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Sunday, June 4, 2006

Wahhh..I've been offline too long now haven't I? Well besides that..school is over! I finished finals with a fairly good grade. I feel proud of myself =D Other than that, summer begins and I really don't know what to do XP I'll probably head up to Maryland and visit Vicky for a while..I'm not too sure. But for now I'll just stick what I always wanted, ever since school began: Sleep late and sleep in! Haha nice plan ne? I really got nothing else to report, I did get to read some new manga and that includes Eureka 7 (gosh Holland is hot), Fruits Basket Saiyuki, Black Cat annd..Flame Of Recca..manga goodness. I finally caught up to everyone in Bleach manga..just finished 229..ooh Aizen, marry me, your hot. But you suck anyway XP What about you guys? Out of school or college? Any plans for the summer?
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