stop here on Kohaku's story I'll draw the Desert Guardian Wolf Ok Happy Valentine's Day everyone and to all have a good box of Candy*Throws Boxes Of Candy In Air*
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

   Hiya everyone who visits my site
Kohaku's story maybe canseled for awail cause its hard for me to write cause I got a freaking Virus my friend gave my whitch is Soppusidlly concadous to everyone near me.If I have the virus I'll kill my friend its the worst thing that has happened this week cause we didn't have school whitch was awesome and My life now really sucks cause now I can't drink any pepsi cause it hurts my throat to swallow.if you want you can try to get Kohaku,Riniku,Kuru and Karuto back on here if you ask nicely I'll put it back on.Hope you don't get the Stomach Virus that I may have TT~TT
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

   hiya Niya people
hiya everyone I think i know how to use my scannerbut i have to wait till my grandpa comes home from work i think hes home now bye ill find a way to get my fanart on and maybe a cosplay and maybe a good story please read Kohaku's story here's more of Kohaku's story;Hige sat the ramen a the conter Riniku,Karuto and Kuru ate there ramen.Kohaku;have you guys filled up for training?Karuto;thanks for the ramen sensei really yummy.Kuru;sensei its geting dark and we got to go home i got to go to sleep early.Kohaku;don't eat breakfast tomarrow now go to your houses.Karuto and Kuru ran to there houses to go to sleep.Riniku;sensei umm i don't live with anyone sooo could i stay with you and Tsunade?Kohaku;sure Riniku come along mamma Tsunade won't mind(i hope)Riniku and Kohaku ran to The hokage's office.Tsunade;KOHAKU YOU BRAT I TOLD YOU NOT TO SAY THAT OTHER PEOPLE MAY STAY HERE she may stay but she sleeps with you.Kohaku;man Mamma Tsunade you made me deaf thanks for letting Riniku stay here.Kohaku and Riniku made there way to Kohaku's room they past guards they reached the room Kohaku turned the knob to the right the door opened to a blue room with drawing all over the wall and some posters.Riniku;wow sensei love the room but its too big but amazing 0o0.Kohaku;Riniku call me Kohaku when your here okay Riniku.Kohaku and Riniku jumped on Kohaku's big big bed Kohaku almost fell off Tsunade was walking down the hall she stopped to listen to Kohaku and Riniku.Tsunade;KOHAKU I CAN HEAR YOU AND RINIKU JUMPING ON YOUR BED NO MORE YOU TWO HAVE TO GO TO BED.Tsunade walked to her room to get some sleep herself.People Kohaku will continue like maybe tommarow please comment or tell me if you like my story ~^-^~ bye -Blood Wolf-
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   Kohaku's story begins
ok people I've been bored so here's my oc Kohaku and her story:Kohaku:hey Team whats up.Karuto:sensei where hungry can we go to the ramen shop?.Riniku:hey sensei i'm going to stay behind and train.Kuru:Riniku please come with us sensei tell her she has to go.Kohaku:Riniku your coming cause I have to watch you.Riniku:I give up sensei i'll come.Kuru:ok race you guys and you too sensei.Karuto:HEY WE ALL KNOW KOHAKU SENSEI IS GOING TO WIN.Kohaku:im not racing so on your marks get set go!!!!.Riniku:haha i beat you guys girls rule boys drool.Karuto:no fair your half bunny not fair i hate loseing to Riniku.Kuru:thats cause Riniku is not a sore loser and you are.Karuto:take that back butthole Kuru.Kohaku:okay stop it you two Riniku beat you and Kuru say sorry to Karuto and Karuto say sorry to Kuru.Kuru:sorry Karuto.Karuto:sorry Kuru.Kohaku;hi Hige three bowls of ramen please.Hige:coming right up Kohaku.to be contnued
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Monday, February 11, 2008

