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Monday, November 7, 2005

Geezz man..It's seriously been a loong while since I last time posted and sorry for that. After the trip my dad took away the internet since it broke somehow and then not until the beginning of this month we got a new system. So dont worry I've been spoiling myself with anime yeah I've been recently reading Cowboy Bebop manga series and also Fruits Basket and cant forget Naruto 3 good mangas. But anyone wana recomend me some..I got my wallet full lolol. Schools been acting a bitch to meeh and it sucks ass...umm what else....oh yeah I changed da layout ...and I'm gonna get back to normal with posting and visiting sites and stuff. I dont know wen tho..soon I promise
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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

   I've been back from the trip..since last weds..Phys I dont feel like post but I must. SO any way the trip went rad. Too rad if you want to see pictures or read about it go to BurningDeamon's site and go in archieves and read..Currently her computer is messed up..Well Im back home now..school already started on Friday..I dont know but it sucks I really want to be back in MD the friends here suck.. So anyway my DSL think got fixed. So I have internet. But school I donno homework and stuff..boring like always. I was just on the phone with VIc just after she got home from work..a terrible headache struck. So this sucks well other than that not much so I'll end this post here.
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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Okay I said to one person I was going to post yesterday but our internet was cut off. I feel so bad..because my word was to post yesterday..
But I'm posting now. Today were leaving and so my summer vacation at my sisters is over. Sucks but Im really happy to go back to school to see me friends. The normal samo has happened since last post. I met with an old friend. He was surprised to see me..lets just say we had an old lovely relationship. Though there still remains feelings for each other were gonna keep things the same..we gave each others numbers to holla back some time. I still remember the old days when I was living with my sister with my mom like a normal family..Things have changed..
I changed the theme too I think it was time for a change and thanks to my babe Vic who for those who dont know she is my sister. So ya like the new theme? BOys..I knew you would..

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Friday, July 29, 2005

Hellos my kitties XD
Okay sorries I haven't been on MyO that much..I donno if I can stay..this summer Ive been over at my house with my sister though I completely forgot about my other house in Goergia (spell?)
Were going to Arizona for a week were leaving on Weds so me,sister and parents are leaving. On the way back I wont be comming back here to my sisters house..Nope Im taking well me and my dad are taking a plane to Goergia.

I don't know about the DSL service in my home. So we'll have to see.. This summer went too fast. Though I did enjoy it alot.
So mostly daily I've been home being lazy sleeping until 12 hehehe

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

   WOw its been a long time..what can I say..I've been here over my sisters house just quitely enjoying the summer break. Mostly my mom's been working and I don't blame her..I've relized the problems my sister has been having with my aunts. Mostly they be hating on her boyfriend. Though its no problem now hopefully. Sorry that I haven't post in a while. Nor have I been able to go on the computer that much

Mostly lifes been kinda busy my sister going to work and me sleeping in and mostly doing laundry and passing the vacum in the house. Mostly the noon I'm by myself mom isn't home and also isn't my sister. Well I don't to make this long to I'll end this lame post.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

   Hello you all
Sorry for not posting yesterday the internet after Vicky posted got weird and just turned off...
Other than that..my summer vacations suck -_-
My sister is sick and I can't bother her or do stuff to her XD
I met up with some old friends here at my supposly house. They were all happy to see me I was too.
Right now just eating macoronii XD I'm using my mom's computer since my sister is sleeping in her room and doesn't want to be distrubed especially me. She got some work from her bf and wants me to do while she sleeps no fair and plus i aint doing it!

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Monday, May 23, 2005

   I'm BACK muwahahahah *clears throat*

Ello people! YUP YUP I'm back how can I leave such a great place and the great people! Well alot has happened since I posted but not important though ^^;;
Just school work being a couch potato XP
I'm over my sisters house for the summer soo I have internet connection. My suster Vicky is watching what I'm typing XP
*Vicky waves*
I did some changes to my site soo hopefully it doesn't look dead XD
Well..I guess thats about the main thing now ^^
Soo yea summer vacation is here WOOT!!
I'm here again like I said with my sister the madness had begun!!
I'll be sure to make this summber to mose fun muwahahahahaha LOL

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

   Final Good Bye
Yes just like the title says I'm leaving but leaving my site on. Our internet thing is broken and my father doesn't seem to want to buy a new one. Spring break until now some family problems have been going on and its too much for me. I just can't keep posting. Because I don't have time. I'm very busy with the sutff I've gotta do right now. Soo this is a good bye
I want to thank Richard (Chocobo Gene) Dragonstorm and Hinaru yall were like my best buddies!!! Your some kick ass friends! I'll try to post when ever I can but I don't think I can..

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Monday, March 28, 2005

   Hi Hello
Its been a while like a month. Sorry for being absent. Our internet isn't working soo well.
Our spring break just started today too. My sister is on break this week and she and my mom came over for the week. Right now I'm just posting my sister is right behind me lol.
Whats been going on.. Oh yea I'm not banned from the computer anymore so thats good news..The point the past days I was absent have been normal. My life is kinda boring -_-
School is well I failed this exam but made it up and got 78...
I must go now but I hope I'll be able to post almost daily

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Monday, February 28, 2005

   Hello Every one
Well I still can't get on the computer which really sucks though. The week has been good. Heard over in the north east alotta snow lucky them >.< Well here no snow well a little but no enough to cancel school. My dad isn't home lol. Well nothing much else to say life some times gets very busy but some times plain.

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