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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

  Hey everyone! I do guess I’m being very active now..haha and that’s always a plus. I remember when I was active along with Vicky, it was fun. But anyway yesterday was…quite amusing. Went to school and during the second class the power went off and people were freaking out, and what sucked most. I was in the computer lab, writing a LONG report and the power gone off, you know how that feels?! I didn’t save it too!! All my work! The energy I used to type it..but my teacher extended the due date still good but it doesn’t recover my precious report *cries* Other than that, we had to go home early cause..the lights were still off and people didn’t know why. So the busses came and we went home, my dad is coming back so I’m not sure when he will be coming but I was home alone that day. I got on the computer and chatted a bit with my friends and we decided to head out to the mall.

It was pretty much fun! Spending time with the friends, very good stuff but we still got homework to do..thats the sucky part of it. Well since I really have nothing else to say, why not a question for you all? Whats something you have accomplished this year so far, what are you shooting for now? And if you want it to be even, go ahead and ask me a question if you’d like!

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