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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Holy hell folks..It seems I got ..unactive again? Nah, I've been really busy, finals are this comming up week and last week I was studying like crazy. Sorry I haven't visited anyone lately and posting. A little summary of what I did, got some extra cash now in working in a laywers office my dad got me in. Yeah I'm the youngest but all I do is make copies and such, just Saturdays.. Uhhh..saw Poseiden and I thought it was good, Shooting for Da Vinci now..annd See No Evil. Phew..I've been a movie person lately! The usual in school and what not, annd my highlight. It was a girls night, sleepover at Maggies and we saw Brokeback Mountain..yeah go ahead and give the looks. I actually liked the movie, not the fact that the boys are gay, the story plot was amazing, I have to agree with the ratings people gave it..an A. Annd I guess thats all..nothing new really the usual haha. Well I'll be off to vistin

Also, thanks for the 700+ hits and 100+ guestbook signings. Yeah yeah I know people got like 12,000+..I'm a beginner okay! x)

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