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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hey guys

Hello everyone the loner idea won I hope that you like the site ^^ anywho I have more sites for you to vist for award places I hope that you vist them. Anywho I'll continue the fan fic tommrow because yeah I'm still not done with chapter two ^^; anywho here are the banners I created enjoy ^^

Oh and there's a update on the MyO awards so check it out ^^

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Hey Guys

Hey Hi everyone, how are you people doing, anywho not much si happening over here. I'm starting up a guild like thing on gaia it's CybEarth fun stuffs peoplez. Anywho I'm thinking of a theme change please vote so I know which one you guys want.


Anywho here is a little bit from a small fan fic I'm doing on Cyborg 009 okies.
Chapter 1:A woman was leaned against the wall; her eyes were focused on the incoming rain clouds that were slowly creeping their way towards the city. Her eyes seemed to be distant as she let out a small puff of smoke from her mouth. She shook her head and sighed to herself.
“This isn’t going to turn out good,” she muttered as she shoved her hands inside of her pockets. She walked towards the edge of town just like she was told right after she accepted this mission. She was a freelancer and most of the time did really anything that would offer money. She had become like that after that one day where no one came back but her, she did her best to forget that day lock it away far away from her mind but it never seemed to get away so she would just try and ignore it like she did most things. Of course that was working for her at the moment she listened as she heard the first drop of rain shatter upon the Earth’s surface. She shook her head as she saw the small light at the end of her smoke go out quickly after the rain had started.
“Darn I wasn’t finished,” she muttered as she continued to walk, her eyes trailed to the ground she was supposed to get partners of the mission. She didn’t really like working with people much but hey it was a pretty good deal considering what she usually ended up doing. She stopped as she heard something almost like a cracking noise, she turned her head to see a small child like figure stumbling down the street she looked like she was hit bad. Taji adjusted her glasses so she could see better of course the light wasn’t working with her she let out a small sigh and walked over towards the kid. She was beat up pretty bad she was wearing what looked like a night gown that was covered with mud and water. She was leaning against the brick building her head facing downwards as she was catching her breath. Her pink hair seemed tangled up and mattered Taji smiled slightly and grinned.
“Yo, you ok?” She asked as she looked at the girl she looked up her blue eyes seemed to reflect Taji’s golden ones. The girl nodded she didn’t seem to have the strength to speak at the moment.
’It’s not very good to smoke you know.’ the woman heard within her head she let out a small chuckle and dropped her cigarette to the ground.
“Yeah guess you got me there, Isami.” She said as she looked towards the girl her expression was between shock and amazement.
’How did you know, my name?’ Taji gave a soft smile before taking her hands out of her pockets.
“I was doing some background searches on some possible partners, you however seem to be very popular so I figured…” she said to Isami her voice soon leading off.
’I see… then you must be one of the people that I will be working with…’ Taji gave a small grin before brushing away a few strands of purple hair.
“Yep you got that right, anyways let’s get going shall we, I would hate to miss our train.” The girl said as she looked over at the kid. Through what she could see out of her glasses Isami’s legs didn’t look like they would hold for much longer. It seemed like a miracle that she had gotten this far without collapsing. Isami nodded the water dripping off her hair Taji shook her head and muttered something under her breath before knelling down in front of Isami.
“Hey get on we’ll get there faster this way any how.” The woman informed her, the girl nodded and got onto Taji’s back, the woman started walking towards the train station at the end of town. Her clothes were getting wet in the rain but she had gotten used to it, she spent most of her time wandering about outside anyways the elements didn’t worry her much anymore. She continued walking forward listening to the sound of the girl breathing and the rain slamming itself against the earth.
’Do you know who the other partner might be?’ Isami questioned as they continued forward Taji nodded her head.
“Yeah I have a general idea,” she informed her as she neared the station. Isami heard a giggling noise it was quite faint but it was still there, soon it reached Taji’s ears and she looked over towards the train station confused. She saw a girl dancing around outside she was wearing a hat. Her blue hair seem to spill out from underneath the hat but she didn’t seem to be interested in anything except getting her pants more and more wet. The two girl’s just passed by her they said nothing. Taji looked at the clock on the wall of the quite plain looking train station. They had about five minutes left before it was time to go over into the train.
“This is your last chance to back out you know,” Taji informed the girl as she helped her sit down. Isami looked up at Taji almost confused about what she was hearing. She shook her head no and looked towards the clock she was going to have to wait.
“Right then,” the woman said as she walked over towards the opposite side of the room and lit up one of her cigarettes She put it in her mouth and looked towards the ceiling, her eyes seemed distant a moment as she watched the smoke rise and slowly disappear. She closed her eyes and felt something take the cigarette out of her mouth. She opened one eye to see the blue haired girl looking at the cigarette with a small frown.
“You know it’s not good to smoke right?” She asked the woman her blue eyes locking onto her. Taji sighed and shook her head she looked over towards the clock.
“Yeah I know,” she said as she snatched the cigarette away from the kid and placed it into her mouth.
“But it’s a habit,” she informed her as she continued to smoke. She looked over towards the train railing. She heard a low rubble coming in quickly.
“Train’s here,” she muttered as she looked over to Isami she dropped her cigarette and smushed it with her foot. She walked over towards Isami and smiled slightly.
“Ready to go,” She asked as she looked towards the kid
’yes…’ Isami answered she was soon lead over towards the train she looked towards the girl.
’Hello, she said timidly the girl grinned happily and ran out to the train she disappeared inside and there was giggling heard once again.
“Yep that’s her,” Taji said with a small smile as she helped Isami into a seat on the train. The air conditioning wasn’t really helping the fact that all three of them were wet. The train pulled out from the station and the girls were quiet. A tapping noise was heard Taji looked up to see a man with a cane. She waved with two fingers over towards him before saying
“Yo,” Isami nodded and the blue haired girl gave a small laugh.
“Hello Taji, Isami, Sora.” The man said her voice seemed like a low rumble. Sora stopped laughing and gathered up her legs under her.
“I see all of you were interested in the mission, well I might as well begin then.” The man commented as he looked over towards the girls.
“I want you to…”

