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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hey, so, I'm on dad's laptop, and I'll make this short.

My house burned down on Christmas eve. Yeah, sucks. Well, its still standing, but I can't go in yet and check my room. I don't think the fire got to my room, but it wrecked a hallway and such.

Uhhh, so, my mom was in the house when it happened, she's in intensive care right now. Me and my brothers were at dad's place with our presents. So, I showed up at the house and called 911, yatta yatta, its a long story I'm sick of talking about right now. But, everyones cool except mom, for now. Its kinda tragic I guess...

I'll come back later and chat when I find my fucking laptop in my room, hopefully not charred.
Good thing I got cloths for xmas.

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