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Monday, January 7, 2008

Fortune Returns....Kinda....
Well.... Aya is now going to be posting quite often and since she's Aya I will also be posting quite often and so I decided to put in whats pretty much happened and then find a Fortune Cookie out of it... or maybe just a something ^^'

My fingers are numb. First off, theres snow on the ground out side. A whole foot. I don't like it when its below 60 degrees out. This is absolute torture. *sighs* Theres that and then the fact that I got food poisoning on Friday and I had to stay home sick as a final recovery day. -_- *sighs* So, Narturaly I had to do some thing constructive and what was there to do? Practice. Scales. I. Hate. Scales. A-lot. -_- *sighs* But I got a few breaks and it was ok..... well.... for a cookie....

"When your heart is in a land of cold make it go sledding and drink hot chocolate until it's warm again."

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