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Saturday, January 6, 2007

   Chapter 1 Shinka & Jalie
Jalie: Shinka where are u!! class is starting in 5 mins.!! come on!

Shinka from in a tree: it's just history..... not like i care what happened 100 years ago now let me go back to sleep

Jalie: SHINKA! come on! *throws rock and hit's shinka in the head*

Shinka: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!! it's not like we're ganna do anything today since it's friday.....

Jalie: u can sit up in the tree tomorrow all ya want then! now come on we only have 2 mins and u've been late way to many times!!

Shinka: FINE! i'm coming!

Shinka jumps down out of the tree and they run to class and just make it before the bell rings.

Mrs. Young: happy to see u made it on time for once Shinkora now both of u take ur seats

At the end of the day Shinka and Jalie walk home when Shinka hears something

Shinka: what was that?

Jalie: what was what?

Shinka turns and heads to the entrence to dark forest

Jalie: SHINKA! where are you going!!

Gaurd: no one can enter the forests!

Shinka: yea yea i know....*looks into the forest and wispers to herself* what was that...

Jalie: shinka what is it??

Shinka: ..... nothing.....let's go

Jalie: ok come on there's someone i want u to meet

Shinka: ok

Shinka follows Jalie down the street

Jalie: Akayo!! it's me Jalie!!

A boy with a hat on and a sword comes out behind them

Akayo: hey jalie what's up

Jalie: i wanted u to meet my friend shinka

Akayo: hey shinka

Shinka: hey.... nice sword

Jalie: akayo can i talk to u quick...brb shinka

Shinka: yea w/e

Shinka jumps up in to a tree as jalie and akayo talk

Akayo: so what's up

Jalie: shinka heard something in the dark forest....... she ran to the entrence i bet she would of gone in if the guard didn't stop her

Akayo: what! dose she have a death wish? what did she hear?

Jalie: i don't know but i senced something very bad when she said she heard something.....

Akayo: do u think she's the one they're looking for

Jalie: no she's a human so she can't be

Over to shinka

Shinka: what r the 2 of them talking about.........all well w/e. what............

Strange voice: shinka.....

Shinka: who's there! show yourself!

Strange voice: y don't u come find out who i am!

Shinka: fine! but u'll wish i didn't when i find u!!

She jumps higher in the tree and jumps over the wall into the dark forest!

Jalie: hey shinka lets go get something to eat

Akayo: i can't smell her and i don't see her in the tree

Jalie: what! SHINKA!!!

Strange voice: HAHAHA! u will never find her now!

Jalie: this can not be good

Hope you like it^^ and leave comments ok^^

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