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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Yo, so... I remember yesterday I said something about the fire in my house probably not getting upstairs. Well, scratch that, because of all fucking places in that massive house MY ROOM was the most devastated. EVERYTHING is melted.

The cops did an investigation and such, then we got to go in, and honestly, its such a scary looking place. We have images, which I'll post from my dad's facebook at the bottom.

But yeah, I got my cloths, because they were deep in my room, and only soaked. Oh yeah, the firefighters just blasted my room so bad. It was the only place in the whole house dripping wet. Yeah, but I got come shirts and pants all cleaned now, most of my cds, dvds and games, but they are soaked and the cases melted on most. I have my PSP, its drying out right now. My laptop it melted on top and charred, but the bottom is okay, so we're going to get some pros to take the hard drive out of it. Uh, tv, ps2, gamecube, dvd player, satellite in my room, melted. My cat Amy died in the fire it seems, my dad found her last night in the upstairs bathroom under towels. I'm okay about that right now....

Lemme see.... there is no point in me explaining much more damage because only someone who's seen my house would understand, but basically, the fire started in the main hallway, there is a hole in the floor there and the wall. It destroyed every room around the hall.

Here are some pictures my dad took, dunno if everyone can see em:


Dining room

Upstairs hall (my door is on the left, my cat was in the center room)

My room (that's me talking to my brother behind the door. All the major damage was behind me)


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