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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

A way that doesnt exist is way unknown
And those that dont exist doesnt mean that they arnet there
Just because your invisable doesnt mean
That your worthless....
But in the worlds blind and all seeing eyes
your nothing and that is how you will always be.
And a nothing ou will remain untill you are loathed
and then shunned
but then you are soon a nothing again
and so far..that is all I am

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Wadering the past , Lost in the now, Found in the futer
But will that futer ever come?
was it gone, but was never really here?
Mabey its just another loss, or just another win
they say "I saved your life" but was it really a ruined death?
Somethings we all take for granted.
mabey that why we all just cant see reason
the reason that keeps us going
the reason that we all whant to have, we all whant to be
But I can never be that reason cause all I know is that theres a reason for everything but I dont know what that reason is..
Wandering in the past, Lost in the now.....never to be found.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Todays Fortune Cookie
"Be afraid, Be scared, Be uncertain, Be doubtful, Be in pain, Be fragile, Be weak, Be broken, Be misunderstood...
but not matter what...
Take it head on...and show them that even with all those things you will not stop."
-This one

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Saturday, April 8, 2006

Todays Fortune Cookie
( plaese note: this one came up with this after sitting in the car for four hours with all their irritating siblings ^^')

"Patience is a virtue because persistance is annoying!"
-this one

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Thursday, April 6, 2006

Todays Fortune Cookie
some things people,
you can never under stand...
and they drive you crazy...
so...quit trying to figure them out
cause it just makes you look stupid in their eyes
-this one

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

What a Freind is... What a BEST friend is. (this counts as a really really long fortune cookie ^^)
A friend is somone that helps you up when you fall flat on your face....
A BEST freind is the one that busts up and was probably the one that triped you in the first place
A friend is is the person that gave you a nice B-Day present at your party....
A BEST friend is the one that shoves you head into th cake and takes a picture of it for black mail
A friend is someone who misses you when your gone......
A BEST freind is the one who HUNTS YOU DOWN and ILEGALY crosses the border of Canada and drags you back by you feet and then relizes that they have the wrong person....so they just put "wanted" posters world wide and plauges the internet with the "find-my-friend-NOW" virus
A friend is somone who actaluy lets you fall asleep at a sleep over......
A BEST friend is th one who swears that their plushie became a posesed parot and tried to turn them into a turtle at 3 AM (And still does to this very day!)
A friend is somone who can protect you and does....
A BEST friend is te one who can protect you and doesnt.... but can't SAVE you and DOES IT ANYWAYS.
-This One

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

todays Fortune Cookie.....
well...this one saw this one Ryu's site...so... they decided to make thier own.....ok....
" when life shoves lemons in your face....squirts the juice in your eye...and makes you cry....Be sure to take a picture of your funny,wierd,messed up,quirky lookin' face so you can SMILE when you see it...even when it hurts...."
-Black Kara (this one....)
well...thats it....

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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Somthing that is easily lost but can all ways be there
It can be any where but is hard to find alone.
Sheds light in the darkest places of the heart
Saves a soul, helps another and gives a path.
Its given from the heart
from thoses that care...
Its hope for you. . .
and for all that need it.
-for you all. . .and you.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Where does this raod lead,
does it matter?
Its where my heart is
and where I belong.
Cause theres always a place
that a person can belong,
even if its a thousand miles away...
a place long forgoten
or a place thats right here
theres a place
that the wandering belong
and that place is in another
and that place to them...........
is home.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Running again
Theres somthing thats always there but can never be seen
Somthing that this one hates and others love
Wishing this one could escape and still running this one quickes their pace only to know that it will still be here,
And know that wishing is a childish and foolish thing one stops running but keeps going
For if my minds is going im still running and if my mind is at ease all else will be in pain...
But life is still worth it so I will keep on, nothing lasts forever not even pain
So life is still worth living and things still matter....even when nothing matters now, things still matter.

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