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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Super Awesome Happy Fun ADVENTURE TIME! :D
Mood:Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Song: Emotion- DJ Ross

Time: 11:25 AM

Welllllll...I havent spoken in awhile..BUT IM ALIVE! :D
Senior Year has just started, Still go to cons and enjoy the heck outta it...and...Im taken. ;)

Pretty much amazing and surprised at how Happy I am right now. Its kinda weird..O_o Havent been this happy since..hm...Since I met Seth, Sethos, Kisa, and the people I hold close. :3 I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Anywho, short & sweet update about myself:
Now on my final year of Highschool: HORRAY! :D
Have AMAZING friends whom I can trust.
Cons are awesome as always (people in TX are more than welcome to hangout with our groupies)
My older brother is getting married next October.
Thats about it on the important issues that I'd love to post.
OH YES! I am pleased to say ONE MORE YEAR TIL' I CAN GO CLUBBIN!!!! X3 yeeehhh yuhhhh~!

Selen: Shes been like this all weekend..ever since that dat- *covers selen's mouth*

Shush! :) Though that date was awesome...and totally great.

Ive been meaning to post here but finally found myself here typing! :D So yay Im NOT dead! <3


Selen: *waves bye*

we'll update more often.


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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Lets play a game...

Create your own friendquiz here

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

   I crave...
Time: 6:49 PM

Mood: hungry for once..O.O

Song: Basshunter

I crave.....

I crave..................................................................

Veggie burgers. They are strangely addicting and seem to be better than hamburgers, though this is coming from a girl who prefers a salad over a steak...>_> But still, I strangely crave one, like really badly, so bad Im tempted to ask my mum to go to the store and buy some..since Ive heard they sell them over at the store now! XD


Selen: she's starting to recover from being sick


I stuffed my face friday and it was great. I didnt think Ive eaten so much in a loonngg time. Sethos came over saturday and we played in the rain with Tyshi, Rick, Christa, Michael, and other people! Twas fun indeed.
Uh lets see..um..the weather is getting cooler which means my joggin shall begin again, oh wonder joys of joy! :D

Anywho, I SHOULD be doing my project..but Im procrastnating..>_> so..Im weird like that I suppose. yippie.

I also have been listening to old boy bands.XD hooray my nerdy fangirlness

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Time: 4:43 PM

Mood: my throat hurts but Im in a good mood

Song: Dahrude vs. Zombie Nation

OMG, Today has been pretty good...well..except my throat has been hurting alot! D: wahhhhh *whines and rubs throat*

But other then that...I.GET.TO.STUFF.MY.FACE!!!! >:D YEAHHH BEBE!!! <3 MMMM FOOD..sorry.....take me to a buffet that I love and Im crazy with food ^_^;;; HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARNESE!

WELL ANYWAYS..Uh..this weeks been crazy, Im hoping all works out for Onicon so I can have stuff all good and stuffs...>_>;;;

Schools been draining me from my life and Ive been crazy with FCCLA...people are actually cool in that club.^^;

Making outfits is taking its toll on me..D: wahha...Anywho..off to go STUFF.MY.FACE.


Selen: stop with the dots tori, its just food.

NEVER! *makes grabby hands at the buffet* <3 mmmm

I shall..RETURN!..*woosh*

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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Mood:...I regret eating that sandwich..*covers mouth*/so incredibly tired.

Song: In the Shadows- The Rasmus

Time: 7:29 PM


I went to the doctors today....they said I might have mono...joyus...*eye twitch*
Im so sore, my arm STILL hurts from where they took my blood sample, I regret eating that sandwich, etc etc etc..

AND TO TOP...I might move. YES FOLKS! Wanna know where? Washington DC. Yeah, not exactly in that area per say but thats where my dad will work...Oh yeah.. I've known for about....um...a week but its only a maybe so far.
Heres how it went:

Mom: *parks on the side of the street* *turns to me* Tori...I need to ask you something..
Me: *thinking: CRAP! I dont wanna drive!* Yes Mum?

Mom: what do you think about moving..?

Tori: If its what best for dad. Where?

Mom:...Washington DC..

