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Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Black Riders
Chapter 11 The first day It was a bright and warm day; it was the first day of the tournament for the high class demons. Only Angel, Lloyd, Aura, and Anastasia will be in the fights to hide the identity of the others. Lloyd and Angel were running late and Angel was unfournately still sleeping. So in order to get down there, Lloyd had to carry Angel all the way down and get into the courtyard to meet with Aura and Anastasia. Anastasia was holding some black clothing for Angel to use the hood of it to hide her face so no one knows it's Angel BlackWing. Aura was playing with a ball and Shadows lay on her head as they waiting. Time was ticking by until they had finally arrived. "You are late you know?!" remarked Aura looking at Angel in confusing. "Sorry, kind of a little problem," replied Lloyd out of breath. Anastasia frowned and sighed, "Once again she over works herself to no end. She will never learn." She reached out her hand and took Angel into her arms. "The first time I held you since forever almost, hee hee," thought Anastasia. "So, do we need uniforms?" asked Lloyd. Aura grinned and replied, "You do, and that’s for sure." Lloyd gulped and Aura attacked him and started to take off his shirt. Anastasia looked down and was trying to get the idea of this picture. "COME ON LYLOD!! CHANGE!" yelled Aura as she was laughing as she took his jacket. "HEY! Give that back, Aura!" yelled Lloyd. He started to case her then he stopped because time was wasting and he quickly changed into his new clothes. He had long black jeans with chains and buckles everywhere almost, they were ripped by the knees and they look very sharp and casual. His shirt wasn't too long and he was a black tank top with a huge picture of two swords and a red cloth between them. He then had a leather jacket that was shorter than a normal jacket and it had all rips and chains on it. On the color of the jacket, it has wolf's fur. He placed a headband and his bans fell over the front. He has sneakers on and of course his weapon, a whip, was attached to his jeans belt. "WHO THE HECK PICKED THIS OUT?!" questioned Lloyd in shock. "Why, Angel, of course!" answered Aura. "She has great taste and she picked those clothes out to help you in the matches." Lloyd sighed and remarked, "How can I even move? It looks so heavy." "Don't worry, that's dragon scales. They are very light but they are super strong," answered Anastasia. Angel moved a little and then they started in the battle dome in the back of the palace. Demons all over were there. They cheered on both sides of the field and then waited for the blood bath to start. Anastasia placed Angel, their team leader, on the grassy ground by a wall and walked over to the others. Lloyd looked very nervous since he was just learning how to use his powers. Shadows then flew off Auras' head and into Angels' lap. All the dome doors closed and the dome got completely dark until the lights went on. A showcase came to the middle of the field and announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, I am Tale, your host, and I shall be the captain of the rules with fights that shall take place today and for the nest few days. Each team is made up of three extreme fighters. Each team will have a chance to fight each other, although no one will know what team is going up against whom first, until the next day of course. The first team we have so far is the Ivy Eagles against the Dragon Riders. The first one to finish the fight wins and the first one who dies......lose! Enjoy the blood bath. Let up begin!" To be continued
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

