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Friday, July 22, 2005

Hey Guys

Oi hey hi guys, anywho meet kitty and puppy as you see they are running about above. I love them, they are my good friends. Anywho here is the next chapter. *nod nod*
Chapter 4:Jet
An orange haired man sat was standing on a roof top over looking the city; his brown eyes seemed to be looking over the city. He muttered something under his breath as he ran towards the building edge. He jumped off the roof and shot upwards as his feet seemed to turn into rockets. The man soon traveled far into the air, he soon seemed to disappear from the normal human eye. Jet traveled through the air the wind pounding against his face, his orange hair was moving behind him.
“Jet,” seemed to be almost whispered in his ear. The man glanced over to his right seeing that nothing was there. His eyes feel upon nothing, he blinked and looked around again there was nothing.
“Great now I’m hearing things,” the man said as he rubbed his eyes and shook his head. He stopped and just stayed in mid-air he looked for a good place to land where there wouldn’t be many people to watch him land safely. He smirked as he saw an empty looking apartment building, he slowly dropped down he moved so he was going down head first. He smiled at the sound of the air screaming in his ears. He slowly pulled up even against the weight that was slamming against his back. He soon was upright again against all of his struggle he landed on the rooftop and smirked.
“That was easy,” he told himself he walked towards the door that lead down to the street. He had picked a good spot he was a few blocks away from 006’s restaurant and he could manage to get some free food from there. He tried to open up the door but it seemed almost rusted shut, the man frowned and stepped backwards. He raised his leg up and started to kick at the door, the door started to move ever so slowly. 002 watched as the door opened up he placed his hands into his pocket and he started to go downwards into the living levels of the apartment building. He closed his eyes trying his best to ignore the crying and yelling that he could hear but only faintly. He continued making his way downwards until finally he had reached the lobby floor of the apartment building. He walked outside onto the sidewalk, his footsteps seemed hollow and he glanced over at the other side of the street. Everything seemed to be small shops, apartment buildings, and big business buildings. Jet just sighed and continued heading towards the restaurant. He turned the corner and soon was greeted by a small crowd. Jet made his way through the crowd into 006’s restaurant.
“Hey I’m back!” Jet called a short man popped his head out from the kitchen.
“Oh great your back,” the man said sarcastically he was rather short and plump if you could say the least but he was a great cook no one could deny that.
“Oh that hurts,” 002 said he looked almost hurt in a way; he glanced over at the window seeing the crowd growing bigger.
“Did you forget to open your shop today or something?” Jet asked as he surveyed the empty shop.
“No, they all have been gathering around my shop all day. Then again I barely passed the safety expectation,” the man said as he glanced over at the crowd and waved sleeplessly.
A few people from the crowd broke away and managed to find their way into the shop. They looked around confused and 002 was grabbed and dragged into the kitchen by 006.
“002 you have to help me with this,” the man seemed to beg he held out a uniform. 002 raised an eyebrow.
“You must be joking,” he said flatly the short man shook his head and Jet let out a small sigh. He grabbed the uniform a bitter look on his face.
“You owe me for this,” the man told him as he looked around and spotted a small place to change. He changed into a vest and white shirt also with some black pants. He walked outside 006 had already take care of the new guest but more and more seemed to flood inside. 002 approached them with a friendly smile.
“Hello and welcome to Changku’s restaurant, how many of you will there be today?” He asked the family talked and the oldest man turned to talk to Jet, he had to be the father.
“Yes there will be four of us,” he informed Jet the man nodded and smiled again.
“Follow me then,” he said as he walked towards the restaurant table they were all set so he didn’t have to worry about all of that. Jet grabbed a few of the menus while passing by them, he let the family sit down and handed them the menus.
“My name is Jet and I’ll be your waiter today, if you need anything I’ll be happy to get if for you,” the man informed them he looked at the children.
“What would you like to drink?” He asked as he looked over at them. The family looked at the menu and then the woman replied.
“Could you come back to us later, we need to think on this.” The woman informed him Jet nodded and went back to the other families. After about an hour or so of bringing people to tables and delivering food and drinks to them the restaurant seemed to slow down. Jet looked over at the window, his eyes feel upon a woman with purple hair. Something almost like a pin prick within his mind, he looked at the woman again she was walking away from the window something seemed really familiar about her. Jet looked over at 006; this woman really was getting to him.
“Chang, I’m going to take a break.” The man shouted over to him, he ran towards the door. The woman was far off, he started to follow her, he watched as she slowly disappeared into another crowd. Jet started to jog he didn’t want to lose this woman; he still kept an eye on her strangely colored hair. He pressed his way through the crowd, he saw her getting further and further away. Jet panicked trying to get through the crowd, but the crowd seemed to eat away at the man. Jet made it through the crowd and looked as the woman turned the corner. Jet raced after her but she had vanished he growled and turned around walking back towards the restaurant.
“Yo dude, you dropped your wallet.” Came a voice from behind him Jet turned around to see the girl holding his wallet in her hands.

Anywho I hope that you enjoyed the story!

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