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Sunday, July 3, 2005

happy b-day to me!!! i'm so happy!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee^^ i'm finaly 16^^ happy happy joy joy^^
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Saturday, July 2, 2005

   Chapter 5 something's wrong with shinka
The next day after school Jalie went to the brige to meet the others

Akayo: hey ready to go

Jalie: yea

Akayo: what's wrong?

Jalie: shinka know that we were going to the kingdom and said that we shouldn't go

Kigai: how did she know and y dosn't she want us to go?

Jalie: i don't know...all well let's go

They head to the dark forest but when they get there shinka's siting on the wall

Jalie: what r u doing here?

Shinka: stoping u from going to the kingdom

Yazmine: y we're trying to help u

Shinka: i don't need ur help so go away

Jalie: what's wrong w/ u

Shinka: nothing now go away!

Akayo: i can even tell something's wrong w/ u

Shinka: give it a rest! none of u know me so get lost

Shinka powers up and makes a barrier around the forest and heads for the kingdom

Kigai: ok then y did she stop us from going when she was ganna go?

Jalie: i think she's trying to protect us

Yazimine: we can take care of ourselfs

Akayo: well how do we get through the barrier?

Kigai: we can try to make a hole in the wall and yazimine and jalie can try to brake the barrier

Jalie and yazimine attack the barrier and akayo and kigai attack the wall after awhile they brake the wall

Akayo: it's about time let's go find shinka..again

Yazimine: i don't see y she said she didn't want our help

Jalie: she's going to the demon's kingdom by herself and u don't think she needs our help

Yazimine: well

Jalie: just come on

Hope ya like sorry it's a little short^^ plzzzzz leave comments

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Friday, July 1, 2005

   2 days
it's ganna be my b-day on Sunday!! i can't wait!!^^
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   Chapter 4 Shinka's Power
Shinka: see if u can burn the vines

Jalie: ok *she powers up and sends fire out of her whole body* what! it didn't work!

Akayo: hold on! *he draw his sword and trys to cut it* holy sh*t what kind of vine is this?

Shinka: my turn

Shinka powers up more and her eyes start to glow a whiteish blue and the vines start to open then they are both free. She moves her hand towords all the demons and the vines attack them.

Kigai: what the.......

Yazmine: time to go come on

They all start to leave but Shinka

Jalie: Shinka come on

Shinka: i'll be right there

Jalie: ok just hurry!

They all leave and get outside of the forest then sometime after shinka comes

Shinka in a cheerful voice: that was fun

Everyone looks at her strangly

Shinka: what did i say....

Jalie: nothing it's late and our mom's going to kill us so lets go

Shinka: well i know i'm dead i had to be home 2 hours ago

Shinka and Jalie run home

Kigai: what kind of power was that?

Akayo: i don't know but i'm just happy she's on our side

Yazmine: ur telling me

Akayo: we better get some sleep i can just tell something bad is ganna happen tomorrow

Kigai: yea where did jalie say we had to meet her again

Yazmine: under the brige then we're all ganna go to the kingdom....y i do not know

Akayo: so we can find out what they wanted w/ Shinka

Over to Shinka and Jalie

Jalie: how long have u had ur powers?

Shinka: for as long as i can remember

Jalie: really? i could never sence anything

Shinka: that's because my powers can't be senced

Shinka and jalie stop at shinkas house

Shinka: thanks for helping me and jalie...don't go to the kingdom tomorrow and tell everyone not to

Jalie: how did u know that...

Shinka: just don't go ok bye

Jalie: shinka!

Shinka runs into the house

Well hope all ya liked this chapter^^ If ya wanna be in my story pm me^^

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

   Chapter 3
Jalie: i think we're ganna need some help

Akayo: drop me inside the walls then go get Yazmine and Kigai

Jalie: ok. i just hope we can make it

Jalie drops akayo inside the walls and goes to get their friends and akayo runs to find shinka

Over to shinka

Shinka stops running: i wonder how high and how far apart the walls are.....i might be able to make it.... well i can at least try

She backs up to one of the walls and runs at the other, right before she runs into the wall she jumps and kicks off of it to the other and works her way to the top.