Tori: O_O;; Damn...

Yeah, no other details sorry guys but annnyywwhhoo..
If we do move, I know Im going to be incredibly upset..but then happy for my dad, because I do care alot for him and he loves his job to bits. If he can go to DC then holy crapproni he must be pretty good!!
Bad thing:..IM A JUNIOR IN HIGHSCHOOL...Anddd I wanna go to Texas State. Sooo Im on a 50/50 here for moving.

I have more to rant about like..*cough*onicon*cough* or *cough*love*cough* Buuuttt thats another story! :D And..my arm really hurts right now..e_e...If I have mono, that means no school for me...until Im better...and so far..Im not going to school tomorrow or Monday...AND THAT FREAKING SUCKS >_<
Sorry, I dont like being behind and I cant do ANYTHING except sit at home..woo..¬_¬;

Selen: come now dea dont-


Selen:..shutting up..

*sighs* I miss eating my favorite foods. TT_TT

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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

You know when you're sick
Song: "Go On"-JK (DJ Danny mix)


Time: 4:08..PM...


I went to Cowboy's Sunday night, had alot of fun since Lemony and Sethos appeared, which rocked more. I rode a mechanical bull, lasting longer than the two GUYS before me! :D While looking sexy of course. I come home, happy as a clam then BAM! I run to the bathroom and hurl up my dinner and such. How peachy. I wash my face and drink a glass of water while I sat at the compie for awhile, then went to bed. Unlike my usual 3am..>_> hmm..
Woke up the next day at 10, rolled over and went to bed again. I kept waking up, feeling pretty damn shitty. Mother lets me stay in bed that day, I force some soup down...ew...and then a bit of crackers.
That night Im groveling at the toilet bowl with those same things.
I drag myself out of bed, after waking up through my piercing alarm. Strange isnt it? I slept through my own alarm..>_> Stumble to shower and drink some juice, Im not hungry at ALL.
I realize I forgot to put my schools on as I wait for my dad to back out into the driveway (see waking up past alarm)
I run back inside and put on my shoes then pass out in the car. Dad wakes me up and I run into the main doors...thank god no one was looking or I would have made a COMPLETE fool of myself.
I get to the cafeteria, sit there wishing I was DEAD rather then at hellhole, I call my dad..I couldnt take it. As Charnese calls her mum, I started laughing...kinda weird...but something was really funny..though I dont know what it is, maybe its how pathetic I am?
Charnese finishes her call and joins me as we get to the main hall.... I run into the SAME FREAKING MAIN DOOR!!! ((See running into door above)) And who happens to be watching? My ex Cheif of ROTC, Charnese, annnddd random people.

We get outside, I lean over the benches just WISHING to hurl right there and not care what people think. Dad picks me up and I trudge up home after rambling to him about nonsense..

I pass out for god knows how long and wake up to eat a bit of toast...then have it right up afterwards, yippie..Not really. I go up again when my mum comes home. Sheesh, then after taking medicine that BURNS and tastes so VILE, it felt like acid on my throat..eww..I throw that back up that night...as my mum watches while talking on the phone to a friend of mine and my uncle. ._.;;

Selen: gee, its been pretty crappy...

Yeah...I feel rather *drained* and so icky. Goody...Goody...Gumdrops...

Selen:..well..um..atleast you got to miss school..

FOR BOREDOM!!! *squeaky shrill* I dont know what people think missing school is fun about but I rather be AT school doing SOMETHING rather sleeping or watching NOTHING..ughhhhhh...

Selen:..ara ara..*pets and drags off to bed*

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Time: 7:13 PM

Mood: Im not sure, but I am happy ^^

song: "It Only Takes a Minute Girl"

Im lazy, I changed my profile since fall is just around the corner along with...DUN DUN DUN ONICON 3
Ahh wonderful memories.. *smiles*

Anywho, How have I been? Busy..School started and Im now a Junior, whoop dee dee.
Went to a Lock-in which contained various moments of randomness.
Like 4 AM tag and ordering 31 double cheese burgers, 22 fries, and 6 chicken sandwiches at midnight! XDDD

I had my sweet sixteen party which was a BLAST! The cops even came to tell how cool my party looked! >D HOWS THAT BIZATCHES?! *wiggles* Anyyywwhhooo

I miss my friends and you all terribly, like..bad. So bad I can feel myself ac-*hand covers mouth*

Selen: Geeze Tori, why dont you tell them your whole life story?

