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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Random complaining (you don't have to read! ^^'):
Ok... this is definately not my best day. geeez.... we had a "test" exam. And I was the lucky one to get up in oral english! (beeing ironic) It SUCKS cuz we have sutch a strict teacher in that subject! >.< I so DO NOT wan't to get that subject on the real exam! Fucking bitchy teacher! She obviously thought what we had "worked with" sucked!, geeez, we where suppose to talk about "beeing young" and how it is to be young (teenager) Well, I was the ONLY one talking!, I tried to get them to say anything, but they had made no thoughts about it on these two days, so they had nothing to say, maybe gave a little comment at times and repeated me! and the (lets just say) cheap girl whom doesn't care about school (she is actually pretty smart, she jest never shows it) didn't even show up!, not on purpose though.... the worst thing is that the teacher actually said it would affect us as a group that SHE didn't show up, geeeez.... the good thing for me is that it showed that almoust only I had actually been working with the topic! ^^' But she expected me to get the others to work to.... geeez... well, won't talk more about that...

Soooo.... I got on here a week after I said I probably would! ^^' heh... sorry!
I have started to play neopets now! ^^ heh, the consept suck but it's actually pretty fun!

Sooo... I promised I would say something about Erementar gerad! well, it's a really cool anime with a cool tecno~ish opening song! I really reccomend that serie! Cuz it's totally awesome! ^^ The bothering thing is that it's a totally new anime so you have to wait one week between every episode! ^^'
You can download Erementar Gerad HERE!!

Oh, and do any of you know of a way to upload songs to the internett?!...
I have changed the layout as ya see, don't thing I will have this one for sutch a long time though... really bad choise of song, ik know! -_-'
Ah, I'm going to have a long weekend now! ^^ so you'll probably see me around! ^^ ttyl!


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