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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Black Riders
Chapter 13 BlackWing arrives In the arena, the demons were going crazy to see a bloodbath. Angel then took off her robe. Although, her appearance we completely different. She wore blue ripped jeans, a black T-shirt with a jean vest over it. Her face had blue and red markings under the eyes and her hair was long a blue. December looked more closely from the audience and yelled, “YOU IDIOT!!! What does she think she is doing?!” Ivy tried calming her down. Angel grinned and her teeth were sharp enough to rip through metal bars. She lifted her hand and her nails grew into large claws. She ripped open her other arm and poured blood and her claws. The other team laughed and one of the members mocked her, “Are we supposed to be afraid of you?!” The team laughed. Angel replied, “You are sadly mistaken….” She smirked and then charged at one of the members. She was almost impossible to see. Until everyone knew the damage she has done. The team member was cut right in half and blood poured out everywhere. December got covered in blood because she was leaning over the railing. “I hate her,” remarked December. Edward and Drake were cracking up laughing. Angel then charged right in the middle of the other team members and jump up out of them as they were all cut into pieces and their blood splatter everywhere. Everyone was shocked and cheered. Angel licked the blood off of her hands and sighed, “What a waste of my time.” She walked back and picked up her robe. Tale peeked out from under the stage and announced, “THE DRAGON RIDERS WIN!!!” All the demons cheered for Angel. She walked out of the arena doom and followed a path to the river. Lloyd wondered what happened to her as he looked around. “So, she finally got into it,” laughed Anastasia and she high-five Aura. “What do you mean?” asked Aura. “Well Angel isn’t his type of person to waste her time like this; I don’t even think that was Angel. Sounded and acted like BlackWing, although I could be wrong,” answered Anastasia. The other team members came down and jumped them. “WE DID IT DUDE!!!” cheered Ace and he hugged Lloyd. Ivy looked and remarked, “Don’t get cocky now. We still have a way to go and the rest of these battles won’t be easy since we will have to fight two more if one team goes against another.” Ivy smiled and laughed. December was trying to get all the blood off of her with a piece of cloth, “SHE SUCKS!!” They then left to arena and went to their rooms. Angel wasn’t there. They didn’t really mind. They relaxed and started to play card games. Lloyd on the other hand was worried and had an odd feeling something is coming near with a powerful aura. He then left in search of Angel. By the river, Angel was cleaning her wound in her arm that she had to create in order for the attack to work before. Her appearance went back to normal. Then she heard a twig break and she turned quickly due to reflexes. A young woman stood there smiling. Angel didn’t have a clue who she was. The young woman walked to Angels’ side and kneeled beside her. She was beautiful and had long pink hair and green eyes; she was wearing a red and white kamono and had a sword on her side. She had her hair picked up in a bow and she asked, “Are you…..BlackWing?” Angels’ eyes widen and she turned away. She then answered, “Yes, what may I do for you?” The young girl laughed and place her hand on Angel’s arm. “My name is Kaitlyn.,” she smiled and tilted her head, “I was looking forward to meeting you. I want to join your team.” Angel eyes widen and she lowered her head, “I can’t put a human in danger, I’m sorry but this is not for you.” Kaitlyn grabbed her arm and begged, “Please BlackWing, I came to help and to train under your teachings, PLEASE!” Angel replied, “My name……is Angel. If you join you stay behind me and no heroics.” Kaitlyn smiled and hugged Angel. Angel then hugged back with astonishment. AThough Lloyd was in the background watching and hearing every word. He then laughed and walked away, “Maybe….she really is a good person.” To be continued…
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