*Pulls her hand away* Yup and good ol' Selen is back too! :3

Selen:...Im not old..

Yes you arreee..but very hot ;D

Selen: why thank you *pose*

..Annnyywwhhoo..School is pretty cool, just lots of work! e.e


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Thursday, July 20, 2006



IM 16!!! <3

selen: indeed...<3

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mood: blank


Selentha held her son’s hand as she watched the tomb guards carry the last coffin of her most treasured things, her friends. She was the last of her close knit group of friends besides her brother. She stared on with dull blue orbs, the once sparking crystal-silver blue now a lifeless dull color. Her son gripped her hand tightly as he remained quiet, his brilliant blue orbs tinted with speckles of gold and silver were gleaming with unshed tears.

”Mama, are your friends all together now?” he asked as he turned his stare to her.
Selentha averted her eyes from the site of the burial tomb to his curious orbs. She smiled and nodded, flexing her hand in his.
“Yes my dear child, they are all together now in the after life and may Ra watch over them along with the other Gods and Goddesses..” she softly replied as she looked back up to see them closing the door.
She let go of her son’s hand walking up to the one of the guards and asked for a simple sharpened knife.
The guard gave her a confused stare but handed her a long, elegant knife.
She held her long hair in one hand, the other holding the elegant knife high as it gleamed in the sunlight. She slashed away her hair, watching as the hair that was cut off shimmered when the sunlight hit it as fell to the dirtied floor. Her remaining hair reaching an inch below her ears.
Her son and the Guards stood there with wide eyes, giving her worried glances as she gracefully gathered up her sliced hair and bundled it together then tearing off a piece of her dress and tying it around the bundled, sparkling hair.
“Please let me into the tomb one last time..” she softly commanded, as the Guard shakily nodded and she thanked him silently.
The Tomb Guards hastily opened the tomb door and she walked inside, kneeling in the center of the room, all the bodies of her friends around her. She placed her hair inside a simple, small box then set the box down on the ground, taking one last glance at the tomb, a single tear escaping from her dull orbs as it slowly slid down her pale cheek.
”Goodbye everyone…I hope to one day meet again..” she softly said to them as she stepped out and nodded to the Guard, handing him the knife and going back to her son and taking his hand into hers once again.

”Will you meet them again Mama?” her son asked as the walked away from the site, towards their home.

Selentha stopped and looked at her son then smiled warmly, giving him a simple nod.

“Yes my son, I’m sure we will…and I’m also sure we’ll meet your father again and he’ll be so proud to see you..” she gently smiled as tears shimmered in her eyes and her lips were twitching as she held her tears inside.

Her son smiled brightly and hugged Selentha then took her hand again , intertwining his fingers with hers.

Next Story~

Selen sat in the dark void, the images and scenes repeating over again like a broken clip. Her eyes a dull silver-blue that showed nothing of how she felt, the sparkle of life long gone from her eyes.
Images, voices, memories…one thing lead to another as she continued to stare at the scenes lifelessly, her body limp.
Smiles, kisses, laughing, crying, running away, holding, loving, dancing, moon, stars, columns, sheets, pillows, games, everything from her life kept going over. Those memories, images flashed of everything. Holding on her friends, dancing with Seth, sneaking kisses from her husband, bathing in moonlight, magical times, playing games and tricks, watching the stars, losing her virginity, feeling total happiness as she spent time with those she loved so dearly. All those moments drew no spark from her silver-blue orbs anymore.
Finally, death came to play. Suicide, rape, murder, depression, life, death, begging, gripping, tears, sobs, attempts, pain, sadness. Everyone whom she cared about was gone, everything and everyone. Everything fell apart at her fingertips, she looked down at her hands, her eyes going wide at the site of blood.
”No…No…Please help me.. Please help me…” she softly pleaded to anyone in the dark.
Holding her head, tears streamed down her tightly shut eyes as she screamed.

