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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Name: Jess
Birthday: September 20th 1986
Age: 22
Member Since: May 21st 05
Likes: Driving, Jiving (yes), Fencing, being a student, who I am right now (cheesy but it's a change for me)
Dislikes: lots of things, tomatoes mainly and people who think all anime is porn (yes it happens a lot!)
Occupation: Student: I've now graduated from Archaeology and have taken up Art History at postgraduate level (because I can...and have) I'm currently working on getting myself onto a Phd course and stay a student forever! Oh yeah and I'm still in York (UK) i love this place
achievements: Graduating, keeping a boyfriend for over a month (a year now infact!)
Hobbies: going to the pub with friends (I have become a fan of real ale! O_o) Fencing (when I have time) drawing, drinking tea (oh god the gloriousness of tea)

+Other stuff+

Thank you for visiting my site, if this is your first visit please sign my GB so I know you've been and so I can return the favour. I've been away for a while and don't have much free time atm but feel free to add me as a friend and I will do the same, I will try to stay in touch and hope you will do the same. I like a good chat and I love to laugh so don't be afraid to PM me any time for a chat anytime. See ya'll around!

By me!

I was inspired by ankoku's site, her page is always changing and so stylish. The general layout is a lot like hers, but I've changed it where I can.

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+ Essays, archives and application deadlines, Oh my! +

So here I am procrastinating again, my PhD Application is due in tomorrow afternoon (I'm nearly done though) I have one 5,000 word essay draft due on the 3rd of April and one due on the 10th. The fully revised essays are due in on the 1st May, that's 10,000 words of Art History goodness in total, and that's not even including my research propsal for PhD study which should be another 5,000 words, i think that needs to be in my the 17th April. ...


I'm currently sat my boyfriends York house and he's making me dinner whihc is making me feel better anyways. He's about to go to Oman for three weeks and god I'm gonna miss him. I will hopefully work more though... Why did I have to pick a guy who lives in a far off country *sigh* At least i get to visit him.


So with all this stress I've done well and avoided the attractive anime retreat and stayed away from most anime watching. Just a bit of D.Grayman, damn that series is addictive.

Was at South Kensington yesterday at the RBS (Royal British Sculpture) foundation building, was kinda cool, the archivist showed us a load of sources, like letters and other personal photographs and things of famous artists that we might want to use in our research. We also drank lots of tea mmmmmm. We then headed to the Victoria and Albert Museum to look at more sculpture. I'm a wizz now I tells ya! On the way back I ran into a group from my old school and had a chat with the teachers, that was random...

Enough rambling I found this BBC News story that made me laugh. Click here for the BBC report

That is all!


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