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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Name: Jess
Birthday: September 20th 1986
Age: 22
Member Since: May 21st 05
Likes: Driving, Jiving (yes), Fencing, being a student, who I am right now (cheesy but it's a change for me)
Dislikes: lots of things, tomatoes mainly and people who think all anime is porn (yes it happens a lot!)
Occupation: Student: I've now graduated from Archaeology and have taken up Art History at postgraduate level (because I can...and have) I'm currently working on getting myself onto a Phd course and stay a student forever! Oh yeah and I'm still in York (UK) i love this place
achievements: Graduating, keeping a boyfriend for over a month (a year now infact!)
Hobbies: going to the pub with friends (I have become a fan of real ale! O_o) Fencing (when I have time) drawing, drinking tea (oh god the gloriousness of tea)

+Other stuff+

Thank you for visiting my site, if this is your first visit please sign my GB so I know you've been and so I can return the favour. I've been away for a while and don't have much free time atm but feel free to add me as a friend and I will do the same, I will try to stay in touch and hope you will do the same. I like a good chat and I love to laugh so don't be afraid to PM me any time for a chat anytime. See ya'll around!

By me!

I was inspired by ankoku's site, her page is always changing and so stylish. The general layout is a lot like hers, but I've changed it where I can.

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+it appears i'm slipping away before even returning...+

Yes, i know, i'm back, yet not... Well it's not that i don't want to be on the otaku more, i'm just busy (mainly in the library) i don't even see my friends anymore! It's a lonely life being a postgradute. And just to fill you guys in, it's not like college in America, we have very little lesson and lecture time, it's all self study in the UK. I only have 4 hours of teaching a week and the rest is my own research which means lost of reading on my own.

Anyways, how are you all? please post so i know whose still around, i have missed everyone and need a good catch-up!

from your nerdy archaeologist come art historian! (yeah pretentious or what?)

Blink xxx

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