”ITS NOT FAIR!!! ITS JUST NOT FAIR!!!” She shrilled, tightly gripping her head, her fingers laced through her locks.

Suddenly, she stopped screaming looking up quickly as she saw a light up ahead of her and a silhouette of a figure in front of it.
Her hand reached out, fingers desperately trying to touch the figure as they turned and began to walk away, slowly fading in the distance.

“Find me…” they softly echoed out against the dark walls.

Her arm quivered slightly with her silent sobs as she continued to reach out, her silver-blue orbs sparking slightly with pain.

“I’ll try…just help me please…help me look..” her voice echoed softly as the light slowly died away, leaving her in the darkness again.

Next Story~

"Don’t forget me Selen, We'll meet again someday...I promise you...don’t worry..for I am always going to be with you as always.." He softly choked out, his eyes sliding close as his head fell softly to the side and his breath stopped.
She stared down at him wide eyed, the water she had went to fetch for the two of them, soon to be three had shattered across the hard, reflective floor
There he lied, right in front of her . Dead. His blood pooling around him as she turned away and outside, coughing up what she had eaten with him earlier that day. Her hands flew to her lips as tears stung her eyes.
“No.. No this is all a nightmare.. one big nightmare!" she shouted silently to herself, A man stood behind her, his lean figure holding her still.
"Don’t look away and think nothing of it" Seth softly commanded to her, holding her tight as she turned back to where he, the love of her life, that man who showered her with kindness and yet seemed cold and ruthless on the outside. The man who played silly games with her as she ran around their palace in delight of him catching her and yelling antics for her to stop. That same man was lying there in his own blood as she stared more, tears coursing down her cheeks and her breath came short. Collapsing on the ground she held her head, yelling to the world the lies that she saw before her. Trying to wake up from this stupid dream, but it was real.

The next day, she kneeled in front of the golden, decorative casket, the many symbols of blessing onto the other world and safe reincarnation. Her eyes looked upwards towards the heavens as the moonlight gave her an unearthly glow.
She looked back at the mummified body of her lover, standing up weakly as she pulled off her necklace, placing it around his neck.
"Please Remember me..." she softly whispered out, her hair sparkling a slivery color in the moonlit night.
Walking out and leaning against a column, she slid down, her knees weak as tears continued to slid down her cheeks, her eyes glassy sapphire.
"I miss you...I miss you.." she whimpered out repeatedly, as she finally slid down to her knees and covered her face, crying out his name to the lonely moon as it kept her company, both of them connected.

She stared down at her stomach, smiling sadly. "I will make sure you live happy my child...You father would be proud of you.." she quietly sung a song she heard from her mother to herself, her child, and deceased lover.

I rather not talk about me so just read the stories and see what you think.

"This too shall pass"

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Time: 1:03 AM

Mood: Thoughful/Awake/Content

song: Bad Boy-Cascada

*Dont feel like plcaing lyrics since I know this going to be a LOOONNNGG post* :D

Fell out of bed around 8 AM and my energy seemed to come on its own, I ran out like a little kid on christmas and tripped down the stairs.XD;;Go me...!Got ready and stuffs then my sisters all came together and we went to ...TEH ALMIGHTY WALLY WORLD! Where we bought foods and such for Akon.
Went home and I made dinner for everyone; Paul came to visit and then Crystal and Nese arrived so we went swimming and then came back in a goofed around...like making fun of our pillows..XD Then we somehow went to bed around elevenish...though I think we kept waking up.