..........The Black Riders..........
Chapter 10
A lost dream
The rain poured down like hail and snow. The thunder and lighting cracked and covered the sky. Angel was sitting on the floor. Staring into space. December walked over and slapped her hard across the face leaving a mark, "So this is what you plan to do now...........waste all that effort and time for nothing?! HUH ANGEL?!"
"What happened to me?!" asked Angel to herself softly and coldly. Lloyd kneeled down and sat besides Angel. Decembers' eyes grew narrow on Angel as if she was ready to attack or kill her. Instead, she grab Angels' arm and pulled her to her feet, cracking a few bones in Angels' arm. Her then dragged her over to the middle of the palace, threw her to the ground and placed her foot on Angels' neck.
"You're pathetic excuse for your kind. This is it?! This is all you are going to do?! WASTELESS!" yelled December as his foot pushed down harder on Angels' neck. "You know the weak can't be allowed to live?! NOW GET UP!" The others did nothing to stop her since they know what might happen if December grows angry. Angel looked at December then Lloyd and softly hissed as she grab December by her leg. Her teeth started to be tipped with a red coloring. December widen her eyes in fear as she look into Angels' eyes. Angel threw December off of her, then she pushed her foot tightly down on Decembers chest plate; (the middle of the lungs),
"Don't even try that role play December, we all know that you were the one who escape the war years and years and years back. But of course you do have a history of dragging me back to my feet. This time, I won’t allow you to help me! If Eclipse is alive..........then I will kill him once and for all. I might haven't killed him back in the war, but now is a different story. My teeth will sink into his neck and his blood will drain into my hands. I will kill all who get in my way!! UNDERSTOOD?!" explained Angel in a harsh manner. She then released her foot off of December. She watched her cough and glare toward her. Angel walked away. Although, Lloyd, as foolish as can be, ran after Angel in the palace.
"Angel! Wait up!" yelled out Lloyd as he ran to catch up.
"I told you to leave, didn't I?!" remarked Angel. Still facing away from Lloyd.
"I just.....want to say I’m sorry........and.....," slowly spoke Lloyd.
"Don't be sorry, it’s my fault. I am the one who brought this upon everyone. I am sorry," weakly spoke Angel. She looked like she was getting dizzy as she started to lose her balance.
"Ummm....Angel.......are you---" Angel started to fall and quickly Lloyd caught her in doing so he fell himself. She lay in his arms, sleeping. "I guess sometimes you do have your nice and cute innocent side." Lloyd smiled as he watched Angel sleep in his arms. They we in his room. She was like a true Angel when she slept. Her blonde hair fallen to the side, her eyes were softly closed and left a beautiful pattern in her tone color. After that, they both stayed there for awhile, sleeping and dreaming.
In the main hall, the others talk among each other. December had ice on her cut in her leg from Angels' nails.
"Sometimes, Angel, she acts like two people at once, kind of scary if you ask me," joked around Edward.
"The only one she doesn't cause hell for is Lloyd. Aww boo hoo hoo, I wish I had a girl that hot," remarked Drake.
"Idiot, you can't even get a rock to date you!" joked Ace.
"Relax Ceres," replied Lace and Aura.
"She has two souls....in her body...one with a heart and the other cold as ice. Two souls with opposite sides of a heart can not live in peace. Acting on each other, they attract and then cancel each other out causing different mood patterns in her tone. She is as simply as can be when looked at closely. A no life king. A mix breed, a mug dog," explained Drake.
Everyone was silent for a moment. "I fought with her and against her before, it is true. Judging by her state of mind now, it’s clearly that she wants to die," added December, "despite the fact on how many times she has spared my life when I fought her. Clearly, I lost in them all."
"But we can help her and she helped us, so why not take a chance?" asked Ivy in a soft voice.
"We can, and we should now that I think about it," replied Ace, "although, I still don't like her."
They all agreed and then headed off to their rooms and went to sleep. Lloyd and Angel lay against a wall, soundly sleeping next to each other. Lloyd opened his eyes and placed his head on Angel's head. Angel moved closer and opened her eyes gentle.
"I'm so weak......I can't....even keep my eyes opened.........," Angel spoke gentle and weakly. She placed her hand on Lloyds' shoulder.
"It's okay, you need to rest. Don't worry about a thing okay?" replied Lloyd.
"Mhmm," replied Angel. Lloyd moved his head closer to Angel and she stared up a bit but relaxed. He was about to kiss her until he thought of the fact, if he gets to close to her.......what will happen to her? She then laid her head back down on Lloyds' chest. He looked up at the window and sighed. Soon he will show her the true meaning of love, if she ever allows him.
Angel was dreaming, a dream that only someone like her would dare to have. It was pitch black and Angel stood in the center of a circle. It had all marking in it and had a dragon and wolf inside a huge whole in the middle of that circle.
The wolf was Angel and the dragon was BlackWing. On the other side, was another girl, just like Angle although somewhat different in a way unexplained? Red eyes turned and looked at Angel. She stood, afraid to move and to speak. Huge teeth appeared with blood stains and a long tongue came out. Angel gasped and fell. The circle broke like glass and she fell deep down and watched the monster come at her, reaching with its huge claws trying to grab her but a sword flew through the monster and it disappeared. A rose appeared in Angels' hand and melted into black blood and covered Angels' body. A large knife cut her heart out and she woke up so quick that she hurt Lloyd. She gasped for air and started to cough. Lloyd patted her back but then blood came pouring out of her hand. Lloyd grabbed it and covered it with a piece of cloth. He then bought Angel close to him and said gentle, "don't be afraid.....I saw it too. Breath slowly or you will hurt yourself." Angel did as told and hugged back Lloyd in astonishment. He hugged her back and rested backwards on the wall. She did have two souls in her. But her heart and emotions were locked up to hide BlackWing. Although that cage won't be there for long. Why was BlackWing caged up in Angel? What would happen if she wasn't caged anymore and free to live again?
To be continued....

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i'm am sorry
I am very sorry for the late posting on my sites. It will come back very soon, I assure you all. This is due to my mother, who was very ill, that died a week or two ago. (yes I am fine, I had enough of the question, "are u ok?") I will get everything back up and running as soon as possible on both of my sites. I say sorry once again. Thank you. Goodbye.
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Saturday, May 6, 2006

