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Monday, May 8, 2006

Yoo! I guess I'm on a roll here..haha well like I said to everyone, I'm back so posting every once in a while should be expected. So its back to the school days, only a little bit til summer break!! Wootness. So anyway, today was somewhat eventful which scares me off my pants cause..my school is boring shmoring. Well..just the doing work and stuff, were learning about the Cival War and slavery and I happen to be in Georgia..haha. So its somehow boring, I miss the World War II unit, Vicky loves learning more about that. The friends is what somehow make it fun, even though they arent in all my classes. I manage to keep the level of excitment above the..boring.

Not sure if I made sense there. But anway, continued Kingdom Hearts II..gosh I love that game. I could be all day playing it if I had the chance too, I'm serious. So yeah, since Friday is a half day, me and some friends will be heading to the movies and see Posiden. Which looks VERY good, I'm excitied! Chilling out with the friends again, thats so much fun. Also, who would like to see that movie "The Davinci Code"..despite the critizism its getting, I think it looks pretty good, might see that, alone I guess. Some of my friends aren't very interested in it -_- Anyway, gotta run, Prison Break is almost on, yes I watch it <3 But not before I make some rounds.

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