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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Ummm.... it's been a pretty long time since I've been here! (again!) ^^' Oh well, you guys have lotsa other cool peeps here to talk to so ya probably didn't miss me... ^^' heh!

Eto... I have changed my layout as ya all see! ^^ To the psycotic anime "Elfen lied"! Hope you like it! I have actually talked about Elfen lied earlier so I won't say much about it exept that it's a really good anime!
you can find more info HERE! if you wanna know more about it!
And you can download it HERE!

So... how are ya'll doing?!... I'm totally fine! I'm done with all my semester tests (I think that's what ya call it!) and I think I did totally ok on them.... sooo, now it's only the exam left!.... -_-'

Next week I'm going to have a project! With three really unstable peeps whom don't really get that good grades, geeeez.... wonder how that'll turn out.... but I'll at least do my best! (Gambare Mari!!) ^^ Two of them are anime fans too (they are the only anime fans I know of at school, kinda wierd coincidence! so we are three Narutards in tha bunch! ^^') I think my group are gonna have about JAPAN!! Yay! *huggs her sweet little favorite country* although that's probably not possible ^^'
Soooo... i hope I'll be fun even though I'm in tha group with those peeps!
I'm actually gonna be with them on the exam too... geeeez... Wish me luck!... -_-'

And I forgot to say that I have downloaded and watched Yami no matsuei now! (it took me three days! ^^' it was a fast download and I loved the serie so much) Damn! It's so cool, maybe I'll add it to my favorite list! ^^ Me luv Ya-o-i! ^^ Weeee... *drools* You can downlad it at: www.boxtorrents.com

Elfen lied screenshots: ^^

Look at that pic right over here to the left! She's cute as Nyu, ne?!... ^^


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