   My oc from Naruto
Name:Kohaku Age:11 Eye color:Blue it changes to Dark Blue to light blue to red Past:Kohaku has a little brother named Inu she mostly is dark loves Gaara shes his only friend her anger gets in her way alot she is outgoing she has a wolf demon sealed inside of her she runs around with wolves from the forest of death her parents died soppousitlly(sp)she changes villages alot cause she often gets caught stealing food for her and her brother she lived with the Kazakage of the sand village now she lives with Tsunade Ability:blood and wolves come to protect her and she can control Fire Clan:Unara Demon:Yami the ten tailed wolf Yami has a blood red fur color she killed a whole village but she and Kohaku have the same past Yami's brother was the nine-tailed fox Unara history;the unara clan started by Kohaku's Mom and Dad her mom was a Uchiha her name was Tatami Uchiha and her dad is from the Nara clan his name was Shikata Nara and they fused the Uchiha ans Nara clan together to make the Unara clan which only has two member in the clan The Unara clan was almost wiped out because of Itachi Kohaku was 4 when that happened he spared her ,Inu and Sasuke Kohaku's rank:Jonin (sp) there Niya
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   Niya Hi people
Niya hiya ok I would like if you message me really would like it if you did I'm trying to get my drawings on Here I hope soon they will after I learn how to use My Scannner so tell me if you like em when they are on Niya.Plus if you give me something with a story base I'll make it niya and pluse I'm afraid of Bone crunching sounds of bones,some what afraid of Blood,a lot of death in my life and I love Naruto alot my friend Mckenzie is a Sasuke fangirl and in my Naruto story my name is Kohaku Unara if you didn't know The Unara clan is the Uchiha and Nara clan Fused together cause I'm some what Lazy and I love Fire I burnt myself ounce Lol =D yeah I laugh at stupid stuff HHHHAAAAHHHA I have Brown hair really long hair its down to my hips and I have blue eyes that turn Dark Blue to Light Blue cool huh?yeah Niya like I said I'll do stories and sometimes songs Niya I sing in Cat,and Dog Bye -Blood Wolf-
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Friday, February 8, 2008

   Hi people
Hi people my brother's such a dumb chicken he and I had a fight just 5 minutes ago he grabed he freaking eletric guitar and I came to slug his face and I hit the guitar instead of him and the fraeking guitar cut a little bit of my skin and it feals like my hand is on fire and god is my little brother a chicken!!!!!!ok heres a song please tell me if you like it.today my buddy Shane drew Itachi heres how it went:Shane:*draw scribble*Me:watcha drawing Shane.Shane:take a look.Me:wow absultly AWESOME Shane.Frankie:hey Shane can I have Itachi.Shane:no Frankie Ambers going to put it on theotaku.Me:well I don't know if I can Shane.Teacher:Amber turn around and read your ar book.Me*turns around in seat and grabs AR book Say cheese and die and waits for recess to start*.Recess time outside wich sucked cause I wanted to draw,Shane:calm down Amber calm down don't go crazy.Me:awwww man I don't wanna go outside I wanna Draw my wolves and my made up Naruto Person Karuto wich I plan on showing off with.sooooo thats what happened today at freaking SCHOOL BYE BYE
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Thursday, February 7, 2008

   ummm....more Naruto and stuff talk
Hi guys I'm a little happy not much though cause my Friend Cody is thinking about killing his self which I would hate and miss him.Ok now Naruto of course,ok Heres the thing I know Maradara Uchiha (sorry if I spelled it wrong)and the frist hokage found the leaf village but who found the village frist please tell meee and is there even such a thing as the Flaming Sharingan?cause these people in my class say there is but how would I know please tell me if you know.I feel like writing this is a song pulled out of my head: Hey Hey we are all unique just open your eyes and you'll see please open your eyes I hope you'll see that we need some time just wake up and you'll see wake up open your eyes and see what you need to see theres a angel that you don't see
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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

   Fooly Cooly
Hey every one Fooly Cooly is back on Adult Swim whitch is awesome Tokun the kitty rules I was going to call my kitty Tokun GO Fooly Cooly.Naruto is a ramen eating knuckle head,Amby is in a weird mood today soorry if you are getting mad at Amby.
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Monday, February 4, 2008

   hi heres a love thing again
ok the guy I like is going out with one of my cusins and hes in my class he sits like a couple feet away from me and then this guy sits in my seat after lunch and talks about peverted stuff and won't let me in my desk and today I was trying to go to sleep and he started playing with my bangs and he pets me on my head every time he passes me!!!!!!!
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