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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Poem: Untitled
On a midnight dark and dreary.
I pondered growing ever wearier.
Pondering ever so weary of my fate
So dark and dreary.

What is to become of me all alone and teary.
Alone on a night so dark and dreary.
Being pushed from all directions,
Forced to make so many decisions.

"What am I to do I cry" as
I lie under the moon and stars
For they are all that hear my cry.
Alas I ponder growing ever wearier.

Pondering of my fate that seems so dark
And dreary. Will I find my answers
To the direction I need to go, fate why
Do you hate me so?

Time slips away on that night so
Dark and dreary. Slowly it seems
To someone so weary. Oh moon
Come now and listen to my plea,

Wonít you send a sign something
To help guide me? Out of no where
Or so it seems a lone wolf approaches
Me, staring, staring at me.

Large yellow eyes staring into mine.
A few moments pass neither of us blinking.
Then that lone wolf starts speaking!
"Dear kin of mine what is it thatís troubling you?"

"I see it in your eyes." Then I reply
"Oh my brother of mine! My path I've
Lost and I canít seem to refind."
"Fate is cruel, fate is unkind playing

A strange game with this life of mine..."
"Listen clear and listen close..." Said
That brother of mine. "If lost your path
You seem to have found,"

"Then what you must do is look around.
Not in the forest or on the ground."
"But deep within your self is where
Your answer will be found."

I awake only to find t'was a dream,
All in my mind. But I look up at
The sky and see a majestic Dragon
Flying by. Then I realize tis more then

A dream, t'was quit real. Yes my brother
Now I see, t'was you who was speaking to me...
To show me what it was that I needed to see.
So now I know, now I see the path that has

Been shown to me. I spred my wings
Itís time to fly, along that dark lonely sky.
Off I go into the unknown. On that
Midnight so dark and dreary I no longer
ponder weak and weary...

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