..........The Black Riders..........
Chapter 9
New visit

It was a rainy day with heavy winds and large waves hit the castle walls. All the colors were gone from the windows, walls, every stone that was there had no color to it. It was a cold and gray castle with no emotion to it. Lightening and thunder filled the sky most of the time. Angel stood outside in the rain looking up towards the sky as if waiting for something to appear. Lloyd stood watching her from a window in the main hall about one-hundred feet from where she stood. He sighed. December and Aura came in laughing and telling jokes. Lloyd suddenly jumped and grabbed a plank on the ceiling that help him up and kept him hidden from them.
“Oh my god, I so remember that!” laughed Aura.
“Also the time-,” explained December as she walked over to the window and then was cut off when she saw Angel just standing there, “still the same as usual.”
“Huh?” asked Aura, “OH look it’s Angel!” Aura pointed towards Angel and smiled.
“She most be so upset and uneasy now because of Lloyd it seems,” answered December with a sigh. Aura turned to her in shock almost and just stared at her for a long silence pause, “tuh, foolish of her to act through her human genes. Ever since her one bother died her life went upside down, but not only that, now she has to worry about getting close to any of us you know?! Hmmm… but Lloyd has affected her enough to clam her temper down more than usual.”
“Temper? You mean she has a very short temper span?” asked Aura a little confused.
December nodded in respond and then smile at Angel, “I’m glad for her, after all her years of suffering she can finally have a life other than destroy them. Maybe she can show feelings toward others……..who knows right Aura? Hee hee.”
Aura smiled and closed her eyes, “OF COURSE!” December laughed and then started towards the door and Aura followed. Just as the door closed, Lloyd fell from the ceiling and landing on his back. He finally managed to get up after almost breaking his back. Angel grinned at the sky when she saw a bright flash of lighten. When the lighten flashed a faint object was outlined in the clouds. She throws her ring and caught it when it transformed into a sickle. She took a quick position that wasn’t easy to move it as her one leg reached towards the far back of her. Lloyd watched and was amazed that he saw the exact same move before. Just as another blast cracked in the sky Angel jumped up and large, black wings ripped right out on her back. She flew straight to the object and all of a sudden the object was visible. It was another demon covered in black clothing; it had a deep hood on and giant wings that were a black and sliverish color shining in the rain. He pulled out a giant sword and blocked Angels’ attack rapidly. Lloyd couldn’t believe his eyes and so he jumped out the window and also he brought his wings out then he flew up towards the others.
“Can’t you leave me the hell alone!? Is that so hard to frigging ask from your kind?!” screamed Angel. She pushed back and clawed the demon in the neck. If you looked close enough you can see his evil grin that covered his face. Angel lost her temper and went head on at the demon. She roared and as she was about to knock the sword at of the demons’ hand, Lloyd got in the way and was it by the blast. Her eyes focus only on the other demon and she could care less about Lloyd at this point.
“You haven’t changed a bit as I expected you to…… BlackWing,” remarked the demon, “anyways it’s glad to meet with you again after so many long years.”
Angels’ eyes grew large as she spoke weakly, “It…….can’t ……….be…… Eclipse?!”
“Humph, seems you only remember my name…. your lose,” remarked Eclipse.
Angel reached out her hand to grab him but he wrapped his cloak around him and disappeared. She stayed there for a long period and finally Lloyd tries to talk to her but nothing got through almost as if you were traumatized. After she saw this unknown man, Eclipse, she went into shock and finally knew she has lost all her memories from years and years ago. Is there hope for her or will she never be able to remember who she was before?
To be continued…

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Friday, April 14, 2006

..........The Black Riders..........
Chapter 8
Welcoming death

Lloyd was so exhausted from the ordeal with Angel. She picked her up and brought her to a room inside one of the towers. It was covered by gems and huge stones from top to bottom. The water made it shine like the shine as it waved back and forth on it. He remembered a woman coming to him and saying that Angel room was up there. He opened the door to the tower. His jaw almost dropped to the fall to see so many stairs. He started to walk up the stairs. When he finally reached the top, he was about to die. It was a room with one window on the side up high, a huge bed with black boarding and designs all around, covers were over the bed that can be moved back and forth around the bed, there was a huge mirror on the wall and a giant round rug on the floor. He was dazzled by the sight of the room. There wasn't much but it had a strong feeling in the room. He walked over to the bed and placed Angel down then moved the drapes around the bed covering it like a box. As he started to leave the room Angel, in her sleep, grabbed Lloyds' sleeve. He turned around to see her hand firmly griped around his sleeve. "Oh great, this helps. I don't want to wake her up and yet how can I if I try to pull my