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Monday, April 11, 2005

I rule, I rule, I rule!! *does happy dance!!*

OMG! I feel so smart! (probably have no reason to feel! ^^') But I do feel smart! I figured out how to put an AMV on my site totally by myself!! XP Weeee!
(If it takes really long time for you to load it.... I DON'T care!! lol! XP) as long as I'm having an incredidly loads of fun watching it! Bleach, Bleach, Bleach, Bleach, Bleach, BLEACH!!! So fun! ^^ You should all start watching it!
Downlad: HEREEEE!!! XP (Lunder bittorrent files)
And HERE's a good Bleach fan site with all the new updates about it!

I got almoust all the wonderfilled art on my layout from Alie M!! *Lubbs her art!* ^^ I actually got some good Naruto art from her before I knew what kind of anime Bleach was! ^^ I removed the ugly messyness of all the pics in my latest posts too! So now there is only one pretty bleach pic in each of them! ^^ And my layout is actually moust suited to my screen resolution.....

Soooooo, I hope you like my new layout! ^^

I forgot to mintion yesterday that I watched "the passion of the christ" on saturday! A pretty good move I have to say!...

Well, I probably should get going now cuz I have a (STUPID!!) test to practise on.... about the bible actually (in other words booooring test) I don't know the shit about it soooooo..... I'll probably get a sucky grade whatever i do! -_-'
Oh, well... ttyl!


Thanx for over 3800 visits!! ^^ lubb ya all!
Hi peeps!
Please sign my GB then I'll sign yours back! ^_^

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Konnichiwa!! ^______^

Aaaaah.... I haven't been here for a long time! T-T It's just that I haven't felt for beeing here.... There is so much important waith school nowadays and I have to focus on that!...

I think I'll drop the rest of the J-rock layouts cuz I'm not obessed with those kinds of pics still, my new obession is BLEACH pics!! Weee!! So my next layout will probably be from that anime! (it rox! not sure if I should put it to me favorite list yet though...)
I just absolutely love the new opening and ending songs!!! I kinda wanna get the hand of those songs before I put up the layout, but I bet it'll be hard to find sutch a new song on the internett! T-T Damn! >.< (and when I get that layout I'll stop with all these messy posts!!)

I have been goofing around at deviantART a bit lately! ^^ I have been a bit obessed with all the cool flash thingys ^^
Here are my favotites:
Narutard!! (best suited for all you whom have watched Naruto)
Inuyasha in a nutshell (the whole inuyasha story in few words! XP)
How I Discovered Shadow (I just find it so funny cuz it's so like myself! lmao!)

Eto... this is a bit more of the pics I took of me that day I had some fun with the camera! ^^'
Click to wiew me!
Heh! I bet (and hope! O.o') all of ya Naruto fans understands who i am trying to look like! ^^' Yes! "SEXY NO JUTSU!!" lol!
MEEE!! ^^ Clicky, click!
Don't I look like her?:
The pics of me are a bit manipulated with photoshop though! ^^' (I don't have sutch clean skin...-_-') And just for the record, I am not really nekkid on those pics! lol! ^^ I just took down the strops on my top! heh!

And about that last post! Like I said!: I'm not depressed or something like that! ^^'

From some artist at DA! Don't remember who! ^^'

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Saturday, April 2, 2005

Hmmm… I think I have never told you about my little complications and “problems” in life…
A year and a few months ago my friends dumped me… of some reason I don’t even know… I didn’t have any friends a while then, just wanderin’ around alone, escaping people, especially my “old” friends…. And of natural reasons, I became awfully quiet… But after a while (about a month) my friends, the ones I have now, noticed that I was alone, and felt sorry for me (I hate when peeps feel sorry for me…) they tried to become my friends, and me, not having anyone else accepted their friendship. So I have been friends with them for about a year now…. But I still don’t like them that much…
Recently I have gained a lot of confidence and become more cheer filled and foolish. (heh…^^’) So many more peeps like me now!, I’m not really popular, don’t really want to be either…. But they look at me differently now….
But the bothersome thing is that my old friends seem to want to be friends again…. And… well… I have never asked for that, never wanted that…. I think they have become more “party girls” too, which I’m not at all… but… I remember how much fun I had with them… I liked them way much better than the friends I have now…. And one of the girls whom have added me to their msn list have said that she and “the friend I used to like the most” have talked about why they actually dumped me (that they didn’t really find a reason) I have a feeling that is a lie… but… it could actually be true too, cuz that group where very “ruled” by one girl, so if she decided that I was boring and too different she could easily have gotten the others with her….
Anyway, now that girl I’m talking with have asked if I wanna go to the movies with them next weekend, we whom have been avoiding each other for a year!... O.o’ I said that would be cozy… but… will I feel comfortable in that situation?!... or will I just become insecure and silent again?.... Aaaaargh! I just wished to get new friends when I started at “arts and crafts” next year (yes, I’m gonna study there! ^^ the school stuff is really different here in Norway!...) but this?!...
I have always said that friends are not that important to me, but deeply inside I know it still hurts that I lost them… I actually replay it in my dreams, the pain, those people, just in different environments (geeez, I sound so damn serious…) So… I don’t know what to do at all!... I feel so uncomfortable in this situation… I don’t want this to happen….