Shinka: holy high walls... that made me alittle tired.........how do i get down well i could do that but

Akayo: Shinka!! where are u!!

Shinka: who's that

Akayo: Shinka it's akayo where are u!

Shinka: up here akayo!

Akayo jumps up to where shinka is

Akayo: there u r come on lets go

Shinka: ok....ummmm what's w/ the dog ears??

Akayo: well......i'm half demon

Shinka: oh. cool lets go

Over to jalie

Jalie: Kigai! Yazmine! i need ur help

Kigai: jalie? what's wrong

Jalie: my friend from school is in the dark forest and she's heading for the middle of it

Yazmine: WHAT! she's going to the kingdom!

Jalie: yea but she dosn't know about the kingdom we have to go help akayo find her and get her out of the forest

Yazmine: ok let's go find her

Yazmine powers up and lifts her and kigai with her power over the wind and all 3 of them head for the forest

Kigai: what's with the walls to the kingdom?

Jalie: that's what my friend shinka is trapped in

Kigai: great who's that?

Yazmine: it looks like akayo but whos with him?

Jalie: that's shinka and they're not the only ones look

Kigai: put me down w/ them then try and kill as many of the demons as u can so we can get out of here

Yazmine: k just hurry

Yazmine puts him down and goes th fight of the demons w/ jalie

Akayo: good to c u and kigai made it

Kigai: couldn't let u have all the fun hey i'm kigai

Shinka: hey.... ur a vampire aren't u

Kigai: how do u know that

Shinka: ummm.... shuldn't we be geating out of here

Akayo: ...yea come on

Jalie: how do u always get in so much trouble shinka

Shinka: it's a gift o and nice wings

Jalie: umm... thx...Yazmine time to get out of here

Yazmine: got it

Yazmine uses her power to pick up shinka, akayo, and kigai and they head back to the town

Strange voice: no u don't! attack!

Fire balls come up from the trees

Shinka: what the hell!

Akayo: this can't be good

Jalie: keep going i'll hold them back

Shinka: not by urself!

Shinka flys over to jalie

Jalie: since when can u fly

Shinka: talk later kill now!

Kigai: behind u!

Jalie turns around: FIRE BLAST!

Shinka takes off her backpack and takes out small elbowblades

Shinka: nice now it's my turn! akayo take my bag *throws bag to akayo and powers up and sends some of her power to the blades*

All of a sudden the blades grow to size

Jalie: cool blades

Shinka: thx take this BLACK BLADES!

Yazmine: we'll see u outside the forest don't take to long and be careful

Jalie and Shinka: ok

Strange voice: HAHAHA ur not going anywhere!

Vines come up from the ground and grab Jalie and Shinka!

Well hope u like this chapter^^plz tell me what ya think^^

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

   Chapter 2
Jalie:what r we ganna do! we have to find shinka!

Akayo: don't worry we'll find her

Jalie: ok lets go

Wings come out of jalies back and she flies over the wall and akayo jumps to the top of the tree and jumps over

Jalie: how are we going to find her?

Akayo: i don't know but we will let's go

Over to shinka

Shinka: where r u!

Strange voice: if i told u this wouldn't be any fun

Shinka: u want fun! i'll show u fun! so show urself so i can kick ur ass!!

Strange voice: HAHAHA!! u hurt me! that's funny ur no where near strong enough!

Shinka: u'd be suprized at what i can do!

Strange voice: i know u can't do much ur just a simple human


Strange voice: HAHAHA!! o did i hurt ur feelings

Shinka: o plz u only wish so come out so i can kill u

Strange voice: y don't u try and find me.............

Shinka: fine!

Shinka jumps into a tree to look around and sees a black figure

Shinka: there u are!

Shinka starts to jump from tree ot tree then jumps to the ground and start's running after the figure

Back over to jaile and akayo

Akayo: can u sence her?

