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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

well what to talk about.......i didnt really do nething yesterday...just went to class, and then practice, and of course watched InuYasha! man it was sooo good! i think InuYasha should come over to my dorm and do some cleaning...my room sure can use it^^.
and im glad that you all enjoyed the pics from yesterday...me liked them too^^.
hmmmmm........*groans a little* man my tummy just started to hurt, that sux! you know the feeling you get...its kinda like some one has a tight grip on your stomach and starts to twist it.....and then it cramps that way, and it gets kinda hard to breath......well thats the feeling im getting. god, this sux, it really hurts! i hate it when this happens!!!
oh man....and earlier yesterday......my suite mates sink wont drain and we cant find out why...so we decided to play plumer! well we got the pipe off....and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD did it stink! i thought i was going to faint! and that pipe was so cloged up that it was no wonder the thing wouldnt drain....im surprised that it even drained slowly! *shudders from rememberance of the smell* HOLY MOTHER! it was horrible! i thought i was going to die...it was worse than rotting meat....that has been rotting for at least 6 months(yes i know what that smells like...i hate to do a project with 6 month rotting meat in high skool).
well i doubt you guys really wanted to know that...but guess what...now you do^^. well as for what else there is to talk about, there really isnt nething else. but just a reminder...if you are part of the Village of the Hidden Art, there is a contes going on and i would very much like it if you joined^^. the deadline is, i beleive i put it for the 26th of March, so please join in^^.
well bye bye!!

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