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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Oh dear..I haven't been here in the longest time. And I deeply apologize, I've been somewhat away from here. But guess what? I went to Ozzfest in Florida on the 13th!! It was fantastic!! I had so much fun and yes, I love rock and metal. Other than that, I've been home this summer, working at Micheals the arts store, and doing my summer reading packet.. Oh boy, summer is almost over..dear gods..what a pain to be back in school..

Well at least I'll see my friends again since I didn't seem them during the summer.. I'm also very sorry I haven't visited.. I really dont do well in this site..and I have been thinking about leaving. I dont visit anyone, I barely check my guestbook and return favors, I dont update. But we'll see. And just on a personal note, Hinaru- kid, you've tagged along with me a long way..seriously. When I said I was leaving it sucked, when I returned you were glad, your one cool kiddo. Okay..umm..what else for me to report. Oh yesh, anyone seen Witch Hunter Robin? If not, check it out on YouTube, such a good series!!

That will be it from me today..hopefully, I can post sometime soon and again sorry for the absense.

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