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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hey Guys

Hey Hi guys here is chapter 3

Chapter 3: Flames
Joe woke up with the sound of clicking that night, he sat up and looked around the whole house seemed to be quiet except for that one constant clicking. 009 stood up he shook his head to shake the sleep away. He looked around in the dark hallway. He still heard the clicking noise; his red eyes looked over the hallway. Thunder flashed and there seemed to be the same girl there. Joe walked towards where he thought he saw the girl. His eyes straining to see threw the dark. There was a faint giggling sound coming from 003’s room. Joe froze and made his way over to 003’s room as fast as he could. He saw the door to her room slightly open his fear started to rise he burst through the door to see nothing but 003 sleeping peacefully in her bed. The clicking noise begun again this time it was more like somebody trying to light a match on fire. Joe walked towards the sound he found himself in the kitchen, there was another lighting bolt slashing at the night sky. The young girl stood there holding a match box, her eyes were hidden away by shadow as well as most of her face except her mouth. The girl’s frame was silhouetted against the window and the midnight sky. A match lit up and a small glimpse of blue seemed to come from the girl’s shinning eyes.
“Don’t you hate bad dreams?” She asked as she dropped the match and the whole house seemed to erupt in flames however the house had turned into Joe’s old home. He looked around the church that he grew up in, a small chuckle was heard and he saw the girl once again even though there were all of these flames she seemed to be hidden away by shadows. She continued to giggle she looked over at Joe smirking; her hands were inside of her pockets.
“Makes ya paranoid don’t it?” She asked as her shadowed self disappeared behind a wall of flames, Joe backed away from the flames that seemed to take a life of there own and crawl towards him. They seemed to be wailing his name reaching towards him Joe stopped backing up as he felt the heat on his back.
“009? 009 wake up!” A voice seemed to shout yet it was so distant, a girl appeared in the flames her golden hair seemed to flow freely even though there was no wind. Joe did his best to see her through the flames but his eyes seemed to sting and his lungs were full of flames.
’You must wake up now… it’s not really safe here, now wake up.’ the girl said as she looked over at the man, Joe’s eyes opened up and he looked around his room. His face was sweaty and his shirt was sticking against his sweaty body. He closed his eyes trying to catch his breath he could still smell the smoke but it soon faded away from his senses. He brushed his brown hair away from his eyes he wiped bead of sweat away from his forehead.
“That was strange,” the man muttered as he calmed himself down, he placed his head down onto his pillow. He soon closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

”Nice going, I had him in my grasps! Why did you have to go in ruin it all,” The girl shouted as she looked over at the blonde haired girl, Isami kept her eyes focused downward not wanting to reply.
“Answer me!” The girl shouted getting annoyed with the silence her fingers seemed to glow a blue ice started to crawl up the girl’s fingers and then hand.
“Hey calm down kid,” an almost deep sounding voice said. Sora looked up to see Taji in the doorway; she was carrying supplies that they needed. The girl stopped and the ice disappeared from her hands. She said nothing and looked over at the window she stormed over to the window and sat down near the window letting herself lose her eyes in the grey sky.
“Stupid girl, always getting in my way,” The girl muttered as she looked over at Taji and frowned. Taji looked between the two and shook her head letting out a small chuckle.
“If it makes you feel better, we’re starting it tomorrow.” She informed the two as she put the paper bag on the empty counter. She took out a chord and then walked towards Isami; the girl kneeled down next to Isami.
“Are you ready?” She asked as she looked over at Isami the girl nodded and Taji put the chord into the girl’s neck. She plugged the other end into a lab top. Isami closed her eyes and she seemed to pass out in a way. Sora looked over at Taji and then to Isami.
“Now we wait,” Taji muttered as she took out a cigarette she leaned against the wall and light up her cig.

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