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Monday, September 4, 2006

Wow..I missed my own two year anny.. Well I've been here for two years..but I'm not sad that I cant do the love things because I have been away much. Sorryy I haven't visited. I wished I updated so I can understand when my sister tells me that myOTaku and its people has changed her life.. School is on, nothing special back to the normal timing. Also, anyone see the second Hellsing OVA besides Hinaru, it was greeaaat.
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Oh dear..I haven't been here in the longest time. And I deeply apologize, I've been somewhat away from here. But guess what? I went to Ozzfest in Florida on the 13th!! It was fantastic!! I had so much fun and yes, I love rock and metal. Other than that, I've been home this summer, working at Micheals the arts store, and doing my summer reading packet.. Oh boy, summer is almost over..dear gods..what a pain to be back in school..

Well at least I'll see my friends again since I didn't seem them during the summer.. I'm also very sorry I haven't visited.. I really dont do well in this site..and I have been thinking about leaving. I dont visit anyone, I barely check my guestbook and return favors, I dont update. But we'll see. And just on a personal note, Hinaru- kid, you've tagged along with me a long way..seriously. When I said I was leaving it sucked, when I returned you were glad, your one cool kiddo. Okay..umm..what else for me to report. Oh yesh, anyone seen Witch Hunter Robin? If not, check it out on YouTube, such a good series!!

That will be it from me today..hopefully, I can post sometime soon and again sorry for the absense.

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Thursday, July 6, 2006

After a month of no posting..I am back, I know I know..probably saying "where were you?!" and I have an excuse, I've been doing the jobs of a housewife and other things..so take it as an excuse or die! haha. Other than that I've been reading alot of manga. Though I've been going to friends houses, summer has been boring. But yeah, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm alive. And..I got nothing else to say... I'm lame ^_^;;
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Sunday, June 4, 2006

Wahhh..I've been offline too long now haven't I? Well besides that..school is over! I finished finals with a fairly good grade. I feel proud of myself =D Other than that, summer begins and I really don't know what to do XP I'll probably head up to Maryland and visit Vicky for a while..I'm not too sure. But for now I'll just stick what I always wanted, ever since school began: Sleep late and sleep in! Haha nice plan ne? I really got nothing else to report, I did get to read some new manga and that includes Eureka 7 (gosh Holland is hot), Fruits Basket Saiyuki, Black Cat annd..Flame Of Recca..manga goodness. I finally caught up to everyone in Bleach manga..just finished 229..ooh Aizen, marry me, your hot. But you suck anyway XP What about you guys? Out of school or college? Any plans for the summer?
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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hey everyone, I didn't mean to post but I wanted to, but there really isnt nothing good going on. Last night we received bad/sad news. An aunt of ours (including Vicky) is ill and has been for a while now. Her sister went over with her to take care of her but last night she died. Since my mother and dad aren't here with me, It was only me and my aunt and uncle..It was terrifly. Her name? Vernaida, she was a positive woman and helped other people alot. She comforted anyone even when she wasn't good herself. She is mine and Vicky's most favorite aunt. She was like..a young adult, understood us teenages and helped us with the problem from last Spring Break. I called me mom and told her about it and I couldn't tell Vic but I did. I'm not sure how she's going to take this..Because if I'm so sad right now and missing her..I know dat she'll be worst. I don't know why I'm posting but I'm sure we will miss her and I know I wont be getting much calls now from Vicky herself. I'm worried but guess everyone needs their time right? Vernaida left 5 kids, without mother and no father. I just needed to let it out somehow.. Not sure posting this would help but hope it does. Well thats all...
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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Holy hell folks..It seems I got ..unactive again? Nah, I've been really busy, finals are this comming up week and last week I was studying like crazy. Sorry I haven't visited anyone lately and posting. A little summary of what I did, got some extra cash now in working in a laywers office my dad got me in. Yeah I'm the youngest but all I do is make copies and such, just Saturdays.. Uhhh..saw Poseiden and I thought it was good, Shooting for Da Vinci now..annd See No Evil. Phew..I've been a movie person lately! The usual in school and what not, annd my highlight. It was a girls night, sleepover at Maggies and we saw Brokeback Mountain..yeah go ahead and give the looks. I actually liked the movie, not the fact that the boys are gay, the story plot was amazing, I have to agree with the ratings people gave it..an A. Annd I guess thats all..nothing new really the usual haha. Well I'll be off to vistin

