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Friday, December 21, 2007

TIME:12:13pm, Friday

Oh, what an amusing day thus far.
I'm sitting in the tech booth, its noon right now, people are rehearsing for the variety show this afternoon, so all I hear is drums and guitars.

Anyway, I just did my grad write-up, and it goes like this:
"You're checking out the new Hollywood blockbuster, it rocked.
Yeah, you're welcome, because that will be mine someday.
Don't die Amy!"
Pro right, I know.
I'm nervous that I just did it. Its the last day to submit them too, so I didn't want to forget.

Went shopping with the little bro yesterday night for about 3 hours. We were at the movie theatre arcade, trying to win a huge prize like the ipod shuffle my brother won a few weeks back. Same game. We got to the final stage of the game a million times it seemed, and my brother wasted about $25 dollars trying to win. Ha.

Anyway, yeah, gotta bolt and do some lighting work.

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