Woke up at 4 AM...with seven various ringtones sounding off...wow..that was fun..XD I went upstairs and took a shower; waking myself up with that, then we all tumbled into the car and promptly..Seth, Ashley, and I did the infamous "Domino Effect" and fell asleep like that until we woke up to stop at a gas station a met with..GASP! Other Akon people! So we chatted with them for awhile, did our business, then scrambled back to the car and arrived at Akon hotel an hour or so later. We promptly tackled Setoek 9well...sethos did! XD) I just hugged her. Then we unloaded our stuff and headed for sie room.
Got our badges then ran upstairs in our dizzyness since we all were so hungry!
Dressed in our Raver Alice outfits and then went downstairs and kinda did our own things. Then I met up with Seth and Ashley again with Zappa and Ian where we all sat around and listened to this kawaii quatre play his violin! :D He was so cool <3
Went back up and changed into our outfit we saved for Saturday for a bit then went back up a bit later when food came and changed into our Raver outfits! <3 Ash, Nese, Crystal, and I went to the Kotoko concert! I was upset they started her late but she was soooo cool..and utterly cute!!! Her voice was SO ADORABLE!!! OMG!!!11!!1! Her guitarist was hunky too :3 When she began slow songs; We all went back out since our feet were getting tired and I had to run to the potty! XD; Hung out with the others and then Crystal and I went wlaking around and I bumped into a Greed who asked to hug me so I gave him a hug and he complimented me on how my boobs were squishy!! XD
Went to the rav and people we awed by my moves..twas kinda funny. I bumped into Ryan and promptly tackled him and danced with him for awhile. I also was dragged on stage and shyed away afterwards. >_>
Selen: Thanks to my moves; people calim you're hot! XD
SHUSH! IM NOT DONE! *taps Selen's nose*


:3 anywho~ Left around 2:30 and we all hung out upstairs in our room where we tried to fall asleep for awhile but it didnt work..XD; We all kept joking and laughing about..lots of stuff..XD


Woke up to the ringing of my phone and Seth's phone..which both rang like..7 times!! XD So we rolled out of our "nests" and got ready.Chris came in with her cool wig and Wuffers binded in our room. Then we all went downstairs on our merry way.
I had a shift for the San Japan booth but no one was there..so I had to wait 30 mins then gave up and went back to the room when I changed and ate.
Ash came back up and we both went to the Hot tub! <333 ahh that was awesome Kisa and Setoek later joined us!Andy joined us as well as various people then we skittered to the Sauna and rested there then I spotted Sethos so I skittered outside and chatted with her for a bit. Though her and her friends were oogling me..>_>;; I skittered back to the Sauna then my cell rang and they requested me back so they could get in the room so I skittered back, earning oogled and odd stares from everyone. XDDD
Changed into my bellydancer outfit when people FLOCKED to get my pic! X.X Poor Nii-san had to help me! Then we bumped into Brian, Seth, Ian, and crew and I drank some Bawls..:3 twas yummy. Then we skittered back up to the room, ate and changed into our raver outfits then hung out with people. :D Seth and I laughing so much from Brian's "fat guy noise"
Seth and I heard Little Sally Walker,skittering off to the game while dragging Crystal with us and and we played for a long time then ran to do check in and chatted some then ran back downstairs to play Little Sally again until it died down and then we were promptly flirted with by lots of fanboys XDDDD Twas aweome. The Seth and I went off alone and talked.
Seth and I chatted for a long time; getting closer and such. Then we bumped into Brian and we cuddled him and stuff. I chatted with Ryo and he called Blue whom I talked to then we all hung out with Donny and his buddies.
Donny and I picked up the whole bottom floor since it was REALLLLLLLY trashy! (Thank you so much Donny !! I <3 YOU)Hes so nice. :3 It was such a fun thing to do with him and the Random Akon guy! =D We huddled around afterwards; waiting for the dance to start but...IT NEVER DID SINCE IT GOT CANCELLED!! RAR! We tried to rave but the concert sucked too much..:/
So we all just went back up and talked about random stuff and went to bed.

Packed up, said goodbyes to everyone and zombied around the con for awhile. Loaded the car and slept the whole way! (Domino Effect again) Rides were brought and Crystal and I hung out for awhile. =D YAY US!

Thats my con in a nutshell. No drama in there for you kiddies! :B

Overall: Akon was disorganized..but I still had alot of fun.


"Im the king of Games bitch!!"

"I like to D-D-DUEL MYSELF!"

"Hey Harry, is your brromstick long?"

"Full Metal!! Mustang!! *fast pillow squishing here*"

"Theres a fat lady on the ceiling..."
"She looks like she'll squish us..uh oh.."


and the infamous...


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