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Friday, May 12, 2006

Hello everyone hows life been treatin ya? Anyhow I just got home from the 8th grade dance and boy was it awsome. I had tons of fun.

I know I need to get on more often but as you know even if I say Im going to do something It may be 1 month before I do it. also Im not sure if y'all noticed but it was my b-day not to long ago.

I hope you guys have a nice week-end and a fun next week cause I probably won't be on to hear about cause I am rarely on anymore which sucks but is at the same time very true.

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hello! I sure haven't been on in a while. Its probably because of my project I have. It seems like teachers want to give projects close to the end of the year because thats wat my teachers have started tell us about. I have a social studies project due monday so thats my biggest priority on the h.w. chart.

Anyway I might try to put up a pic tommorow of a random person I drew so yeah theres that. Well that all I have to say so cya.


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Sunday, April 2, 2006

Sorry I haven't been on in a while! I hope everyone is having a nice spring break. I'm not going anywhere but I have a sleepover type thing with my friends at my house so that should be fun.

I have some bad news about something bad thats happened to my cousin Jessica. She had appedicitece and the doctors knew about but didn't operate til after her appendix burst which seems a little stupid. Luckily they operated and she ok at least I hope shes ok because I just found out about it today and haven't gotten the chance to visit her yet.Hopefully I'll to visit her tommarow (sunday).

Anyway on to happier news! If you don't know Kingdom Hearts II is either out or coming to stores very soon. So thats the happy news.

Also I finally got a scanner so Ill try to put up a pic once I figure out how to format my pic to be jpeg and stuff. thats all I have to say so I end with some Kingdom Hearts II videos:


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Friday, March 24, 2006

hows everyone doing? I hope good. well anyway yesterday I had performance evaluation in band and I think we did pretty good. on the way there it was pretty fun cause we got to ride on coach buses. it was awsome.

well thats all I really have to say so ill end with a video:

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Yesterday was normal and nothing new happened. Although I did take a math test. anyway today St.patties day so you better where green today and also its my aunts b-day so we're celebrating it today.

thats all I really have to say so I end with a video:



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Thursday, March 16, 2006

I hope u guys had a good yesterday. well anyway my day was ok. In french we went over the packet we had been doin. In science we watch some video clip and took notes.

In social studies we watched and video and worked on a sheet. In P.E. we wen t outside and played soccer. and in band we did the usual.

In L.A. we worked on a chp. review, and finnaly in math we review for the test.

so yeah when I got home I finished the vocab part of my project. and then I think I was able to get to just about everyones sites.

well that was my day and nothing special really happened.

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cya ~Blaze

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

sorry if this post is a little short but Im short on time. yesterday I realized something in math h.w. is pointless. I know all of u are gonna go u just realized but I just chose to realize. then I asked myself why is it that they came up h.w. before studying because if h.w didn't existe than thats all we would really have to do.

also I realized that teachers make you do alot of pointless thing when u do h.w. like drawing the figures and other stuff like that. so yesterday that was my biggest event of the day.

Also I have a project due on tuesday of next week and Im working on it today so I may not have time to get to all of you today


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Monday, March 13, 2006

Hello everyone I hope you all had a great weekend cause I sure did. I had two soccer games this weekend. 1 on saturday and 1 on sunday. we tied both but we're still undefeated. on the game on sat 1 of the player broke his wrist. we were playing on astroturf that game witch has concret under the fake grass.

Anywho onto other stuff. on sunday I went to my cuzins house and my cuzin got a new game that day. Gaunlet the 7 sorrows is the title I think. my dad was suposed to pick me up from their house at 8:30 but he couldn't picked me up at 9:15 and so I got to eat steak with them. well that was my weekend so Ill end with a naruto episode:


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Thursday, March 9, 2006

well i hope yall had a good day yesterday. I stayed cause I had a doctors appointment so mine was ok.

anyway as we all know school is a drag and seems like it never ends. Wouldn't it be nice if they had machines that you put on your head and it tought everthing for that day and then u went home.Yeah that would be great. well i got go so Ill end with this:


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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

sorry Im never on I cant promise that Ill update tommorow. Ive been busy with everything. anyway when I get my new computer then Ill be able to update more often.

Well now on to my life, its been ok I have an ok amount of hw and all but for a week or 2 Ive been sick and today I have an ear ache. we're not sure when Im get a doctors apointment for it but it may be today.

I really don't have much of anything else to say so Ill end with a Naruto Episode

cya ~Blaze

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