sleeve out?" asked Lloyd to himself. Then Angel curled up a little. Lloyd felt weaker than usually. All of a sudden he felt a quick change and a light started to surround him. His hair changed to a light brown tanish color and a thin, long pony tail grew from the back of his head, markings of blue appeared all around his arms, his clothing changed and was replaced with black and red clothing, almost everything changed. He fell to the floor. "Damn...why did I have to go? I don't belong here...I think at least," said Lloyd in a small voice. He turned to look at Angel than he walked back over to her and kneeled at the side of her bed. He took one last glance then rested his head by her hand and held on to it, and then fell asleep. Many days pasted before either one of them woke up. The others had no idea what was going on. Finally Angel woke up on the fifth day since she fell asleep. She pulled herself up and seeing Lloyd there started to make her angry. She thought he was protecting her or watching her, just like most people do so she doesn't try anything stupid. But she calmed herself down since she was still weak. She got up and her wings formed on her back. She the flew up to the window and out. It was around late at night and Angel flew down and landed in front of a door to the main tower. The doors opened by themselves and she saw everyone dancing and having a wonderful time.
"What has happened?!" asked Angel. She almost looked like she was in shock. As soon as she was spotted, Aura came over and told her everything. Angel growled under her breath and yelled, "YOU FOOLS!!! HOW CAN YOU PARTY AT A TIME DURING A WAR?! YOU UNCARING BEAST! YOU DISGRACE YOUR KIND JUST BY SPEAKING! I can't wait till I can see the city fall back into the ocean." Aura and the others stared at Angel as she looked upon them all with evil eyes. She then left and closed the doors with great force knocking one off its hold. Angel clinched her fists and stood on the bank of the river. The stars blinked many times over her head and the moons shinned down on the rivers and rocks.
"Ha, I guess I can actually control my temper a bit now. I should've just gone in the war by myself like before but I was so foolish to get others. Maybe I don't deserve to be here..." thought Angel to herself out loud, "and staying besides Lloyd is my biggest mistake. If I stay then all hell breaks lose her as well. DAMN IT!!! I CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT...THIS...THIS really...sucks." She punched her fist on a wall to the side of her, she punched quite hard since the tower started to crack and he was left with a huge hole in it. Even though Angel seems to be a cold hearted person, she actually showed respect to others more than anyone thought. Angel is a very complex soul to read and open. Despises humans and everyone else is such a strong word and action. Not many people can feel like that especially if they had no experience.
It was the next day and December ran to find Angel for advice. When she found her, she was out of air. Angel looked wide-eyed at her and asked, "What's the matter?"
December tried to catch her breath and finally answered, "Lloyd.....put you......in.. a....tournament...just now to....fight......it's at a place called.... Devils Island........Angel..."
Angel eye started to twitch as she growled with her teeth showing. A few moments after that she knocked the door down going into her room to see Lloyd reading a book.
"I changed your name and besides I want to see how you fight for real. I signed up myself with Aura. Come on' It'll be fun, trust me," replied Lloyd with a smirk.
Angel was about to attack him, which she did by the way. She grabbed his arms and twisted them to lock them. Then a young lady started to walk towards them as Lloyd was nearly getting killed. “DIDN’T I TELL YOU!? I’M GOING TO KILL YOU NOW!!!” yelled Angel.
The young lady replied, “You haven’t changed Angel just as always he he he.” Angel raised her head and leveled her eyes to meet the young lady’s eyes. She was beautiful and looked the same as Angel almost. She had long blonde hair, green eyes, and she wore an outfit that was white; (just like Angels’ type just a different color). Angel released Lloyd without knowing it. “I’m sorry have I made you uncomfortable?” she asked in a soft voice.
Angel clinched her teeth down hard and then remarked, “Damn you white witch! Seems you haven’t died yet… Anastasia.” Anastasia smiled and laughed.
“Seems I haven’t but who knows when? Hmm welcome back,” answered Anastasia with a smile then bowed her head. Angel then laughed and winked at her. Lloyd was more confused than ever, as usual. “So you signed up for the battle fight match thingy it seems since you had your nickname there,” stated Anastasia.
Angel looked puzzled for a second then asked Lloyd, “What name did you put me down for?”
“Well, I remember a name that was called to someone I use to see around… it was… Moonlight,” answered Lloyd. Angel looked at him and then looked at the fall trying to remember. Anastasia smiled and knew something that Angel would love to know but she thought it wasn’t time… yet.
“Hmmm fine by me,” smiled Angel, “and it seems you are in as well Anastasia.”
“Indeed, I am… let’s do our best,” remarked Anastasia with a smirk.
Angel grinned and then watched as Anastasia walked away. “As for you now…. What should I do?!” glared Angel. Lloyd gulped and sank low as Angel tackled him. But they have no idea what lost memories await them.

