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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

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What Do Naruto Characters Think of You(For Girls)(With Detailed Explanations + your love life)(updated) by HajimeNoOwari
Enter Your Name
Your Age
Narutoforgot Sakura the minute he laid eyes on you. He thinks you are so much better: you are cool, nice, not a Sasuke fan, smart and kick but!
Sasukerespects you because you are stronger than him and are not one of his fangirls
Saican't get rid of you. You made it your mission to make him feel. You have succeeded more than several times but Sai doesn't let you know. Either because he doesn't want to admit he can feel or because he knows you would leave if he told you...
Gaarais afraid you will hate him like everyone else
Nejithinks you are strong and would make a great lover just as you are in his dreams
Shikamaruthinks you are strong, cool, and hot but he can't bother to win your heart because there are already too many guys going after it and it's just too troublesome
Kibathinks you are funny after he invited you to his place and you asked his mother and sister which one was his dad
ShinoLikes you because you don't think he is gross with his bugs
Kakashiavoids you ever since you stole his Icha Icha paradise book and wrote a new one with him and Iruka as main characters, which you then swapped with his. He couldn't show his face for a week after you took a picture of him getting a nose bleed on the picture of naked Iruka and showed it to everyone (you even gave a copy to Gai).
Kabutothinks you are to nice for your own good but likes you nonetheless
Orochimaruasked you if you'd like him to show you what else his tongue is good for
Itachiis your partner, you two are both silent, calm and deadly. You aren't social and to a naked eye seem to be just partners sharing the bond of silence. But if you look deeper you would see you really care for each other and would willingly die to protect one another. And on the cold nights when nobody is around there is a great way of sharing body heat you two practice. ;)
Kisameis trying to prove his worth ever since his sword shaped razor blade choose you as its owner. He is lucky you just laughed it off and told him there is no way you would fight with a large razor blade. It would totally spoil your image.
Deidarais leaving you hickeys on strangest of places
Sasoriis trying to make you his prized puppet
Your Splecial Traitsloner, emo, shy, innocent, naive, the last thing your opponents see
Your SoulmateSai, you are both rude and artistic
Who You End Up With And How You MetNeji - you came to visit your godfather who is Hinata's dad. He was currently training with Neji.
How You DieSasori makes you his prized puppet

Result Posted on 08/20/08:

What Do The Naruto Characters think of u?(srry, for girls only. includes your love, life, and deaf) by kitten
Favorite colour(i hate this question):
Your Japanesse name:Tifa
your age:14
ninja rank:chuunin
village:Hidden Cloud
Naruto:WOW!! she's super hot!!!
Sasuke:shes so annoying and hyper, like Naruto
Sakura:shes sooo pretty, i wish i looked like her
Kiba:knows you like cats and is constanly trying to get u to like dogs better cus he loves u
Kurenai:shes stronger than me
Shikamaru:thinks ur smarter than him
Ino:thinks your better than the billboard brow
Chouji:loves you cus u bought him BBQ for lunch
Hinata:adores u!!! cus u help her find the right thing to say to Naruto and your helping her come out of her shell and once you dared Naruto to french kiss her so she likes you for that cus he did it
Shino:likes u cus u saw a rat then climbed on is body to get away from the rat and u cheek was on his cheek
Orochimaru:i luv her!!!(me: eeeeeeeewwwwwww!!! u got snake fuker to luv u!!!eeewww!!!unless u lyk him)
Kabuto:thinks ur smart and hot bcoz u figured out what he was tryin 2 do though the chunnin exams and u got to kick his ass wen u finally had time 2
Tsunade:tinks u can bcome the next hokage
Shizune:tinks ur annoying but is your best frend
Jiraiya:hates u cus u called him gay but loves u cus he knows u were joking
Gaara:likes u cus your is only frend mayb more, and is willing to protect u no matter wat
Temari:wnts 2 fight u
Kankuro:loves u cus u got big boobs
Itachithinks that u r his and tends 2 visit u alot mostly wen u r in the shower
Rock Lee:hates u cus u were mean 2 Sakura
Tenten:likes the way u always hit your target without even trying and asks u for tips and u gladly give them to her
Nejiis ur best frend
Gai:wants u 2 saty away from Kakashi
I(yes me):am your sensei
you love:Kiba
loves you:Chouji
how much:
how you die:died on a mission
your life:Your life was hard in the beginning then happy. You changed from a troubled child, to a Happy teen. You love to travel for Village to village. You live a happy life but u flt something was missing. You died somewat happy.