I had some fun with the camera in my easter break!... This is how some pics came out...
pic of me... (Click to wiew)
Heh... look depressive, ne?!... I'm not really that depressive, even though I like sutch pics!....
(It's me if ya wonered!... ^^')
me again.... (lookin down this time)

Renji!! ^^(from bleach too!) I think he looks better with his hair down though! (look at the AMV! ^^)

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Hello! ^^
Well, I have gotten myself a new layout again! ^_^ Still trying to find a good song though! ^^' I hope you like it! Cuz I sertanly doo! (I like all my anime layouts a bit more though! ^^' But they'll come back next week or so...)

I was told to post this!:

Warning: Read Carfully!!
state police warning for online: please read this very carefully...then send it out to all the people you kno. something like this is nothing to be takin casually. if a person with the screen name of monkeyman935 contacts you, do not reply. do not talk to this person. do not answer his/her instant messages or e-mail. whoever this person may be,he/she is a suspect for murder in for the death of 56 women(so far)contacted through the internet. please send this to all the women on ur buddy list and ask them to pass this on!!!!!!!!!!!!!send it to boys to so they will contact girls.

I'm not the type to believe in sutch things, so it doesn't really matter to me.... (I hate chainletters >.<) ^^' I live in Norway anyway, he will never take a flight here to kill me! ^^' heh!...
Sorry that I don't takwe it seriously, to all you whom find this really serious! ^^' Hontoni gomennasai!

Anyway, I'm done with watching X! ^^ And that anime is going straight to my favorite list! I absolutely loved it! I had tears in my eyes so many times! T-T And it had a really surprising ending! Dunno if I can say it was happy or sad.... something in between! ^^'

I watched the ring 2 last night! It was... ok! ^^' I was not at all in the mood for a horror movie! But it was really creepy! I wish she would have helped Samara though!, instead of making things worse for her! ^^' It would have been a bit more "beautiful" then! (for those whom have watched it: I think it was a bit stupid that the "thingy" (dunno what it's called on english! ^^') was always open so she could get out!, the name of the movie is actually because it was closed so samara could only see a ring of light!...)

Here is a pretty pic of gackt! (the same guy as in the freaky pic down here! ^^')

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Thursday, March 24, 2005


Hmmmm... things are going all right with my site!, dunno when I will let all you see it though! I'm planning on getting up some more stuff there before I show it to you!

I have downloaded Love hina too now! Geeeez... I download too many series and don't even have time to watch them, I just had to delete Rurouni Kenshin, cuz I never watched it!, Well, I don't really like it that much anyway for some reason!...

You can probably see some things I have learned by reading at Yokobandit's helpingsite! (thinking about the box around this post and the text in the middle and stuff!) ^^ Link to her page is in the last post and the "greenhaired angel" thingy is now a link to her page, cuz I have deleted mine! ^^

(I wrote this under here in my last post actually, but I did it pretty late, so I don't think so many of you read it!:)
I have made my layout j-rock~ish now!, just as I promised! ^^'
After taking a peek into the j-rock world I AM FUCKING SCARED!! Me and my sis agreed that all the anime have fucking brainwashed them all!! I mean, just look at this! (under here!) It's a BOY!! (it's Camui Gackt, if any of ya know him!... ^^')

But some things are really cool too!! ^^ I'll have a more pure j-rock artists layout up soon!... So just wait for that! ^^
Ok!... that enough bebbelin' for today! ^^'
Ja ne!


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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Internett page! ^^

Well, I have desided to make an internett page! Have actually started a bit too!, It's really fun! A special thanx to YokoBandit ad her super helping site HERE!! *huggs Yoko*! Since this one is so way much better than my "Itachiiscool site, I tink I'll delete it and put up a link to hers instead! ^^
(And just for the record, my site may get some illegal stuff...^^' But downloading is illegal, so who cares! :P)

EDIT: Well, the update did not come as soon as I hoped! ^^'
I have made my layout j-rock~ish now!, just as I promised! ^^'
After taking a peek into the j-rock world I AM FUCKING SCARED!! Me and my sis agreed that all the anime have fucking brainwashed them all!! But some things are really cool too!! ^^ I'll have a more pure j-rock artists layout up soon!... So just wait for that! ^^

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Random talk.... as usual!... ^^'
Well.... what to say?!.... Ummmm.... Sorry I haven't come by as often lately, (geeez, like that's something new!...) I haven't even visited all you whom have commented! O.o' Sorry! Everytime I've been here I have felt more like posting!...