To be continued…

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

..........The Black Riders..........
Chapter 7
The New Partner or not?!

A while after when the other dragon riders attack, Angel and the others were on the road again. Angel still had her arm badly dressed to cover the wound. She never really worried about her injuries. So instead she tours a piece of a rag in half and started to tie it around her arm to cover the wound. It was bleeding pretty badly and as she took her teeth to tighten she flinched due to the pain. Lloyd felt a little sad for her but I mean how bad can it be? But then they finally arrived at the city of water, Moon Stone Rivers. Towers were built over the water with great beautiful stone colors. They looked around at the sight and then grew in excitement, expect for Angel, of course and December. December was a quite girl and she didn't make a big fuss over things either. She was a gifted magic charmer through the family but occurring to Angel; if she were to regain her powers then she would have the power of snow and ice. As they reached the bridge an unknown stranger came to greet them. He shock Angel's hand and smiled, "Welcome my lady, we have been waiting for your safe return."
"Thank you," answered Angel as she tilted her head. "Can you give me a hand and take these to a place where they can stay, I have matters to intend to," asked Angel as she looked over her shoulder. The stranger looked and as he was starting to take them Angel stopped Lloyd by stretching her arm out in front of him. She smiled at him and ordered, "Come with me, I have something to speak to you about." Lloyd nodded his head and followed her. Shadows flew over to Lloyd and started to pull his hair.
"Ouch ha-ha, you're cute for a dragon," commented Lloyd as he pat Shadows head.
"It seems he trust you, not many people now a day are trusted by Shadows or any dragon. It takes a long time but for you it was quick," stated Angel as she smiled at him.
Lloyd was a little confused but understood and tilted his head, "Wow, now I feel special."
Angel laughed and then she stopped under a huge oak tree that towered over them with the river in clear view under them. "Oh yeah, what did you need?" asked Lloyd. Angel threw a rock into the river and then grew into dismay.
"I need to awaken you earlier than the others. If I don't it might be the end for you on my side. The enemy is growing very quick and I’m growing impatience. If I awaken you first, they can never get a hold of you but if they are the first, then goodbye happy world. You're almost like my clone; you have the scent of a Darkverian. It's what I am, almost like a shape shifter but totally different. You have dark blood to summarize it for you," explained Angel.
Lloyd almost went into shock and his eyes widen. A deep breeze blew and whipped at Angels long hair. Lloyd looked down towards the ground and went into a deep thought. He finally answered, "Okay, I’ll do it." Angel smiled and walked over to him. She placed her hand on his neck. He nearly moved away when he felt how cold her hand was. "You're hand is so cold," stated Lloyd. Just then a wind blew around them almost as if creating a barrier around them. He started to get nervous but just stood there. Angels' eyes turned a deep red just like a dragons' with every detail. A flash shot out and everything around them started to look like it was melting into darkness and everything was turning black. Shadows rested his head on Lloyd and fell asleep. Angel took her other hand and a symbol appeared on it. It looked like a circle with symbols around and in it. It started to glow a bright blue and as she quickly placed it on Lloyd head it moved so fast it looked as if she rammed it into his head. Everything shattered like a mirror effect and Angel placed her hand with his and griped it tightly. Her wings grew on her back and they were in total darkness now. Lloyd was now truly afraid like nothing ever before. Angel gave him a look trying to say don't be afraid, it will be over soon. A bright colored dragon appeared in the distance then disappeared. This happened many times until finally it took shape and started to fly towards Lloyd. He wanted to just run away so fast that nothing can catch up to him. The dragon was a reddish black dragon and it placed its large head right in front of his. The dragon sniffed him shortly and then gave a mighty roar. The dragon was a huge creature with giant wings and spikes everywhere. It had deep colored eyes and a long face type look. It moved a bit back and disappeared into darkness as if it flew into a cloud. Lloyd was relieved until just then the dragon came out of no where at full speed flew right into Lloyds' body. Lloyd wasn't holding on to Angels' hand anymore, she wasn't even there. He screamed in pain and then his eyes changed just like Angel's eyes. He moved back and forth in mid air turning to rid himself of the pain. Nothing worked.
A sudden voice came out of nowhere and ordered, "Accept it, become who you were born to be, you made this choice now follow by your promise."
"P-Prom-ise?!" asked Lloyd twitching, "I never needed this......I never wa-" Lloyd then realized he did wanted to become the correct person he was said to be, the person that, in history, will side by Angel BlackWing in a war willing to protect the ways of both living beings. He screamed one last scream and he was covered by dark smoke changing him and giving him power. He had finally accepted his partnering dragon, his true being. In a few more seconds before the smoke consumed him a hand reached in it and pulled him out. He fell to the stone ground and they were finally backed in the real world now. But everything was a wasteland and was covered in darkness, bodies, ash, and smoke. He looked around and saw a huge battle going on by a huge tower. Dragon against dragon and in the air was to fighters with wings. Both most powerful and were fighting to the death. Then a huge flashed occur and everything was destroyed. The light almost blinded him but before he could see what happens next he was pulled out again and fell in the dimension where they came from, back in Moon Stone Rivers. Lloyd started to pull himself up and as he was on all fours breathing a little hard then he saw Angel kneeling on one leg and breathing extremely hard with blood coming out of her teeth. Shadows was in the tree picking at the leaves. Lloyd walked over to Angel and when he went to touch her she gave a snarl and warned him to back off. Her arm was now bleeding worse than before. He finally placed his hand tightly over her wound, she raised her head and sunk her teeth in his arm. Lloyd flinched and twitched a bit but then remarked, "You don't hurt me, I'm not afraid of you anymore and you can't make me!"
Angel sank her teeth harder but than release her jaw from his arm and pulled her head back. "Part vampire huh?! Never would have saw that pop out of nowhere right Angel?" remarked Lloyd. Angel widened her eyes and then answered by moving her head up and down saying yes. Lloyd smiled and pulled Angels' head up a little to face his. He then smiled and replied, "Thank you......Angel."
She smiled at him but before she cloud say anything, she fell on him. Lloyd nearly jumped out of his skin. But she was so tried from all that work and the lost of blood. Her put his arms around her and looked down at her. She looked so innocent while sleeping, just like a someone who never had any problems. He then started to take care of her arm as she slept there in his arms. He then started to wonder about this feeling inside him, a feeling he had never felt before. Could he be falling in love with thee Angel BlackWing or is it a different story? What will happen when she awakes to see the new Lloyd? But will she comply to the new rules that are to happen for the new games?
To be continued...