Well that's it for now, I might update later well anywho talkies to you laterz okies bai bai for now *nod nod*

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Hey Guys

Hey Hi guys sorry that I haven't been on for about three or four days I have been trying to beat a video game on Xbox Kotor 2 you know. Anywho I shall tell you what happened I went to muggle magic fun stuffs going on there. My friend invited me so we wandered the streets and I got a choclate frog but I didn't get a ballon T-T Anywho after that I slept over at her house and then we came up with a Idea with a Star Wars/ Harry Potter cross over there it was fun stuffs *nod nod* yeah and then we got into pairing and what not and feel asleep after midnight yeah we were having a countdown you might say. Anywho I can't use most of the water in my house there is high water or something of that matter anywho I feel asleep on anime night I feel like a idoit *smacks head* anywho I shall talkies to you laterz okies bai bai for now *nod nod*

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hey Guys

Oi I'm back I know you guys missed me ~.^ lol anywho I've been doing fine over here. I went over to my friends house to hang out and what not and on Friday we're going to a town that is made up to be Diagon Alley, yeah were both excited anywho I went over to her house and yeah we went swimming it was fun stuffs. Anywho I've been working on a story quiz it's still in progress if you feel like checking it out you will find the link here. Anywho have fun with that, and yeah I have to memorize music for band camp, and then I have to read a book for school not fair! Evil summer homework *shakes fist at summer homework* Anywho join the awards that SessLover18 made okie!

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Monday, July 11, 2005

Hey Guys

Oi as you see I have updated my styles the new theme is the elements fun stuffs neh? Anywho I have to thank Lie for helping me with the codes fun stuffs. Anywho on with my intresting weekend. I'm craming two days into the post so yeah.
I went bowling with my family at eScape right. Anywho I was sort of beaten there but after that we went to the batting cages. I did really well there, then again my mom and dad did fast pitches and my dad beat everyone with that. Anywho we went home and yeah I sort of died and went to bed.

Oi we went swimming today, anywho I was dragged out of bed and then we headed out. I went on the lazy river and got my dad wet and my brother flipped over in his tube. Anywho I threw my dad and bro into the pool it was fun stuffs and we stopped at portilos on the way home. Anywho I ended up getting sunburnt not fun stuffs but oh well. Anywho I shall talk to you guys laterz okies bai

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Saturday, July 9, 2005

Hey Guys

Hey guys guess what? I have a contest advertisment for you guys anywho it's run by SessLover18 it's theO awards and everyone is welcome to join. Anywho I'll put the link at the bottom, anywho I want you guys to tell me if you like this or not. This is part of a RP my friend and I are doing ^^.

