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Friday, August 12, 2005

Hey guys

Hey hi everyone, so sorry that I dissapered. I tend to do that time to time, I blame my attetion spand that is the size of a flee. Anywho I'm going to get a little shocky thing to keep me on track. Anyways I shall tell you what has happened to me since last time I updated which was forever ago. My cousin came and he's really fun to hang out with you know, and then there was band camp. Sure it wasn't that fun to march and all but we got popsicles and we got to see our friends and that's all that really matters. What else was there, well homecoming is going to be like the third week into school so I'm going dress shoping with my friends. Why may you ask because they won't let me wear a suit so yeah anywho what else was there to say. Oh yeah my bro's b-day party is coming up on Saturday and my mom's birthday was yesterday. Well I got to go for now I have to get up a eight and it's already 2:30 over here and I don't feel that well. I blame my stupid ways of health anywho I leave I shall tell you about my theme change. It was sort going off of this avi I found and yeah, it's about how everything is distant and what not. Well anyways enjoy this these avi's I found fun stuffs ya know.

Thankies to Invader Squee for making these

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