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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hey everyone, I didn't mean to post but I wanted to, but there really isnt nothing good going on. Last night we received bad/sad news. An aunt of ours (including Vicky) is ill and has been for a while now. Her sister went over with her to take care of her but last night she died. Since my mother and dad aren't here with me, It was only me and my aunt and uncle..It was terrifly. Her name? Vernaida, she was a positive woman and helped other people alot. She comforted anyone even when she wasn't good herself. She is mine and Vicky's most favorite aunt. She was like..a young adult, understood us teenages and helped us with the problem from last Spring Break. I called me mom and told her about it and I couldn't tell Vic but I did. I'm not sure how she's going to take this..Because if I'm so sad right now and missing her..I know dat she'll be worst. I don't know why I'm posting but I'm sure we will miss her and I know I wont be getting much calls now from Vicky herself. I'm worried but guess everyone needs their time right? Vernaida left 5 kids, without mother and no father. I just needed to let it out somehow.. Not sure posting this would help but hope it does. Well thats all...
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