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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

hi guys Ive started highschool and its pretty fun. also im doing marching band which is alot of work but is fun as well. Ill try to get on more but there no garantee that Ill be able too.

just to let u guys no I finally got my own computer and all but I can't use it for my school needs which is annoying. If ur wondering wat I me by school needs I mean I can't use microsoft word or power point cause ihave a free trial without the key code and we paid for it to come completely installed with the computer and they didn't do it so yeah.

I finally got my own ps2 but I have to get more games when I have enough money but til then I get to beat Kingdom Hearts II a couple times.

well thats all the new stuff thats happened to me over the summer so yeah. I have marching band mondays tuesdays and thursdays so u guys will probably here alot about that as the year goes on. thats all I have to say so laterz


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