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Sunday, March 5, 2006

..........The Black Riders..........
Chapter 6
Other riders

It was a bright morning and the day when Angel was supposed to leave until unwanted news came. It the higher part of the castle Angel was speaking with the King about problems regarding a place called Wasfang. It was place that only darkness slept over the land and monster of all kind would stay. It was a horrorible place to be and yet Angel was traveling there, the last place to go to. Shadows rested in Angel’s hood and stared down from the window. "Angel, I know it will be a big problem to take them alone but there is no other choice. Our enemy and yours have their eyes fixed on us and we can't do anything about it. I will not risk war anymore due to-" stated the King before he was cut off by Angel.
"I don't care if I have to wage war I will they are not my responibitly. They have the very same blood of my people but I can not take them there like this, I ran from that place and I don't want to go back..........if I do.....everything will be destroyed because of the BlackWing in me," answered Angel in a cold way. The King grew displeased at her actions but started to think of something in order for Angel to take them.
"In a city not far from here, there is a man that wears red and black, he's just like you back in the days and I believe he can help you and the others," said the King. Angels' eyes grew with anger and than relaxed.
"I despise this place, so much light and warmth, how do you survive?" asked Angel.
"We have a different kind of blood in us but now we grow weaker as almost our time is ending. We are just like fairies only a different type, we can't help that no matter how hard we try," said the King.
Angel grinned and remarked, "At least you aren't the last of your kind, and unlike me you're lucky." The King grew shocked and watched Angel leave the room. After that he went into a deep thought about what this world would be when everything dies out.
Lloyd and the others were talking and relaxing in the cool water from the waterfalls. Angel came out displeased. Aura smiled and asked, "Are you living?" Angel grew mad at the words but walked over to a tree and sat under the shade. Shadows jumped out of her hood and ran in the water and played with some of the other girls in there. Angel looked at Shadows but didn't call him back.
"I'm living and all of you are coming with me," answered Angel. Everyone stood still and worried.
"Why, did something happen?" asked Alexandra.
"No, but it will if we don't leave soon. The enemy is getting closer and he is very pleased on what I am doing. Trying to awaken sleeping blood is a crime almost in my world but I don't really care what they think as long as I get it done right," stated Angel. "Now since I’m on a tight line, I want everyone ready in about a half in hour and then we leave." Angel got up and started to walk away.
Ace stood up and yelled, "You aren't the queen bee and you CAN'T order us around and tell us what we should do and shouldn't do."
Angel turned and remarked, "I'm afraid I just did." She turned forward and walked away. Ace punched one of the trees leaving a whole in it.
The girls started to get ready and Lloyd was trying to calm Ace down.
"WHO DOES SHE THINKS SHE IS!?" yelled Ace, "I don't care if we're vampires she can't do that to us?!"
"Maybe we are maybe we're not but I know one thing, messing with Angel is like dancing with death. She can't be stopped not matter how many people or how hard you try. She's the one who ending that war how many years ago. By one attack against all the humans and then we were done," explained December packing her stuff. Ace looked down at her and walked away to relax his head. Lloyd was about to go after him but stopped because he knew Ace had troubles and he didn't want to butt in.
The sky started to turn gray as if a Hugh rain storm was coming. Angel smiled and looked up, finally glad the sun was gone but now what does she have to do? Aura ran to Angel and stayed behind her. Aura looked up to Angel as if they were sisters. It would be quite impossible though if they were because it was such an age difference and time period. Shadow went back into Angels' hood and laid his head by her neck.
"What's happening?" asked Aura.
Angel studied the air and closed her eyes for a few seconds then answered, "They're here." Just then a huge dragon roared in the sky and blast of lighting blotted in the sky. "Aura get the others and watch them, if anything happens, call me as loud as you can....NOW GO!"
Aura ran away from her and headed towards the others. The castle started to turn black colors and the waterfalls formed into ice almost. Shadows flew to the ground and a bright light formed over Shadows as he transformed into a hugh dragon half the size of the castle almost. Angel jumped on Shadows and stood on his back as he opened his wings and flew up into the sky. Lloyd looked up and saw five giant beast with riders on them and then Angels' dragons bigger than the others flying past them as if leading them. She turned and twisted the dragons into movements to avoid attacks and position them for a line of attack. On dragon fired a fire blast from its mouth moving Shadows into a back way movement opened to attack. Shadows used his wing to wack one of the dragons and as it fell it landing on spiked rocks killing it and its rider.
"One down, four to go," said Angel as she took out a whip and hit it to the side making it flash up with fire and dark flames. She went alone side with another dragon and started to attack it rider to knock it off course. Another black rider shot an arrow hitting Angel square in the ribs. She was about to fall off Shadows just before she lashed the whip and pulled the other dragons wing to break it. Another dragon fell behind the castle. She started to bleed heavy and tried to pull the arrow out but couldn't because it could break with all the movement. Shadows went in for a full attack and blasted out fire badly burning a dragon and grabbed its neck with his mouth and broke it. Angel grew angry and just before she could launch an attack, the last dragon and its rider flew away and back to where they came from. She watched with red eyes and plotted the course of where they came from........just as she thought.
Shadows flew back down to the ground and then Angel jumped off landing on her feet but since she lost a good amount of blood, she fell then to her knees. Aura and Lloyd ran to her but Shadows, still in his real form, didn't let them. Angel stood up and ripped the arrow out of her. Shadows then transformed into his small sized and went to Angel with Lloyd and Aura.
"Are you okay? Oh no you're hurt we have to treat that it could get infected," said Aura looking at Angels wound.
Lloyd didn't know what to say, seeing her fight dragons like that was amazing but not fully understanding. Everything was the same as when the dragon riders appeared and it kept Angel steady for awhile. The King and Queen came out and asked about what happened and everything else. It would take them some time to repair everything around the castle and its light again. They gave Angel some supplies and waved goodbye as Angel and the others walked away. She kept her hand over her wound and grew angry because of where the dragon riders came from.
That day they left without another word and walked in silence and the darkness. Where is this place Angel saw from the other rider? Why did they come? And will Lloyd be able to get the truth out from Angel or will he get lies and death from her?

To be continued…

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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