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Discover if You are Seme or Uke!
Created by ChiisaiYume on Memegen.net

This is the result if Uke! has the highest score.

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
How tall are you?

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Naruto 7 mins in Heaven!!! LONG DETAILED results and pics!! x

You got Kiba!

"Woof!" Akamaru wagged his tail happily as you called out the name on the slip of paper. He padded over and jumped up on you, licking your face.

"Woah, down boy!" you giggled, petting his head, "You're not quite the one I was hoping to be kissing!" Kiba smirked to himself and headed for the closet, as you gently put down Akamaru.

As soon as you closed the door, you were pushed back up against it, Kiba's whole body pushing into yours. He was kissing you passionately but not rough - it was just right, intense without him trying to force his tongue into your mouth. Kiba's hands were placed at either side of your waist, rubbing up and down the sides of your body fervently. You reached your hands around his neck and raked your fingers through his hair, deepening the kiss.

Kiba sucked at your bottom lip, but you weren't going to give in without a fight! You opened your mouth slightly, but not enough for him to get in. You were teasing him like hell and you knew he liked it! He moaned softly and you could feel his need for more. You smirked into the kiss and continued to tease him, placing one hand on his chest; you could feel his strong muscles flexing under your touch. He really is in amazing shape! you thought.

Just as you contemplated ending his misery, Kiba slid his hand up under your top and grabbed your breast firmly. You gave a slight gasp and he took his opportunity. He knew what he was doing! You wrestled with his tongue for dominance but he won - you couldnt resist the intensity flowing through you. You moaned through the kiss and Kiba knew he had won. He pulled back slightly but kept close to your face, breathing heavily on top of you.

"So? You enjoying it?" You nodded and gulped. He is so damn hot! you thought, dreamily, then said: "I guess Im gonna have to pay you back for that somehow..." Kiba smirked and your heart beat painfully against your chest.

"And how are you planning to do that?" He asked quietly, looking deep into your eyes.

"Wait and see..." you whispered softly into his ear. Suddenly, you reached down and swiftly pulled off his t-shirt, revealing those chiseled muscles you had felt earlier. The sight was enough to drive you crazy. You threw yourself onto him and started to kiss him passionately, this time you took over completely. You swung him around so that his back was now to the door and pushed your body up against his fervently, pinning him to the door. You could easily tell he was enjoying it.

He had his hands on your lower back, pulling you into him. He began to lift your top up at the back but stopped himself and pulled back from you. He was looking deeply into your eyes.

"______-chan," he said, breathing heavily.

"What is it, Kiba-kun?" you said, also out of breath.

"It's just that I don't want to rush things by taking it too far..."

"Kiba?" You were puzzled, you thought he had been enjoying it

"It's not that I'm not into this," he smiled, "It's because I'm so into it that I wanna stop. Coz I really like you _______-chan and I was hoping this wouldn't just be a once-off..." He trailed off hesitantly.

"Are you asking me out?" you asked, trying to keep the hopeful tone out of your voice. You desperately anticipated his answer.

"Well, yeah, I guess..." He looked at you, waiting for an answer.

"Yes!" you exclaimed happily and gave him a little kiss.

The door opened suddenly and you stumbled but Kiba caught you. You giggled as you walked back to your seat and everyone stared at the two of you. They were all wondering what had happened in there! You sat down next to Kiba and he put his arm around your shoulders. The night was suddenly a lot more enjoyable now that you were officially going out with Inuzuka Kiba!

He walked you home that night and gave you a quick kiss and a sincere hug before leaving. You were unable to stop smiling for quite a long time and you two were really happy together - but, of course, you never lost that passion from the first night! >_-

Hope you enjoyed it! ^-^

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