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Thursday, June 12, 2008

long time no see guys!!
so i have been gone for what is obviously months. but i am once again back!!! yay. so what things did i miss while i was gone? have i mentioned that i am officially engaged now? i dont plan on rushing anything though. i want to get thru college and into my career as an artist or novelist first. i do have to say i can't wait till i have kids. i really am excited about life.

i missed being away from myotaku. i have alot of freinds on here and i hope to make even more as i go and hopefully to get closer to the ones that i already have. im thinking at the moment of doing a quiz on some things and doing it as a chain quiz. it sounds fun as you see. well ta ta for now. i hope to get plenty of comments since ive been gone for so long. i hope i was missed. lol.

x's and o's lotsa love!!

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