Also, thanks for the 700+ hits and 100+ guestbook signings. Yeah yeah I know people got like 12,000+..I'm a beginner okay! x)

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

   Hey everyone! I do guess I’m being very active now..haha and that’s always a plus. I remember when I was active along with Vicky, it was fun. But anyway yesterday was…quite amusing. Went to school and during the second class the power went off and people were freaking out, and what sucked most. I was in the computer lab, writing a LONG report and the power gone off, you know how that feels?! I didn’t save it too!! All my work! The energy I used to type it..but my teacher extended the due date still good but it doesn’t recover my precious report *cries* Other than that, we had to go home early cause..the lights were still off and people didn’t know why. So the busses came and we went home, my dad is coming back so I’m not sure when he will be coming but I was home alone that day. I got on the computer and chatted a bit with my friends and we decided to head out to the mall.

It was pretty much fun! Spending time with the friends, very good stuff but we still got homework to do..thats the sucky part of it. Well since I really have nothing else to say, why not a question for you all? Whats something you have accomplished this year so far, what are you shooting for now? And if you want it to be even, go ahead and ask me a question if you’d like!

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Monday, May 8, 2006

Yoo! I guess I'm on a roll here..haha well like I said to everyone, I'm back so posting every once in a while should be expected. So its back to the school days, only a little bit til summer break!! Wootness. So anyway, today was somewhat eventful which scares me off my pants cause..my school is boring shmoring. Well..just the doing work and stuff, were learning about the Cival War and slavery and I happen to be in Georgia..haha. So its somehow boring, I miss the World War II unit, Vicky loves learning more about that. The friends is what somehow make it fun, even though they arent in all my classes. I manage to keep the level of excitment above the..boring.

Not sure if I made sense there. But anway, continued Kingdom Hearts II..gosh I love that game. I could be all day playing it if I had the chance too, I'm serious. So yeah, since Friday is a half day, me and some friends will be heading to the movies and see Posiden. Which looks VERY good, I'm excitied! Chilling out with the friends again, thats so much fun. Also, who would like to see that movie "The Davinci Code"..despite the critizism its getting, I think it looks pretty good, might see that, alone I guess. Some of my friends aren't very interested in it -_- Anyway, gotta run, Prison Break is almost on, yes I watch it <3 But not before I make some rounds.

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Saturday, May 6, 2006

Ahh..I did say I'm back but I've been really lazy to come around. Yes I know I'm such a pie hole. But I've been fairly well actually, nothing bad and theres nothing too good either. I didn't go over to Vicky's over Spring Break and such. But I think I'll head over in the summer, only one more month!! And then Summer!!! What is everyone gonna go? Vacation, Beach? Haha I'm not too sure myself what I will be doing. So what have you all been doing? dont say nothing cause its not true XD, I saw An American Haunting yesterday and the movie was freaky scary. Well..im a baby so it was scary for me. Now silent hill!! haha I got Kingdom Heats II and so far its great, I'm about to be done soon too, sitting on my ass playing video games..haha not to bad XD and I think i'll be going now, gonna go visit.
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Saturday, April 8, 2006

Anyone remember me??

Well if you don't, I'm not mad, I've been gone for such a long time that I really don't know where to start. I am back, with a good internet server..though I'm back but mostly everyone took me off their list..I don't have any friends..so those who do know me.. I'd like to have a fresh start and just meet you're friends. I changed the layout, nothing really new. Thanks to the help of Victoria. I've had quite an adventure while I was away, I got to go out with someone, moved to another home, going to visit Victoria in spring break! That should be loads of fun. Been a while since I saw my mom and Vicky..lol I got to see some old friends all the way over here. Have seen alot of movies! XD Anyway..I'll be around now.. It's somewhat good to be back...

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