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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Fortune Cookie!
Ok people, after my Pouting Post heres my Good Post, or my outlook on how im going to take this, after all, if i've been depressed forever is it a really big deal? its going to go away and it didnt bother me before i knew so....
Hope, Happiness, and Enjoyablity in all things are all a choice, they may not be an easy one but no matter, they are a choice.

There. I feel better......and yes the Pouty Post made me feel better to. heheh
Here's a link to an Ouran AMV that has mostly the saem idea..... Blame IcySaphire for getting me hooked on this anime even though i hate this kind of anime.....

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Saturday, December 2, 2006

   Ok People........
Welll, i really dont like complaining or being "emoish" or "i hate life-ish" but since i dont whant to go craxy or do anything stupid im just going to type down all the D*** things that are killing me. ok so well i found out beeen clinicly deressed for the past 5 years (oh joy) and most of the wqorld really doesnt care and i probably cant do anything about and all that junk and well I really cant stand people for some reason, i just might have Anti-Socail-Disoreder but i really hope not and doubt it and because of that i dont have freinds here and i really dont what freinds and i think life is so pointless we all just might as well die today
....ok that felt good......well.....yah.......... -_-

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

   I have no idea why im still here or why im still doing this so here i am just wondering about this......................is life pointless or what?
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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Halloween Story: Gale of the Dead
((Im entirng this in a contest for my school....coments are requested, hope you like it
Note: Halloween was originated as day to get rid of evil spirts, and that’s what this story is based on.))
There was nothing but black in the rearview mirror. Screams of agony would fill the air for hours on end, and only when the dead would return to their graves would they stop. The road stretched on and on, graves, bones and corpses marked the road side for as far as you could see, and as long as you could see. The moon, stars and sky had hidden behind a cloak of black, omnimious clouds that’s night, warning all to stay in the safety of the light and warmth, for the spirts of the dammed would rein tonight. And, still! The road stretched on... farther... farther..... and just farther still! I was driving for hope; hope that Halloween, Halloween that night were the evil would be diminished, would come. 11:05, Could I make it to the next rising sun? They were almost upon me; dragging their chains, moaning in agony of the lost, that living carnage that would drag all the living, oblivious to their pain, down to the depths of hell. And they would if they could beat time itself and come before the next rising sun of Halloween. 11:27, faster, faster! I had to go faster! They were falling behind but I feared they were only lagging. The air was now a thick, haunting fog, tined red with the smell of blood clinging to it. I raced on 11:49, perhaps I still had hope! I strained to go faster but perhaps it was still not fast enough for they were nearly upon me! Their empty eye sockets gleaming crimson, their features inhuman but lit with the smile of hysteria and insanity. 11:57....I would make it....... 11:58....... they were upon me...... 11:59.........the scream of eternal torment ripped to the haunted atmosphere.......

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fortune cookie (for if anyone is still looking at these)
The pain is worth the bliss and the bliss worth the pain.
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Friday, July 14, 2006

   ok people........
guess this one should put up an actual post once in a while...so if anyone is still reading these:
TODAY THIS ONE SAW A LEFT OVER HIPPIE!!!! XP!!! ......*ahem* this ones sorry...but.....yeah..it was really funny.......ok...well this one also just got back from a camp..and even though the camp was fun and enjoyable....it was really nice to have a shower...*sighs* this one is kinda still a mental wreck..like always...but its kinda hard to keep calm and normal after a while.....^_^ anyways..this one cant learn japanes because there are no classes that this one is alwoed to take for them.....*sighs*

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Friday, June 30, 2006

Fortune cookie
The only condition to be a freind,someone that cares,lover, someone's gardian angel, or anything else for somone...is to be entirly unconditional
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Monday, June 5, 2006

This Sanctuary
Some one save me from this sanctuary,
This place I have to call home,
Where I fake a smile and laugh when all I whant to do is cry,
Save me from this sanctuary, this place that Im lost in,
this place...where at every turn I see the faces you those things that were lost and are gone because of this place that is a sanctuary.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Todays fortune cookie

Look befroe you leap,
Learn before you lecture,
Give chance before you shove away.

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Friday, May 5, 2006

Todays fortune cookie
You have found a friend when they smile and help you...
You have found a true frend when you feel like there isnt a person in the world that would understand and not hate you for what you've done....but then they just still, smile and help you.

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