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Friday, May 23, 2008

   How do you like IT NOW
heeeeeee listen to this The Angel that bleed Flames or this Angel that rained flames which one do you like? tell me
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

   Wahhhhhhh!!!!!*trips on Calico*
ok I'm making a new story about 2 sisters named Akane Chou and Ten Chou sounds cool huh?well these sisters were separated when their parents died each girl was found in a different site a couple or so miles away from the site of their parents death Calico,Achiko,and Princess are Ten's Shiba inus.Sakisa and Kuro are Akane's cats.The sisters love butterflies and are 4 years apart in age Ten has a job in her foster parent's green and butterfly house.Akane has a job as a sensai to new shinobis in Sasuchi ninja acadamy Ten is the newest shinobi in the Acadamy.

BYE :)


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Monday, May 12, 2008

This is awesome the old O is back I love you Old TheO *starts crying with joy*Yes I love you O
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Life sucks I have know since kindergarden and My best Bud Shane said hes not my friend *me:waaahhhhhaaaa*cuz of something he or I did me don't know and heres the Bozuka bubble Gum song:My mom she gave me a dollar she told me to buy a collar but i didnt buy a collar insead i bought some bubblegum Bozuka bubblegum thats all I want to write you do the rest ok wish you all happy ninja days and many to come!!!!!! ^-^^ :)
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Hi guys Wish you all were here I'm starting to get life more and I have #34 pages of a Naruto story which will never be on here *sorry*and whats up with theO?heres more I hope I will get my drawings on here I have goodones and need some work on ones and anyone Know a good TheO user name?*for my little 10 year old brother*and I watched the next Naruto epsiodes an d I wiush bye
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Saturday, March 1, 2008

   Ninja Tec and other stuff
Hi My anime Fans who visit me well I need your help I'm runing out of ideas for Ninja Tec and I have started singing the Boozuka Bubblegum song in my head and outloud and Free credit report.com song (F-r-e-e that spells free credit report.com Baby)^-^` ok heres more Ninja Tec:Tobi ran torwards me almost squashing me to death(me:down Tobi down boy)I said"what Tobi"Tobi said"Jisa she wants you and Naruto"I ran off to find Jisa who I didn't have clue where she was I finally found her In the Anime room watching lets say Air Gear (me:I just watched Air Gear like a couple or so mimutes ago)I ran up to Jisa but she was kinda asleep watching anime (me:thats called watching anime through mind power I do it sometimes)I tronsformed into a Black wolf with a Red collar with a bell on it I sat next to Jisa got to stop here bye
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Friday, February 29, 2008

   Hi everyone!!!!!!!
Amby has missed you all very very mutch i still begging to get on here for ever but I will be on Now hope more often today was the worst ever in my books well (me:my teacher was the one who made it like it)My teacher made me and alot more people sit in a room and sit in there Both are recesses whitch sucked my math grade in dropping to mutch (me:I have to bring it up its A D+)and I rushed through My math test today and my friend was trying to shoot himself(me:faked a gun and put it to his head and made it look like he was pulling the triger)My teacher said"well all would fail in 6 grade and Shane,Frankie and Me are planing sweet sweet REVENGE heres more Ninja Tec:I was late and forgot my lunch money I went to Bird Brain (Sasuke if you don't know already)He said"Get lost loser and don't come back"I stuck my tounge out a him and ran torwards Tobi.Tobi said"Amby forgot Her money here have Tobi's Money"I took the Money and stuffed it in my Pocket we had Computer Time today (me:I love Computer Day <3 )I said"Tobi hurry its Computer day"Sasuke stood infront of Me and Said"Why didn't you invite Me Amber I mean Loser"I said"cause your a freaking Jerk you think your better then everyone else and your such a Freaking BUTTHOLE"he looked at me like i was crazy I glared at him which made him back down (me:OH i can also transform into a Wolf you'll hear that in the story too)I walked into the Computer room and got on TheO (me:on Ninja Tec)Sorry guys I'm alittle Dizzy from staring at a Screen for Hours so I have to stop here TT~TT
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Monday, February 25, 2008

   Sorry Bye
Sorry guys I won't be on for a long time well farwell my friend Amby luves You all very mutch Bye
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

   My Mom
Ok so tomarrow well sunday I get to see my Mom who only comes to see me and My Little Brother Matthew on Sundays Witch sucks but when she gets her Income tax me and my brother get whatever we want we Both want a Wii and The Rise of a Ninja for it My friend Shane has the game and its exercise for him I guess and It will get me off my Lazy butt instead of being a couch potato and Watching Full Meatal Alchmist Concour of Shamballa *me:awesome Movie and of course my Dad bought it for me*And I hope we are going for PIZZA when my mom comes But she picks weird times to come and tomarrow Is a New Pokemon Movie The Rise of Darkai and she'll break my streak of watching all the Pokemon movies *yawn Me Tired*Well happy Ninja Days and many more to come =) =] ^-^ ^-~
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

   Hi people
ok I hope I don't miss Death note from being on the computer all night on Quizilla And somethings trying to posses me into jumping on my bunkbed and danceing then hit my head by jumping on my bunkbed *me:i have top bunk but not mutch room cause my Naruto figures and stuff toys*and hiting the ceiling ^-^` hate waking up and hitting a ceiling fan in the morning *Me:nothing beats waking up to Mr.fan im the morning and hitting Mr.fan in your head*then after that hitting your shoulder into your T.V stand then ater that probly tripping over your big American Bulldog *me:what a good wake up call*then sometimes wake up early to School closing or Delay and Missing your bus and standing out in the frezing cold for 30 minutes i could have been in bed!!!! so thats my fliping freaking morning pluse i forgot I HATE MY BROTHER!!!
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