Erm... I think my next layout is gunna be j-rock!! ^^ Moustly Miyavi! I'm not sutch a big fan of j-rock/pop but I think they look so cool (and HOT!! XP) And I like some sertain songs of theirs! ^.^

I am still watching X, but I really wanna start watching Peace Maker Kurogane! Does anyone know where I can download that serie?!... I have been lookin' around for it, but just can't find it! -_-;

It's easter peeps! So I have 1 1/2 week easter-break!! ^^ Fun, fun! ^^
Ok... I won't be making this post longer with some crap, so....
Ja ne!


So cute! ^^

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

   Ummmm.... hello!
Well, as ya all see I have got myself a new layout now! ^^ Moust of you have actually commented before! ^^ And now I have removed and replaced all those pics whom made it look so messy here! ^^ I like to ceap it simple and clean! (is the way that you're making me feel tonight!, I hate when I say suth words and just have to contiue singing! ^^') So... I hope you like it!, if you think it's too bold I don't really agree, the only thing is her butt! ^^ And if you look at her face expression it's more.... sad!.... the reason I chose this layout is that it's pretty different from my totally pure last one and I'm loving brown nowadays! ^^

But nuff about that! ^^ Ummmm... that show thingy was today! It was.... ok! ^_^' Heh! I'm so glad my class where the first one out! (of four) Cuz our totally sucked! -_-' The one after us where 100times better!, but the girls in that class are really good dancers and the boys are not afraid to make a complete fool of themselves! ^^ 8 of the boys danced like ballerinas! Fun! ^^ They wore tights and ballerine skirts! lol! ^^ And one of the girls there whom can't dance has sutch a funny voice it's just so fun to listen to her! ^__^ Won't tell anything about our show, since it sucked so much! ^^' Don't really care anyway! heh!

Only one day till easter
break! ^^ Yay! and tomorrow is only a cosy-day anyway!
Here is one of those funny thingys! ^^

Well, I'm gonna watch Naruto and Bleach now! so.... ja ne!! ttyl!
(I'll try to get back top you whom comment now and you whom commented last time, but I can't really promise cuz I have to write an english book report (on a really sucky book! lol) that has to be done till tomorrow! But I'll try! ^^)

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

In have a math test today! -_-; Usually I'm good at math, but nowadays I haven't understood the shit of it! T-T I wanna get sutch a good grade as i got last year this year too!! >.<

Heh!.... I still haven't changed my layout! ^^' Uuuuups! I actually made a layout, but I wheren't satified with it! ^^'

I have started watching X-TV now! ^^ It's pretty cool!, not going to my favorite list though! ^^

Hmmmm... my site has become rather messy now!, as soon as I get the new layout I will make it more clean! ^^

I'm listening to Hemishpere by Maaya Sakamoto! Really beautiful song! Will maybe put it up here someday! ^^
Edit: Heh! I just found out that the beautiful song that I goved so much at blu moon's site is the same artist! No wonder I liked it! ^^
Ja ne!

Edit: Only one more visit and I'll have 3500 visits!! ^^

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Heh! I felt like posting this! ^^
Well, I had a visit from a few of my friends today, or... two of them are like my best friends, the ones I hang out with, and three others whom I just can talk freely with like friends at times! ^^ We where gonna work with a school thingy but that went really fast so we where just talking moust of the time! ^^ That was fun! I actually like "the twins" (two of those I am only taking to at times) more than my "best friends" they are much more like me! And when they saw my cool desktop bg (the pic under here!
they where like: "Really cool bg! ^^ That's an anime pic right!..." and then the other twin was like: Oh, that's what that dude where talking about!"....
-I really wanted to start a conversation about it! (I have actually notised they are interested in the little "anime~ish" things I do (Like the drawings in my books and stuff...)) But it was a bit hard with three other whom didn't understand the shit! (My two best frineds only thinks my anime obession is wierd!.... they have no idea how populair it really is!... >.< Irritates me the way they think of it!...)

I have started watching "Yami to boushi to hon no tabibito" (Really ling name) It's something yuri~ish stuff!... I kinda like it!, it's not better than my favs though! ^^

But i have to eat dinner now! (taco! ^^) So...
Ja ne! ttyl!


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