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Saturday, January 5, 2008

muuurrrrrrr (,,,)=^.^=(,,,)
i have this huge arse paper to be doing and it has to be about me as a writter wanna hear and excert???*ignores everyones screams of terror,also this is a real part of my paper* " my writting process is me ranting about hving to write and then after a while acteully doing it...theres a 30 minute bitching ratio to 20 minutes of work" and that's all you get for now. i also have to write a poem which will take 15 minutes probably XD and then i have a one page paer to write on how to make a good writter
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Thursday, January 3, 2008

sorry to all
that i haven't been on for a really long time ;.; my comp's internet died so i fixed it then it caught on fire XD i'm so tech savy!so yeha sorry ;.; oh and here are my user names on other sites i belong to

deviantart: xxxiheartbulletsxxx
youtube (i'll be posting videos soon): iheartbullets72
yahoo: iheartbullets72
myspace: www.myspace.com/xxxisthebestletterxxx

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

picture,and debateage
today was awesome i only fell once!
also,i have a pic as my avy*points to avy*

i had gym today T~T that ruined my buzz,but a while after it i had social studies and this one kid was talking about how stupid art is and how it sould just be dropped..since art is the only good class i was like "so your oppossed to actuel learning but you have o problem throwing blls around?"

then that kid was like"no, gym is important it teaches you charecter,and fitness"
me:"not so sure bout the charecter part..how does me getting tormented by egotistical jocks help me in the long run?"
him: "yeah but it's important"
me:"look i know you think sprts is a part of life but all it means is that it builds up your ego to be a bulding.then in real life when you have to do stuff you get knocked down because being able to run the fastest 10 years ago doesn't teach you how to pymp gas"
him: "neither does drawing a circle"
me: "not my fault you chose art as your elective because your to stupid to read music,at least you chose art you need to do gym"
me:"listen cause i'm say ing this once i don't need my gpa to go down just because a 300 lb man shouting out remedaial orders while eating wendy's,thta thinks just cause i can't throw a ball as far as people like you,whic apperently is equivilent to walking on water that i get 78. i also don't need aswell as soiciety stupid jocks like yourself to bring themselves up by pelting shit at me"
him:"that's just cause your a damn faggot,no qeer likes sports"
me:" oh wow!just waht i thought...let me guess you think me being gay is "unholy"
him:"yeah, it's in the bible"
me:"maybe satan's...i want you to know a secret kay?"
him:"what ya like me?"
me: "no it's that my own personal heaven will be watching your life be a sespool of poverty and starvtion,and once you die i get to see you burn in hell"

then the teacher came over XD

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

no gym for 14 days baby!!!
that's right and all because i got stitches on my finger HELL YEAH!

i'm so gonna piss him off XD

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

today was wierd
i really was.i'm use to being treated badly by people in my school,but today they were just weird random people said stuff like "i love you" and "what happened to you?you used to be buetiful,well you still are but more buetiful"and"you sould see a therapist,and get meds,your ruining your self"

i also had gym which on my interum the comment was: trevor does not bring his materials to class.trevor shows little to no class participation.


i feel better today too ^^,i also met this girl named celene and she was really awesome.and we ranted about how we souldn't have to take gym.and then when i left to go to my next class a girl came out of no where and said"better be glad your a boy or else i would've stabbed you"
celene called me her buddy and then the other girl was like"i'm your buddy" and celene was like "boy buddy"

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Monday, October 8, 2007

i am going to kill everyone in the school/take them with me
okay so i haven't been on for a while so heres my story so far...

my "friend" ever since we were 2,the only person(non-internet)that i could actuelly trust.she used to be cool but now she's not...she was the first person in my life i told i was gay.guess what she did...she told the whole school that i'm gay,and who i find attractive(not like).WHAT A BITCH!

my life was hard before now...it's IMPOSSIBLE.i am debating wether or not to kill everybody...none of them deserve to live

before i use to feel hapiness every now-and again...now it's this cicle extreme depression-anger-emptyness...over and over what hurts the most is that i can't bring myself to talking to anyone about it.

why?why does this have to be so hard?

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

new hair ^^
so i got my hair cut today cause my dad got tired of my hair covering my eyes,so now it's spiky in the back and long on the sides and they cut my bangs si that they can't go ver my eyes but they're the same length,and they copped everything up so it looks really really cool...and i need to buy some gel/hairspray
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

make-up wearing mate
so heres the story(note this is at the pep rally):
me:*yelling over people*it makes no sense the cheerleaders uniforms are so small the had to wear jumpsuits over them to schoool,but their aloud to wear them while jumping around
ariel:*staring at the cheer leaders*where's the logic?
me:i see that your staring at the cheerleaders panties
ariel:*evil glare*
me:*looks up so i don't look at the glare*
-and there was a guy alot like me,eyeliner and all standing up there i didn't mean to but i sortof stared -_-

and then he looked back at me so i looked away...and he kept looking

then we were disnissed after a while and i was one person behind him and when i looked up from the ground he ws looking at me ^^

then he looked away

and ys.i know i act like a little school girl

he's in eigth grade appeareantly

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

bleh,to much homework
yeah i haven't been on lately due to the supstantious amounts of home work givin to me dayly *twitch twitch* i'm sorry i won't be able to come to your sites today or at least manyof yours.

on a lighter note tommorow is spirit day! to bad i don't have much spirit but i like it because it gives me an excuse to play with eye makup and be really crazy with it whOOt!i'm planing on doing really heavy blavk eyeliner(it's the only color i have) than pn one i using gold eyeshowdow and on the other use red(those are our school colors...they don't match)

and one quick question what is the answer too
5x*-xy+3x*-7xy+ -4xy

*=it means it's sqaured(i couldn't make the integer sighn)

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Friday, September 21, 2007

bye bye guys T~T
i'm going to phili so i won't be back untill late sunday okay?*pats head*

anywhoo i will inform you once i get back about all the shit that's going on at school


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