Aro smiled at her and jabbed his knee into the girl's stomach. Taji went flying upwards her grip still on his sholder. The next thing Aro knew she was upside down balancing on his sholders.
"Hiya, old man." The girl said her fingers dug into his sholders and she threw her legs forward and flipped in the air Aro coming along with her. He landed a few feet away. She smirked Aro looked like he was knocked out, she took a deep breath and collapsed on the ground it had been awhile since she had a really good fight. She closed her eyes taking deep breaths.
"That was fun," she muttered as she fidgeted with her hat. She took out the food she had gotten, she was about to bite into it but she bit into nothing but air.
"What?!" She asked as she looked at her hand there was nothing there she heard a chuckle and looked up towards Aro her eyes narrowed.
"Hey I beat you!" She shouted as she pouted she didn't have the strength to take him on again.
"Well not really, you sort of collapsed..." he told her as he finshed off most of the food. He knelled down next to her and handed her the rest. Taji blinked and looked up with him, she frowned trying to act as if she were annoyed but mostly she was over joyed she was getting food. The girl fidgeted with her hat once again it was itchy but she always had to wear it out in public, she was always told that by the few people that could actully put up with her.
"Yo, old man what's you name?" The girl asked as she kept her eyes on him while eating her meal. Aro blinked and turned around, he smirked before replying.
"Oh yeah my name is..."

Anywho now for the link I hope that all of you join!

Oi and can you guys help me pic a background? Here are the choices, just click to see the bigger image thingy ~.^

Choice 1

Choice 2

Choice 3

Choice 4

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Friday, July 8, 2005

Hey Guys

Hey Hi everyone! I got more manga from my friend, I got Real bout high school one and Getbackkers one it's fun stuffs. Anywho I got $100.00 in the mail today for my b-day and what else... Oi I did a little change on my freewebs with the buttons I hope that you guys like it *nod nod* why don't you check it out! Click on the freewebs button on the top of the page okies.

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Thursday, July 7, 2005

Hey Guys

Hello everyone sorry I wasn't on yesterday my sister and dad were having a fight and yeah, I didn't get to think of it. Anywho I had a really really fun day. My friend Anna and I went to eScape it was awesome we were playing DDR and stuffs I being as bad at dancing as I did had to stick with Beginner and Anna was playing Heavy. It was so fun and stuffs, we then went to puppy palace and then we went to Hero's HQ and got manga! Anywho I got Shaolin Sisters one and two there are all so fun. Then we went to see HitchHickers Guide to the Galaxy it was so cool. (both the tickets only cost four bucks!) Anywho then we went back to my house to watch Cowboy Bebop the Movie with EDWARD! Anyways I'm going to start putting up the comic tommrow sorry for the delay.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Hey Guys

Sorry about not being able to post my sister and brother had my dad's labtop fun stuff. Anywho I shall tell you about my birthday. It was really fun!
The list
1.It started to rain and I got to run around outside!
2.The power went out but I got to play poker with my family.
3.We got sloppy joes!
4.My aunt, grandparents, uncle, and other aunt called with with me a happy b-day!
5.My sister and I stayed up to watch old movies!

Well now I want to thank everyone for my b-day cards!

Thank you Winged Youki! It's so kawaii I love the neko!

Thank you Lie 74! It's awesome, I love it!

Thank you so much captainfirelily! It's so kawaii!

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Sunday, July 3, 2005

Hey Guys

Hello everyone, how are you doing? Anyways I'm watching Inuyasha right now, por Inuyasha was crying don't cry *huggles* anywho there is alot of blood and stuff in this episode. Oi then there is the season finale of Furi Kuri, and there is JEAN! Oi I love Jean he's so cool and all kung-fu! Now Inuyasha is ending. Noooooo! I don't want it to end thought the song is quite good, you can tell I had lots of sugar today didn't you? Anywho I'm on the third page of the proluge! Yeah it's taking a long time, sorry about that I might put it up on monday because we're going to leave mid morning tommorow for my dad's apartment and yeah. But never the less the pages will get up, some day! Oh yeah my family might go on vacation to Las Vagas pretty lights lol, well yeah that's about it now it's time to go watch s-CRY-ed and what not.

Birthday countdown: It's tommorow

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