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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

   state of depression
im...im sorry people...i just cant do this anymore..ill still be on MyO alot, but unless u PM me...u probably wont hear from me until this is over..im so fucking tired of it and i cant take it anymore!! im sorry but i dont really wanna talk about it either!! it may not last that long but...oh nvm..well, cya when i cya..
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Monday, January 21, 2008

well, i guess the thing about my grandma bein ok..was fake
no one knows what happened. at lest i dont and my mom doesnt...and i dont think my dad does or my bro...so yeah..but somethings wrong with her again and shes back in the hospital...i think my mom thinks she might be "goin" soon cuz she told me i should go see her and she really wanted to see me or sumthin...aww now im gonna cry...sorry people..
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Damn im bored!!!
like, nobody's online right now and nobodys at my house!! im so fucking bored!
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Sunday, January 20, 2008

OK thank u god!! lol yeah i was wrong about my grandma!! lolz my brother said PROcedure!! lol. yeah so actually my grandmas all better. and my parents will be with her like all day long so...NO PARENTS!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!! LOL
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ok so, i just overheard my brother on the phone, it was my dad calling from the hospital (hes there with my grandma who earlier had a heart attack) and apparently from what i overheard my brother tell his friend on the phone, she just had a FUCKING SEIZURE!! so yeah...idk whats happenin cuz again..no one tells me!! i just hope to god i heard wrong..
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Friday, January 18, 2008

Codys and ass!!! lol
so today at lunch cody asked me for a dollar for a drink so i gave him a dollar cuz im nice like that. so he goes and buys a drink then comes back. cassidy, or in otherwords, MyDark2 wanted a sip of it but he wouldnt let her!! so he lie, slobbered all over the lid and everything...(ewww) then he spit in his water so she wouldnt wanna drink it but she said she wanted it anywayz but he still wouldnt give it to her so she wrestled it away from him then spit in it. lol but anyways, i was thirsty too and since all my other friends wanted something to drink, we all just shared then same one but noo..then here comes cody bein the big ass he is and spits in ours!! it wasnt my fault cassidy spit in his!! plus it was my dollar and he wouldnt even give me a sip!! LOL UR SO MEAN CODY!!
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

apparently were goin to see Juno...kallee says so
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lol! i found out whats playin in the movies finally and idk what i wanna se still..ok so heres the list:
The Bucket List
National Treasures Book Of Secrets
The Water Horse
Alvin And The Chipmunks
I Am Legend

well, thats it...not the greatest time to go see a movie is it..

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

well, things r gettin a little better...
me and most of my close friends r goin to the movies on friday! originally, it was supposed to be me and my guy friend alex ive told u so much about but i knew my mom would never let me go alone with a guy.(over protective much!) but were not goin out or anything..judt good friends! and anyway so i invited my other buddies!! alysia and cassidy!! YAY!! LOL oh yeah and, alysia, i think WE better sit by alex cuz if cassidy does...alex might try to rape her in the movie theatre!! =O LOL XD sorry...its kinda an inside joke. but seriously alysia...lol
ok so anyways yeah were all goin to the movies on friday!! WOOOO!! but what r we gonna see?? anyone have any ideas?

oh and, im tryin not to think so much about my grandma so as long as i dont think about it too much its ok..

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

i still dont fully know whats goin on with my grandma..why wont they tell me?!?! they keep sayin stuff like, she told me not to come on wednesday but i wanna be here if sumthin happens, y' know?" i wsh they would take the fricken time to explain it to me!!as far as i kno, she has problems with her heart and gull bladder.....apparently she has a blockage in her heart and hell if i kno anything else since no one bothers to tell me...watch something tragic happen and she dies and ill be in school totally unaware of it!!
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