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Saturday, July 14, 2007

I asked some one, "Whats your biggest fear?" They replied "Failure. . ." I thought about that for a bit and then asked "In that case whats a failure?" and very quickly they said "Everything I've ever done." Then the thought came to me; Is that a real failure, or is that self-dissatisfaction? I asked that but they didn't really anwser. Then I remembered a story i had read in a story. . .A thief goes to steal from a wealthy man and ends up acidently saving a spider's life. The sider says "You have saved a life and shown compasion, Better yet you have done so withoutthe least thought or hope of reward. You have gained more merit then you can possibly imagine....Good luck to you."
I relized that there is only one real failure in life and its this (its also my cookie):

The one failure in life is to decide to fail.

I hope you will learn that if you change yourself life will learn to change for you.

Good day to you
-Black Kara

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