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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

okay........this sux!
man i dont think i can get ne madder(is this even how you spell it)........i can figure out why my photoshop program isnt working!! i even tryed reinstalling it...but it still wont work. man someone give me a gun...im going to shot my damn computer! oh well, that just means ill probably have to by another Photoshop system....crap-_-+! well thats why i havnt made ne pretty banner things for the contest winners, and im sry....i hope you all can forgive me....and it also means that all the banners that i made for the new Village members are lost...grrr....and i worked so hard trying to make those! piece of shit program!!! again im sry. well i have to get to class.....please i hope you guys can forgive me.
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