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Saturday, May 6, 2006

Ahh..I did say I'm back but I've been really lazy to come around. Yes I know I'm such a pie hole. But I've been fairly well actually, nothing bad and theres nothing too good either. I didn't go over to Vicky's over Spring Break and such. But I think I'll head over in the summer, only one more month!! And then Summer!!! What is everyone gonna go? Vacation, Beach? Haha I'm not too sure myself what I will be doing. So what have you all been doing? dont say nothing cause its not true XD, I saw An American Haunting yesterday and the movie was freaky scary. Well..im a baby so it was scary for me. Now silent hill!! haha I got Kingdom Heats II and so far its great, I'm about to be done soon too, sitting on my ass playing video games..haha not to bad XD and I think i'll be going now, gonna go visit.
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