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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Time for an update again, though I don't think I'll be able to comment to you all. I'm at school and wouldn't like to get caught. Though its after, so most people dont care. Heh..things haven't been going on so well with me, things..in general, nothing focusing on one, just crashed down. I'm not feeling so good ..like..in general. I'm not sick or anything.

Theres actually alot to say but I don't want to flood this blog since I dont update often anymore. I just probably need to take some time off but I've done that and dont see anything changing any time soon. Life..just sucks right now, nothing to hold up my statement it just does. But I'll stop with that, I've been watching the anime Bleach on Adult Swim, I've got nothing bad torwards the dub because those who dont like it, should just dont watch it. Its a really complicated progress to dub things..and I saw a video about it, and its hard. So lets atleast appriciate their trying.

Also..Vicky isnt doing too well, those who know her MUST know that she doesnt like showing it..yet she does with her silence. I've been trying to get on MSN so we can chat but she doesnt seem to respond to me.

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