Jalie: no it's to hard to sence anything in this forest take off ur hat maybe u can hear her

Akayo takes off his hat and revels dog ears

Akayo: i hear someones voice

Jalie: can u hear what they're saying

Akayo: yea...."stop running u son of a bi*** i'm ganna kill u"

Jaile: yep that's shinka alright which way?

Akayo: follow me

Jalie: ok

Akayo and jalie run to find shinka

Shinka: and ur calling me weak! ur running from me!

Strange voice: HAHAHA! u think i'm running!

Shinka stops running: oh sh*t i can't beleave i feel for this! i have to go now!

Before she could turn back stone walls come up from the ground on three sides of her!

Shinka: great....just great

Strange voice: lets c u get away now!

Shinka starting to run again: when i find u ur dead! *wispers to herself* i really need to start to think before i do something like this.....heck y can't i think before i do anything...

Jalie: what's w/ the walls?

Akayo: i don't know but it can't b anything good can u fly over them?

Jalie: yea.... grab my hands i'll try to get u over 2

Akayo: ok

Akayo grabed jalies hands and jalie started to fly up

Akayo: man this is a high wall

Jalie: even worse if shinka is following it look where it's leading

Akayo: u've got to be kidding me!

Well there's chapter 2 hope u liked it^^ tell me what ya think^^

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

   Chapter 1
Jalie: Shinka where are u!! class is starting in 5 mins.!! come on!

Shinka from in a tree: it's just history..... not like i care what happened 100 years ago now let me go back to sleep

Jalie: SHINKA! come on! *throws rock and hit's shinka in the head*

Shinka: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!! it's not like we're ganna do anything since tomorrows the last day!

Jalie: u can sit up in the tree after school tomorrow all ya want then! now come on we only have 2 mins!!

Shinka: FINE! i'm coming!

Shinka jumps down out of the tree and they run to class and just make it before the bell rings.

Mrs. Young: happy to see u made it on time for once Shinka now both of u take ur seats

At the end of the day Shinka and Jalie walk home when Shinka hears something

Shinka: what was that?

Jalie: what was what?

Shinka turns and heads to the entrence to dark forest

Jalie: SHINKA! where are you going!!

Gaurd: no one can enter the forests!

Shinka: yea yea i know....*looks into the forest and wispers to herself* what was that...

Jalie: shinka what is it??

Shinka: ..... nothing.....let's go

Jalie: ok come on there's someone i want u to meet

Shinka: ok

Shinka follows Jalie down the street

Jalie: Akayo!! it's me Jalie!!

A boy with a hat on with a sword comes out behind them

Akayo: hey jalie what's up

Jalie: i wanted u to meet my friend shinka

Akayo: hey shinka

Shinka: hey.... nice hat

Jalie: akayo can i talk to u quick...brb shinka

Shinka: yea w/e

Shinka jumps up in to a tree as jalie and akayo talk

Akayo: so what's up

Jalie: shinka heard something in the dark forest....... she ran to the entrence i bet she would of gone in if the guard didn't stop her

Akayo: what! dose she have a death wish? what did she hear?

Jalie: i don't know but i senced something very bad when she said she heard something.....

Akayo: do u think she has a power?

Jalie: i don't know but i think so

Over to shinka

Shinka: what r the 2 of them talking about.........all well w/e. what............

Strange voice: shinka.....

Shinka: who's there! show yourself!

Strange voice: y don't u come find out who i am!

Shinka: fine! but u'll wish i didn't when i find u!!

She jumps higher in the tree and jumps over the wall into the dark forest!

Jalie: hey shinka lets go get something to eat

Akayo: i can't smell her and i don't see her in the tree

Jalie: what! SHINKA!!!

Strange voice: HAHAHA! u will never find her now!

Jalie: this can not be good

plz!! tell me what ya think ok^^

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

   i just have to put this^^
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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
First Sephiroth now Cloud^^ hard to pick 1^^

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Friday, June 24, 2005

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he's evil but he's hot!^^

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