..........The Black Riders..........
Chapter 5
reasons why
Angel was with Aura for a good long hour explaining things to her than the others.
FLASHBACK: "Really?! Yeah I remember when I use to train with you. We were best friends back than. Why did you live?" stated Aura.
"Ha-ha yeah you were the only one who accepted me as a friend. But I leaf because.......because...... I didn't want something to go wrong, it deals with someone else." answered Angel.
"I see. But don't worry, you have all of us to keep you up and going!" replied Aura showing a thumbs up.
"Thanks.....Aura," said Angel.
Lyold was watching the whole time and Angel didn't even notice, or did she? Angel was sitting on the rail of a balcony outside staring at the waterfall. Rainbows formed everywhere and as the sun light hit it, it was such a beautiful sight to see. Shadow raised his head and turned to look at Lloyd; Shadow climbed up on Angel and pulled her hair. At this point, Lloyd was ready to run but as if frozen by her presence. Angel picked up Shadow and asked, "What's wrong? I know something to keep you busy; go find a plant called Hailremus, a bluish purple flower with an odd shade to it." Shadows pulled his wings down and then flew off to find the flower. She took off her cape and released her hair from a bow. Her blonde hair sparkled in the sun and was so long. Lloyd stared at her and than started to move closer but he step on a leaf and Angel quickly turned. Her eyes set directly on the place of the leaf. She knew someone was there and as soon as she was about to get off the rail, her hand was wet from the water and started to fall. Lloyd ran up to her and grabbed her hand before her whole body come off the rail. Her eyes meet his and Lloyd pulled her up. She was ashamed that she needed help, maybe because it's what she's after? As he pulled her over he tripped and fell backwards as Angel fell on top of him. Angel looked almost pale and Lloyd was in more shock now. She started to blush and then in about ten seconds, got off of him. She sat on her knees and put her hands over her face halfway. Lloyd got up as well looking at Angel and started to laugh a little. She looked almost as if she was going to cry.
(Which can't be possible?) "I-I'm sorry, I-I didn't mean... I mean…” apologized Angel. Still blushing, her eyes shimmered with tears. "What...what is this, how could water fall out of my eyes?! Damn this! I don't want to be like a human, all because that one day I have to do all this and travel half way around this world. I-I don't want to be that little child I was before.....never!" thought Angel to herself.
Lloyd moved over to her and asked, "Are you okay? You look very pale and-." Lloyd was cut off as he saw her eyes about to cry and lifted his hand and grabbed hers. She almost went into shock and looked at Lloyd. "What's the matter? Knowing you I didn't know you cried or at least tear?" asked Lloyd.
She pulled her hand back and barked, "I'm not like you people! I don't cry, I can't....never did." Angels' eyes went back to normal and she looked the other way from Lloyd.
"I didn't know that either, sorry," said Lloyd as her rubbed his head and smiled. Angel looked at the corner of her eye and laughed, after a hundred eyes.....a true laugh. Lloyd was confused at the moment and asked, "What did I do?!"
Angel laughed and opened on eye and replied, "I haven't laugh in years, almost centuries. But the way you looked when you tripped and how you caught me." Angel looked at him and smiled, "Maybe I can trust you." Lloyd smiled and laughed as well. They talked until night fall and walked inside. During night, the sky was covered in stars and a giant moon shined on everything creating light as a flame. Shadow brought her the flower she asked for and relaxed on her head. Lloyd said goodnight to Angel and then a few seconds later how to explain the custom of saying goodnight to her because she didn't understand. That night Angel stayed up thinking about everything what has happened and possible outcomes. Lloyd had finally opened a way to bring out a new Angel. Can he ever pull it off completely? Will she tell him or anyone about herself or keep it locked away?

To be continued…

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

..........The Black Riders..........
Chapter 4
A new foe.

It was an early morning at the end of Spring. Angel and the others were still traveling on the road to Rivnell. While the others drove her crazy at parts, she was amaze that they weren't afraid of her or nearly worried while everyone who knows that she is the legendary Angel BlackWing fear her and run away. Lyold was talking to Ace and Lace while making jokes and all while the girls were looking around at the beauty of what was beyond their home town. The other guys were messing around by fighting while walking. Aura walked aside of Angel and started to talk to her about what alies beyond Rivnell. "What's is it like? Are their animals and beauty scenes?" asked Aura.
"You asked alot of questions don't you? You have a very uneasy way of asking questions, one after the other before I can even answer them is well, hard," remarked Angel smiling. Lyold almost walked into a tree when he finally saw a smile on her face. Not one person would have ever seen a smile like that on someone who was a cold blooded killer like her.
"Dude are you alright you looked like dead for a second?!" asked Edward.
"Huh? oh yeah i'm fine I just remembered something," answered Lyold noding his head with a smile.
"Could it be that....you are.......," started to ask Drake.
"What?!" asked Lyold and Edward.
"That you're dieing?" asked Drake rising his fingure to point at the sky and lifted his eyes up.
Everyone fell to the ground expect Angel and Aura since they were only talking about what's there to see. "YOU GOT TO BE KIDING ME?!" yelled Lyold as he got up.
"Well I don't know, it just poped into my head and like you looked so like strucken you know," answered Drake, "Heehee just kiding, i'm not that dumb like Edwoods over there." Drake turned his head a little to Edward and grinned.
Edward quickly got up with everyone and started to twitch, "Who are YOU calling dumb?! I thought you were talking about yourself?!" remarked Edward, "AND MY NAME IS EDWARD NOT EDWOODS YOU LITTLE FISHHEAD!!!" Then Edward and Drake started to fight while everyone started to get up and walked away, while they still fought.
"It's better just to leave hairheads alone," said Angel.
"Yeah I guess," said Aura. Finally after about ten minutes they stoped fighting and raced up to the rest of the others. Angel looked around closely and looked up above in the cherry bullsom trees as the sun peered through. Angel hated the sunlight and beauty for unknown reasons. She put her cape on and the hood over her head to blind herself from the sunlight. The path in the forest was ending and Rivnell was seen. It was a beautiful place with a large castle on a mountain with waterfalls everywhere and trees with birds resting and flying everywhere around. The waters flowing was like music playing softly and gently. "That is Rivnell, home to the beings of nature and water," stated Angel, "let's get moving they are waiting for us."
"WOW?!" said everyone as they stared at such a beatuful place. They all started down the hill to the stairway of Rivnell. The light gave all the life into the city and its animals that live there. Angel moved her head from the direct light. At the moment when they reached the castles doors, a small dragon about the size of a hawk and landed on Angels' shoulder.
"Hello Shadows," said Angel to the dragon, "eveything holding out?" The dragon flaped its wings and moved its head by her ear.
Angel put her hand on the castle door and her hand started to burn as she kept her hand on the door. Aura walked up to Angel and held on to her cape. The doors started to open and Angel took her hand off, she looked down at her hand that was burnt from the light, heat, and spell placed on the door. They all walked in and looked around the great castle walls and windows as big as the front doors, the doors themselves were ever bigger than a house. A young woman and man come out to greet them. Angel kept her heard on as they stood right in front of them.
"Hello there Angel, I'm surprised you came in such a place with so much light," said the young woman.
"Angel grinned and lifted her head and said, "I was bored and besides where else will I have to leave them from a while." Everyone was surprised and they went into wonder. "Okay then, here they all meet them, speak with them, and know them. These to people here are Queen Larueen and King Chistorpher, you all will be staying here for awhile as a find out information and other facts until we move on, understand?!" stated Angel. "Aura you come with me for awhile." Angel started to walk away and so Aura followed and waved goodbye to her friends for the time being.
"My servents will bring you to your rooms," said King Chistorpher, "You are free to wonder the halls and grounds, I hope you feel well at home in Rivnell."
"Thank you," said December and so everyone else said their thanks and were brought to their rooms.
"Free to wonder huh?! I guess I can get my answers now," Lyold thought to himself and walked with the others.

