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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

   I'm Baaaccckkkkk!!!!
Well as long as I've spent away from the O I wanted to let everyone know that I am returning! A lot of you have probably taken me off your friends list and I under stand that. Anyways I hope to have some new wallpapers up soon but for now heres a funny event that happened to me last night.

Okay heres what went down LOL.

My friends Jordan and Jeff whom are two of my bodyguards *not that I need bodyguards to begin with* were walking back from Jordans house. We looked at each other and said "Hey its a full moon lets go down to Meldrum Bar Park and play a little moonlite tag in the woods." Were all like "Hell ya! Lets go!"

So we get down to Meldrum and start to have our fun. Now keep in mind that all 3 of us are great fighters. Give anyone of us so much as a stick and your screwed! So yeah thats why we call moonlite tag a game of trust because the way we play is its a game to see who's going to get assasinated first. I have my knife on me, Jordan had a stick and Jeff had his knife and a stick.

So yeah finally we all end in a draw they couldn't find me hehehe but I found them. So yeah we walk down to the waters edge and we take turns useing Jordans stick for a bat and do a little rock batting practice. Which is hard as hell even with the full moon LOL. We start to head out and these 3 guys who were a good distance away start to walk up to us keeping a fair distance still.

They start calling out to us and we look at each other then back at them then Jeff deals with it and replys "Yeah okay whatever." So we start walking back up the path I'm covering the rear like I always do. So I look back and these 3 morons had gotten into their truck type thing. I look back at Jeff and Jordan then back at the truck.

Then imediatly following my instincts I told them both "Get out of the road....NOW!" So we dart up the side of the hill Jeff first, then Jordan, followed by my self. Now Jeff's in front of us by a good ways. Jordan and I are up behind the tree's and bushes. Well seconds after we get off the road and onto high ground these idiots race by and shout something along the lines of "piss ants!" and they throw rocks at us.

Though they didnt reach Jordan and my self they reached Jeff which made him the first of us to get pissed off. We stay crouched for a bit longer then Jordan though I knew where he was whistled to me *even though I already knew where he was* so I didnt try and jump him as he walked up behind me.

So I get up and we manouver our way around whistling for Jeff to come out. As all this is taking place we see that this truck turns around and starts pacing back and forth along the road. So we finally met up with Jeff by this time my knifes pulled plus a larg but not akwardly so stick. Jeff has his knife pulled and a stick as well and Jordan still has his stick.

So we wander our way through the woods back towards our houses. All the while this truck is going back and forth honking and trying to get our attention or something.

Anyways in the end we made it back to our houses with no problem no big surprise there how good and close of a team we are. Now none of us would have gone to Meldrum that late by our selves that would just be stupid and not much fun. So yeah thats the first major event of 2008 for the three of us and it was sure a hell of a lot of fun and some good practice for our skills which have been getting rusty lately...

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