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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hey Guys

Hey Hi everyone! Oi thanks for all the complements on the new site theme. w00t I'm so happy it's raining over here! Finnaly I love the rain and the rain clouse seem to die out before the reach my area it's not fair T-T! Anywho it's raining hard w00t *runs around in circles happily* I LOVE THE RAIN! Oi my friend started up a fourm for his website however his fourm only has three active members so far, if you could please join you will get huggled by me much more often ^^ anywho you'll find it here please come *puppy eyes*. Anywho as promised here is the story for you guys ~.^

Chapter 2:“Destroy the cyborgs,” the man stated the girls looked at each other it looked as if they were talking without any words. Taji then nodded and looked over at the man with a small smile.
“Tell us a little bit more about this offer of yours,” the girl said to him her tone very bored in a way yet filled with excitement at the same time. The man smirked as he reached into his suitcase grabbing a few things.

A blonde woman sat on the couch; she seemed to be distant from the rest of the world, of course that was quite normal for her. There was a small knock on her door, she snapped out of her trance and looked over at the door slightly confused.
“Come in,” she called to whoever was behind the door, a brown haired man entered. He had a soft and kind smile on his face.
“Hello 003 feeling any better?” The man asked as he looked at her his concern showing. The woman smiled and nodded her head.
“Yes, thank you for asking 009.” She said quietly as she stood up she felt a little dizzy but she didn’t want to show him that she was still feeling sick. Joe smiled slightly and nodded he looked down.
’If only we didn’t push her to hard, then she wouldn’t be sick…’ he thought he soon lifted up his head.
“Alright then, I’ll go talk to Dr.Gilmore,” he informed her as he left the room. His happiness seemed to wash away as he got further away from the room. He looked around the small lounge room no one seemed to be home right now. For all he knew 002 had gone back to New York to settle a few things. 007 went back to Britain looking for an acting job. 004 went back to Germany for awhile to go visit his wife’s gravestone and as for 006 he decided to go to New York with Jet so he could open up his own restaurant hopefully now it would be a better business since Black Ghost had disappeared for a few years. Joe heard the door he glanced over to the door seeing that 008 had returned home.
“Hello 009,” the African man said, 009 smiled and waved back to him. 008 had taken a job as a swimming coach, he could beat anyone in a swimming race, and then again he was built so he could fight underwater. He looks over towards 003’s room and then glances over at Joe (that’s 009’s real name).
“Is she feeling any better?” 008 ask as his attention returns to 009 once again. 009 just shakes his head and looks over at 003’s room, he could tell they all could tell at this point whatever it was it wasn’t getting better. 008 nodded and then went towards his room to put away his things, all of the sudden there was a flash of lighting and the sound of thunder. Rain started to pour downwards onto the house, 009 looked outside for a moment as the lighting shot out once again he thought he saw an outline of a little girl playing outside in the puddles. But as quickly as the lighting was gone so was the girl, 009 walked towards the door curious about what had happened. He opened up the door and looked towards where he had saw the girl there was nothing but the rain that was slamming against the concrete. A faint giggling noise was heard 009 did his best to hear over the noise of the rain but it wasn’t good enough to really hear anything. The noise soon stopped and 009 closed the door and walked inside, he looked over at 003’s room sadly before he sat down trying to think things though.

“Wow these people are really clueless,” Sora chirped as she looked around the apartment that her and the rest of her ‘team’ had gotten for this mission.
“You do know it’s not wise to do that ahead of time,” Isami told her as she looked at her feet sadly saying nothing.
“Oh don’t worry, I was quick.” The girl informed them as she looked over at Taji who was leaning against the wall she looked asleep in a way.
“So when do we get started then?” She asked as she rubbed her hands together trying to get them warm.
“Soon enough,” the girl in the corner informed the hyperactive girl her eyes glued outside.

Well that's it please join the fourm peaz *puppy eyes* talkies to you laterz okies

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