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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Black Riders
Chapter 12 First Day "We will determine the fighters by rolling a pair of dice with each of the teams fighters on them," announced Tale, "now, may I please have the team leaders step forward." Angel stepped forward and so did the other team leader. Angel was still very tired and she concealed her face from everyone. She reached out her hand and held a die in her hands. It looked cracked and old but had symbols on them instead of names. Each symbol had a meaning and most demons didn't have symbols on themselves. "I'm glad Angel got up finally," remarked Lloyd, "but, we don't have symbols on us, how would she know who is who?" "We do, she placed it on us a while ago. I have the light symbol which is known as "The Morning Star."Aura has the wind symbol which is known as "The Under Crest." Angel has the symbol of darkness which is known as "The Never Ending." You have one like hers but not the same, if it was the same then there would be a bit of a problem," answered Anastasia as she smiled. "Oh..." remarked Lloyd. Tale looked confused at Angels' die and asked, "where did you get this ma'am?!" "Have you fought in these battles before?" Angel sighed and replied, "We use my die for my team and yes I have fought in these battles before but my name remains unknown...understand Tale?" Tale jumped back and nodded her head yes. She took Angels' die and the other team leaders die. "Get ready to fight against me little brat," remarked the other team leader and he laughed. The team leaders walked off the stage. Tale quickly announced, "The team leaders always go against each other but since now that the rules have changed...The Dragon Riders team is short by one player. These rules have just been changed and will stay that way for this year’s battle. I'm sorry for this." Angel growled at her words and cursed these rules. Lloyd looked surprised and then realized if they are one player short then they will have to have another teammate fight twice. He bent his head and sighed. “OKAY LETS ROLL!” yelled Tale as she threw the dice in the middle on the battle field. After the silence they stopped. The first match would be Aura against Reka. "AURA AND REKA, please step up and begin the fight!" Aura charged up on the battle field and took out a huge fan and hit the ground with it sending out shockwaves and using the pressure of the wind to knock Reka off balance. Then Aura jumped high and did a flying kick at Reka. Reka hit the ground with a lot of force. "Hmph, I guess you aren't tough after all!" remarked Aura as she laughed. Reka stood up straight and raced after Aura at a quick speed. She knocked Aura on the ground and slammed her elbow in Auras' stomach. Aura coughed and pushed Reka off and punched her in the face. Aura ending this quickly by doing a surprised attack on Reka. She jumped in the air and did a double team move confusing Reka. She then used her fan and knocked it right over Reka hide. Reka was out cold after that. Aura laughed and giggled. "Wow, well that was a great hand to hand fight! Aura wins this match!" announced Tale. Aura pulled Reka off the battle field and then returned to her own. "I DID GOOD RIGHT ANGEL?!" asked Aura. Angel lifted her head and answered, "not bad, but we have four more teams to go against and the object is not to get cocky." Aura bowed her hand and Angel rubbed it in a funny manner. Lloyd laughed and then sat on the ground. In the far right of the arena a man with a mask over his face and laughed, "This ought to be a blast! I can't wait till I can fight you Miss Angel BlackWing....using your nickname Moonlight in such battles is pathetic. I'll show you how we demons can really be!" Angel heard his laughing and turned her head to look him straight in the eyes. He was wearing all black just like her and they looked almost the same but with great difference. She grinned and thought to herself, "I guess the friendly Angel is gone for now....if it's BlackWing you want, you'll have her and her teeth in your neck!" Angel laughed and announced, "LET'S GET THESE FIGHTS DONE WITH; I'M MAKING THE RULES AROUND HERE FROM HERE AND NOW!" She pointed to the other team and remark, "If you think your team is so high and mighty then you just have to prove it to me by a 4 on one battle! I'm tired of child’s play!" Tale was shocked and so was everyone else. Someone from the audience remarked, "YEAH! SHOW US BLOOD!" Angel grinned and walked in the middle of the battle field, "these battles don't have rules to them and we demons make the rules. Let's have a bloodbath now wannabees!" The other team grew greatly angry at her actions and laughed following her orders. Angel was enjoying every moment. She won't rest until she gets what she wants. Since now there are only 4 more teams to face, what will Angel and Lloyd do when they reach the last two teams? What will become of them both? And who is this mysterious man that wants to fight Angel so badly? To be continued...
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