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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Black Riders
Chapter 14 The glimace under her heart. Kaitlyn held on Angel for a long time and she then looked up and asked, “Angel, why do you side with BlackWing?” Angels’ eyes grew furious and she did her best to hold back her anger. Angel then looked down and fell to her knees, grabbing her ribs. “ANGEL! What’s the matter?!” asked Kaitlyn worried. Angel was breathing heavily and then blood started to pour from the side of her mouth. She struggled to reply, “Something is……throwing pressure on my-my body…..” She screamed in pain and then shadows whipped down trees and threw water from rivers up in the air. A man came out of the leaves and laughed, “Wow, you can actually take that so much pain. I’m impressed BlackWing. Not only that, but in your condition of your body, you will be easily killed in the next match.” He was the very same man that looked just like Angel, the one who was watching her the first day. Angel managed to get to her feet and summoned a certain power that formed into a shadow whip. She whipped it towards him and cut his face with one slash. Black blood poured down from his cheek. The man laughed and remarked, “You haven’t changed my dear.” He removed his glove that was covering a mark. “You pathetic little brat, why don’t you accept it?” Angel was in shock when she heard him say a sentence like that. It told her that he knew what BlackWing was telling her. “I don’t….need to accept anything to defeat my enemies,” replied Angel as you stood straight and took in the pain without flinching. Kaitlyn grew nervous and stepped back. Angel glared at the man deeply and then her voice changed to a more demonic snarling voice, “Why would I bother to waste my time with a loser like you?” She grinned as she raised her neck higher. He smiled and slowly answered, “Since I’m the only one who knows your little secret and can break the binding spell on BlackWing.” He took out his shadow sword and charged at Angel. She didn’t move or anything. “I WILL RELEASE HER!” shouted the man as he raised his sword to her heart and plunged it deep into her body. Kaitlyn gasped for a second. Angel looked at the wound and asked, “What is someone who doesn’t have a heart?” Her eyes were soft and noticing as she looked into the other mans eyes. He answered, “You….are….a distance lost monster that has lost her own way to see what’s important and what’s not.” He took out his blade and turned walking away. “You didn’t fight me back, I’m impressed you hold self-control but in the arena there is nothing known as self-control. Just pain and suffering,” he stated coldly. Kaitlyn ran to Angel and stared at her as she teared blood from her eyes. When Angel looks up, everything is gone and all she can see is an empty black space with flames. BlackWing appears behind her and remarks, “You little fool. How pathetic can you become? How low will you go to do something that is completely useless? Why do you protect him and that human girl?” Angel stares blankly at her hands and falls to her knees replying in a shaken voice, “I….don’t want…..to be…..this….” Blackwing grabs her neck gently and whispers in her ear, “You love him don’t you?” She places her fingers down her back and sinks her teeth into her neck. Angel flinches and swallows hard. “Then accept what I have given you……..it’s the only thing you can do to protect them……and save your brother,” stated BlackWing as she released her teeth from Angels’ neck. Angel then closes her eyes and exit’s the plane. Kaitlyn is dragging her to the lake to wash her wound. “You said it wasn’t going to be easy but I’m whiling to do so sister,” she spoke to herself as she started to wash Angels’ chest. Shadows appeared with Lloyd and Kaitlyn quickly reacted and pulled out her sword, “STAY BACK!” Lloyd laughed and put his hands up, “Sorry, we startled you but we are here to see how -” Lloyd sees Angel clinging to her heart and tearing in the water as she sat on a rock. Shadow dragged Kaitlyn away to help him find a herb to heal infections and they ran off. Lloyd on the other hand starred at Angel almost feeling her pain. He walked slowly up to her and kneeled beside her. “What do you want?” she asked harshly. He lowered his eyes to meet hers’ and he replied, “I want to help you…I want to be by your side no matter what it costs…..I will hear you out and protect you. She clenched her teeth together and quickly glomped Lloyd and started to cry. He held her close to him and kissed her softly upon the lips quickly. Her eyes widen as she blushed with tears down her eyes. He smiled and said, “Don’t worry Angel. I’m here for you and always will be.” She smiled and rested her head on his chest. Eclipse stood on a dragon as it softly flapped it’s wings in the air, “You will never survive Enjuee. I will kill you and the others. BlackWing appears behind Lloyd and Angel grinning. “You will be mine Angel. I will get what I want."
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