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Friday, February 24, 2006

..........The Black Riders..........
Chapter 3
Leaving Home

Angel walked down the stairs to greet the others and to make sure they will comply with her. Aura ran up to her and asks, "How did it go?"
Angel just stood there and after a few seconds she lifted her hood. Aura and the others were still in confusing.
"It went better than I planed Aura," answered Angel. Aura smiled and tilted her head. Everyone else just watched to see what will happen. Angel looked at the others and ordered,
“Hurry and get your things ready we’re leaving. You will take very few items and-"
Angel had a calm look on her face and just looked right into Aces' eyes and smirked at the wise remark, "I can assure you that you are gravely wrong. Your little King who controls this little village by some unallocated beach has made a deal with me. I take all ten of you and I pay an amount and I don't try anything stupid." Ace growled and clenched his fist. Angel smiled at the idea he was ready to fight. "It seems you want to fight me, but you are just a child that can't even break a glass light."
Ace got even angrier at the idea and charged at Angel with closed fists. Lloyd and Alexandra tried to grab but he jumped and just when he was about to punch Angel, she raised her hand and caught it. Ace pushed the hardest he could with his fist but it was no use. Angel didn't move from her stop one inch from where she stood. "A foolish attempt, you actually think you can beat me down?!" said Angel. She raised her other hand from her cape, made a fist and punched Ace directly in the ribs. He let go of his fist and fell to his knees in front of Angel. "Anger doesn't help you win nor your strength, you aren't ready," remarked Angel. You glared at the rest of them, "Now like I said, get ready I don't have anytime to waste. We are first going to Rivanell home of water and life."
They seemed it was useless to stay and a part of all there hearts, they wanted to escape, especially Lloyd. Lace and the others helped Ace up to his feet and moved on. Angel started to walk to the entrance of the town and then turned half way to see Lloyd just still sitting at the very same stop he was when he saw Ace fell. "Aren't you going to pack for on the way to Rivanell…? Lloyd?" asked Angel.
Lloyd got to his feet and answered, "Why should I? How do you my name, I don't recall saying it to you?!" Angel stood there as if thinking what she should say. "Why did you pick us? Why are we so important to you? You could've just destroyed this whole village if you wanted to and yet you came in calmly and quick," stated Lloyd.
Angel still stood in silence and answered, "If I would to tell you about my past, it would be a waste of breath and as for you second question.......... I choose you and the others because your scent is different from humans and so you are not. I have my reasons for not destroying this pathetic village. You should be wise not to get me angry not unless you want to end your life as it is." Lloyd grew in silence and then laughed. Angel fully turned and asked, "Why are you laughing?" her face was in surprised and wonder.
Lloyd nodded his head and answered, "You are funny and it seems from my point of view.... you are a good person and I don't hate nor am I afraid of you."
Angels' eyes widen and she went into a deep thought just looking into his eyes. "I never laugh so-- tsk why should I explain to you?!" Angel said as she turned around and started to walk, "Well....are you coming or not I don't have all day you know?!" Lloyd smiled and ran up to her and continued walking the way. Angel thought to herself, "His eyes are just like mine but not the same feeling.... can he be the successor of my path or is it just a foolish way of human blood? No there is no scent so what could it be..... in every single one of them?" Lloyd and Angel stopped at the entrance and waited for the others to follow. Angel stood under a huge tree that cast a great shadow for shade and the same with Lloyd. Cherry blossom leaves fell everywhere and sunlight peered through the parts of the tree branches. Angel sat down on a small stone wall that holds the trees up very falling out of the ground when they grow too big. Finally after about ten minutes, the others showed up with small backpacks on there backs and excited smiles but still displease to see what their so called King did to them.
"Angel will popularly put them through hell, hmm heck not like I care, I just take care of the place and the problems...... when they are in this village," remarked Mr.Calari as he flipped through papers on his desk. Angel looked up and the place where e stays and all she did was raise her head quickly and blood poured out from Mr.Calari's mouth and killing him in a fast and painless death. To Angel she didn't like people who use others for their own wealth despite that it wasn't like a rich town, it was more the beach, trees, and the house were built from wood and high like almost tree houses.
They all started to leave the village and they started out on there new journey that would leave them through dangers and beautiful paths, what happens in the end? None of them will know or even understand.

To be continued...

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