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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hey guys
sorry I havent posted in like forever I've been really busy and I dont always get time to hit the O and like I said I'm sorry for that but anyways heres whats new with my I'm graduated from highschool went and took a 4 hour test got my deploma if I passed and I did with an 83% and I only needed 70% my boyfriends leaving in 2 days for 5 months to military school which sucks ass I might get to learn fire performance from a friend of my sisters friend which is fucking awesome not this weekend but next weekend I'll get to go camping with that same sister so thats cool ^_^ thats all I can think of for a quick report at this point just to let everyone know I havent dropped off the face of the earth and died so talk to you all later hope your all doing well!!!!
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