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Monday, April 25, 2005

Sorry I haven't been on, too much other stuff to do nowadays! I actually don't have time to be here now.... I can't be on here intil wednesday or later... there is much school stuff to do, and if I wanna do something fun I'd rather watch anime than be here! (hope ya undersand me! ^^') So I'll talk to ya more on wednesday or something!

I have started watching Erementar Gerad! It's really cool! It has only come up till episode 3 though! ^^' damn! so now I have another anime serie I have to wait every week to get one more episode! -_-' I'll give ya the link for where you can download it and some more informaiton next time I update! ^^'

Now I have a project to work on! Which is going straight to hell to be honest! -_-'

ttyl this week!


By the way, the music is actually the opening song to elfen lied!, so no wonder it fits so well, huh?!... ^^ It's called "lilium" my theme is also mainly from that opening song! it's so wonderfilled!.... (and it's latin)

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